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A thread to get me over 10 posts

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A thread to get me over 10 posts

Old 7th Feb 2019, 13:37
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A thread to get me over 10 posts

3 years a member and still on probation due to my jetblast posts not counting towards total posts.
So this post is to help get me legal.
Anyone else in the same boat, feel free to jump in. It's like building hours, but PPRuNe stylee.
Mods, you can delete if you feel I'm cheating, but after three years I feel I can be trusted to post the odd link.
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 15:41
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Interesting approach. Reminds me of the occasion where I used a planned visit to a company at another airfield to get some landings in. I flew out there, did a touch and go and a full stop landing so that after the flight back home I would have three landings in my logbook for the day, making me legal for passenger carrying for the next 90 days (I hadn't flown for several months by then). After visiting the company I got back to the Cessna and during start up received a request from the radio operator: could I take a passenger back to my home airfield. He had ferried an aircraft and it would save him a trip home by train. I then explained that I would gladly do so, but I was one landing away from being legal. The counter-offer was that I could do a single circuit and land (at no charge), so that I would then be legal to carry the passenger. Fine by me! So off I went around the circuit, and I shut down again at the ramp to pick up my passenger, only to be told that he had somehow already left by train.... So I flew back solo.

Nothing to do with your conundrum, but I figured we might as well share some stories here....
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 17:00
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Full marks for initiative. Why not tell us a Tiger Tale? I've only flown the AA-1A.
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 20:21
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Yes Flyingbadge we want a story !!
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Old 7th Feb 2019, 21:52
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A very short Tiger tale then.
Summer just gone, took a trip to my first farm strip to meet friends on the coast.
Nothing untoward about any of it, apart from the sheer joy of the new experience and immediate beauty on take off, rather then the usual urban (ish) setting of my home base.

As I was saying farewell to my friends and prepping for departure, a land rover pulls up, who I presumed was the strip owner, but it wasn't he, it was a gentleman who said he had a Tiger in the hanger at the bottom of the (sloping) runway and was taking her for a bimble.
As soon as I heard Tiger, I starting prattling on about Tigers until he drove down to prep whilst I told my friends what a coincidence it was that he had the same aeroplane as me....how cool!
As the ground falls away on take off, I glanced over at the now open hanger, he's waving at me, standing in front of his Tiger Moth.
I felt a bit of a berk.... but next time I will talk less and listen more.

Not the greatest of stories I admit, but a Tiger tale as requested, and one more post in my logbook.
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Old 8th Feb 2019, 04:03
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I'll trust you FlyingBadge!

In the mean time, I have two Tiger tales:

I was introduced to a customer, and asked to ferry his plane. He would drive me to the plane, and I'd fly it home. He was a kind and pleasant person, a good conversationalist. He owned a Grumman Tiger. I'd never flown one, and was looking forward to a new experience, in a well liked type. As he drove me two hours to the airport, he offered, by way of explanation that he had lost his medical, so was selling his two planes (the other was a PA-18, already ferried). He told me that he remembered sneezing in the evening. He woke up three weeks later, with the doctor explaining that he'd sneezed so hard, h blew a blood vessel in his brain, and was rushed to surgery. They'd removed a part of his brain. The result was that he could only think about one thing at a time - zero multi tasking. So he explained that by self discipline, when he had to change lanes, or stop at an intersection, he would not talk, so as to not split his attention. A charming ride to the airport, and I was pleased to fly his Tiger back for him.

A client, for his spare time project, was rebuilding his Tiger Moth, he'd owned it for decades, but it sat in the back of the hangar for years, awaiting attention. Bit by bit it was beautifully restored. He spoke often about looking forward to flying it again, with that glint in his eye. While in the midst of a Cessna Caravan flight test program for his company, I was on the phone with him. After concluding the Caravan planning for that afternoon, he injected: "By the way, while you're here, I'll have you test fly the Tiger Moth". Very surprised, and somewhat puzzled, I said okay. When I arrived, the mechanics told me that he'd climbed in a day or so earlier, and not fitting, declared with disappointment that its cockpit had shrunk. He walked away in silence. The mechanics pushed it back into the hangar, lacking any further guidance. My client had put on a couple of pounds in the years of the restoration. So I looked it over, strapped in, and the mechanics swung it for me. I had two delightful flights (one snag fixed after the first). I reported to my client that it flew very nicely, and he thanked me. A week later, it was sold, I have no idea where, just gone..... I felt badly for my client missing a pleasure he had looked forward to for so long, but I guess that Tiger Moths were designed for lean pilots!

An odd day, flying a very new, and a very old airplane - contrast in every way!

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Old 8th Feb 2019, 18:08
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As a reward for your cojones, Flyingbadge, I've not deleted the thread. However it is now closed. Minimum post count is there for a reason and circumventing it is not permitted.

All you or anyone else have to do to increase your post count is to make a positive, worthwhile, contribution to an existing or new topic in a forum other than Jetblast.

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