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rnzoli 25th Jun 2015 11:22

I think the nuclear explosion is photoshopped, but I am not 100% sure :)

AdrienT06 6th Jul 2015 22:06

[HD] The Sky through the lens

This is my brand new video about various scenes taken by me. You'll see french, canadian and german fields.

Enjoy it !


Niner Lima Charlie 9th Jul 2015 17:14

8KCAB Acrobatics

glencoeian 27th Jul 2015 01:16

Landing at EGEO
Me doing touch and go working towards my license at Oban
Scenery outstanding !

Blueduck 3rd Aug 2015 13:21

First Solo

With cheesy LA Rock intro and monotone self commentary outro...

Pilot CR 10th Aug 2015 19:07

GoPro HD| Norwich Airport Cockpit Landing

Pilot CR 13th Aug 2015 18:36

Check these ones out... ✈


Kregster 13th Aug 2015 20:41

Crosswind Landing 14Kts PiperSport KCNO
Winds continued to pick up as you will see in the video. Although the PiperSport is very light, it handles very well even in some pretty windy conditions. Enjoy!

worldpilot 17th Aug 2015 15:45

Approach and landing at Dresden (EDDC)
Approach and landing at Dresden airport (EDDC)

Martin_123 18th Aug 2015 14:48

https://vimeo.com/127378899 this one's from spring this year, multiple flights put together when I was still training for my PPL

alexgreyhead 18th Aug 2015 23:45

Lots of really good videos here :)

Here's my effort - a small camera mounted on the side of my headset. The quality's not perfect and I tend to talk to myself a lot during the flight:

Hopefully not too many people will point out all my mistakes... :)

Kregster 9th Sep 2015 19:38

Landing French Valley F70
French Valley is a great uncontrolled airport in southern California.

YODI 21st Sep 2015 21:19

TRPGpilot 29th Sep 2015 10:16

Wellesbourne to Le Touquet

Bigpants 24th Oct 2015 20:15

Tutor Spin

rnzoli 29th Oct 2015 13:42

Getting lost in military airspace (English subtitles on the right)

maehhh 7th Nov 2015 20:27

A lap in a Yak 54

Weather didn't permit more than a few circuits, but still plenty of fun :ok:

9 lives 21st Nov 2015 21:29

My passenger made a video of a circular landing I did:

The diameter of the "runway" is about 750 feet. This maneuver is a possibility for water operations, where there is insufficient space for a straight takeoff or landing. It's called a Step Turn

9 lives 21st Nov 2015 21:42

Hey Saab Dastard, Would you help with my attempt to post this Youtube video please? I followed your instructions, http://www.pprune.org/private-flying...be-videos.html but it still has not worked...


Saab Dastard 22nd Nov 2015 11:54

Step Turn,

You had inserted a size tag between the Youtube tags:


Correct is [YOUTUBE ]Youtube[/YOUTUBE]

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