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MidlandsPilot 24th Jul 2017 21:17

I took a Cessna 172 from Sywell to Old Buckenham recently - first visit there. A really nice airfield, despite me being caught out by the narrow runway on the first approach, then being caught out by the C172's ability to float like a balloon and the sloping runway on the second approach...!

Sadly I forgot to turn the camera on for the return leg.

Definitely an airfield worth visiting, although due to a delayed departure the cafe had shut by the time I got there.

WiltsPilot 6th Aug 2017 08:52

I'm no Scorsese but here is my humble contribution from my first solo yesterday!

Hope you enjoy :)

"Video unavailable / This video contains content from UMG / WMG. It is restricted from playback on certain sites or applications."
Please replace with video playable from PPRuNe.

MidlandsPilot 21st Oct 2017 21:25

I've had my licence for over 5 years, but recently I decided to actually fly into the airfield where I caught the bug - Andrewsfield in Essex - some 15 years ago.

From Sywell, the easiest route is direct through Stansted's CTR, so I thought i'd give this a go! Essex radar were very helpful and managed to slot me in crossing the landing threshold just behind a Ryanair. No such luck on the return flight, 20mins after the initial request and 10mins orbiting outside airspace and I had to call it quits and take my planned diversion route.

A very pleasant airfield to visit, with a great restaurant. I'd thoroughly recommend a visit before it gets turned into houses!

Below are a couple of videos of my outbound and return flights between Sywell and Andrewsfield, with the GPS trace of each flight overlaid from Skydemon.



rnzoli 27th Dec 2017 07:17

For those, who love runway lighting p0rn
Best part starts at the 5th minute!

Click this TEXT for the landing scene

Complete video:

case106 5th Jun 2018 04:58

The poetry of flight
I just created this short video by selecting some scenes from my flight. The soundtrack as written ans played by my nephew.
Hope you like it

avio85 6th Jun 2018 21:50

Flying over the San Francisco Bay

avio85 6th Jun 2018 21:51

Multi crew flight in a Tecnam P92 from LKKV (Karlovy Vary)

MidlandsPilot 4th Oct 2018 23:37

A recent 'Mountain flying' experience around the Scottish Highlands, through Loch Ness and the Cairngorms. Flown 'under instruction' from Highland Aviation at Inverness Airport.

The video just doesn't do the scenery justice!

rnzoli 30th Oct 2018 20:51

Adriatic Sea / Croatia / Mali Losinj (LDLO)
Reaching the shoreline: 07:17
Landing at Mali Losinj airport: 15:00

Takeoff clearance at Mali Lošinj: 03:25
Landing at Sármellék, LHSM: 20:58
Landing at Tököl, LHTL: 25:29

2Donkeys 10th Feb 2019 13:13

Flying in the aftermath of Storm Erik
From yesterday, an IFR flight in a PA32 from Glasgow down to Cambridge


2Donkeys 17th Feb 2019 16:49

Top 10 Destinations since the previous annual
It's annual time for N101DW, so I've put together this short video counting down our top 10 most frequently visited destinations since the previous annual.

I wonder how many of your favourites are on the list...

2Donkeys 25th Mar 2019 12:33

My latest video offering. This time, a VFR flight into Humberside airport last weekend. Enjoy!

2Donkeys 8th Apr 2019 12:27

Try these two for size.

Firstly, What would you do if ATC asked you to do this...

Secondly, how good is your aviation French? Put yours to this test with this tricky example...

rnzoli 20th Sep 2019 08:05

Youtube fixed their resolution error, so I repost the link to our flight in Slovenia (Maribor, Slovenske Konjice). ATC R/T and subtitles in English.

rnzoli 19th Nov 2019 12:34

And as the days are shorter and nights are longer...
...the time has come to practice night flying again..

blueandwhite 30th Jan 2020 20:30

A wizz around Snowdon


double_barrel 29th Feb 2020 15:29

How's that landing ?
I just managed to mount a camera for fun and for self-diagnosis! No fancy editing or music, just me doing a runway inspection and then landing on a rough, narrow airstrip on a hot hazy day.

Whadya reckon?

KD Aero 17th Mar 2020 08:26

Hello everyone! We are pilots from Russia.
We fly general aviation aircraft all over the world and shoot video.
We began to voice our films in English for universal accessibility!
We live a busy aviation life, develope our own airfield.
Flying is a full time job and a hobby for us.
Hope you enjoy ;)

KD Aero 29th Mar 2020 09:00

One more video, voiced in English

India Four Two 20th Jul 2020 05:57

Today, I had one of the most interesting flights in my flying career. I was flying out of Black Diamond/Cu Nim (CEH2) in Alberta.

I took up the father of two of our youngest students for his first glider flight. It wasn't planned and the conditions didn't look promising, but our high-performance two-seater, the DG1000S, was available so we launched.

We released at 2000' above ground and flew around for a while and were at 1000', preparing to enter the circuit, when we entered a strong thermal which allowed us to gain 3000'. This height (7700' ASL) allowed me to demonstrate the high-speed performance of the DG1000S and before descending, we moved upwind to get away from a rain shower that was passing over the field. At was at this point, we saw the most remarkable double-rainbow, below us!

Rainbow picture and video by Bart, my passenger.



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