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Police seize plane in Taunton town centre

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Police seize plane in Taunton town centre

Old 19th Oct 2016, 14:04
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" Apart from a few minor motoring convictions he has led a crime free life..."

So several convictions for assult (including assult of a teenage girl) are not crimes?
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 14:54
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Hi Jan,

Well, it does if it has about 2000kgs of bricks in the back!

Complete thread drift, but after our flight in your machine I've bought an Avid 4. Can't find the remote control for it though...

Cheers, Sam.
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 15:15
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I think every air race should have a joker in the pack like Kirk.

He would have added interest to the Spirit of Artemis

Brave man Sam
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 15:48
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Red Bull........?
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 19:45
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There was a story about him pitching up at Bournemouth from France in a disreputable Jodel and announcing his presence via the radio as "This is Captain Kirk on the Starship Cessna"... Think that led to one of his many court appearances.
The story correct and he rambled on to that effect for some time, sounding "tired and emotional", but in those days the police couldn't touch him.

2 s
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 21:10
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Some years ago that chap flew into our airfield in his disreputable Cub. It was misfiring badly on arrival.

We wheeled it into our maintenance hangar since the weather was scheduled to get rough that night - he'd made no plans, asked no permission, seemed to have no idea what the weather was going to do. Our resident maintainer had a close look at the aircraft and walked away, having seen so many discrepancies and non-airworthy elements that he felt it best not to touch the beast or be anywhere near it. He advised several of us to be careful not to sign anything or help directly with any attempted remedial work, just in case it all went wrong and the CAA or AAIB got involved. The next day Mr Kirk was loaned some tools, with which he made some desultory pokings around.

After that he climbed in, listened to the engine misfiring heavily and then flew off anyway. He disappeared smoking slightly, just clearing the hills near our field.

My overall impression; someone who was not in any way a good advert for aviation. He appeared to think he knew it all, listened to no-one and was happy with whatever he could cadge. I strongly suspect the police knew he'd have no car insurance - part of his 'rebellion' against society.

Not clever behaviour in my view.
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 23:37
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Following on from biscuit74's story he turned up at our airfield in the same battered and banging Cub with one almost flat tyre. So soft he could hardly taxi it. It sat on the ground with a 10 degree list.

What I found appalling was the fact that he was flying an innocent young teenage girl in it...

Worst thing Ive seen in 50 years and also not clever behavior.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 07:20
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Originally Posted by 2 sheds View Post
The story correct and he rambled on to that effect for some time, sounding "tired and emotional", but in those days the police couldn't touch him.

2 s
There was another story about him going the rounds also set at Bournemouth.
After landing he decided to taxy across the grass rather than use the paved taxiways and as he did so he disturbed a number of rabbits, so he asked ATC to send him out a shotgun to despatch them.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 07:40
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Britain used to be proud of her eccentrics.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 07:40
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Sorry, but if you don't at least smile at the last bit then he'll never be your friend.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 09:00
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Britain used to be proud of her eccentrics.

Hopefully it still is....!!
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 11:16
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Originally Posted by jolihokistix View Post
Britain used to be proud of her eccentrics.

I don't think so, name one!
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 11:24
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Oliver Reed!

John Churchill

The naked rambler...
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 11:35
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To judge by the Brexit referendum results, the race/group of eccentrics is indeed thriving (ducking for cover). Not that I want to do the Brexit discussions again, mind you.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 11:57
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Because, of course, all Brexit voters are white eccentrics. Apparently

I suspect he's been pulled up on some sort of Road Traffic offence relating to the trailer, interesting to see what the charge will be.

The car on the back of the lorry looks like a 406 estate which would pull less than the BMW (which I suspect was a police wagon) but assuming it's a diesel model would still be legal to pull that trailer. I can only assume if its trailer-related that it is to do with trailer condition, unsecure load etc.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 12:14
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Patrick Moore!
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 12:29
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Whilst one cannot condone much of what Maurice has done, he is largely harmless. I cannot recall an incident which has resulted in real harm to others, just many which in which he has thumbed his nose at ‘Authority.’ Be it CAA, Her Majesty’s Police or ATC, he almost goes out of his way to antagonise them. Even the CFI whom he chased across the airfield was not actually harmed! And it does appear that probably millions have been wasted chasing this one person, it often appearing to be a vendetta.

Whatever he may or may not have done though, in the sphere of aviation, for those who may like to compare and contrast, I attach photos of his arrival at Bankstown, Sydney, after flying from the UK, SOLO. Note the absence of navaids of any sort, particularly GPS, just a handheld VHF, and the simple essentials of two spanners, a pair of scissors and a disposable razor tucked behind the control cables. Not even a transponder for flight in ‘controlled airspace!’

Those air racers were not accorded the privilege of an arrival into Kingsford Smith with accolades, but were confined to Bankstown. Kirk, in spite of a thorough briefing was excluded by the Polair helicopters from the ‘Victory Parade’ of the aircraft around the Harbour. Maybe someone had tipped them off about Maurice!

As to other anecdotes, chevvron, I was always led to believe that they were hares not rabbits! And the sequel to the Captain Kirk incident was that when he was asked “How do you plead?” by The Beak in the subsequent hearing, he pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his shirt pocket and whispered loudly into it, “Beam me up now, Scotty!”

Beags, you are probably right but many pioneers, explorers, inventors etc., have also worn the same tag!

Funny you should mention Oliver Reed on a Kirk thread, Sam!
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 13:20
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Perhaps the most impressive eccentric of all time was the famous prankster Horace de Vere Cole.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 13:28
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Take Philip Green's knighthood away and award it to Maurice. People like him should be celebrated not hounded.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 18:00
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Halfway there, it seems

Horace de Vere Cole
Thanks, Beags, for introducing me to this fellow. I've found a list of his exploits and the one I like best is where he allegedly impersonated Ramsay MacDonald and gave speeches propounding views opposite to those of he real Labour Party leader.

Hang on a 'mo, I've just had an idea...



My Maurice Kirk story runs thusly.
We were all gathered at Pembray airfield, cloudbase around 200', wondering how we were going to get home. Out of the murk, on base leg at around 100', appears a grey Cub. It lands, turns off the runway, maintaining a level attitude, apparently using power against the brakes and parks outside, only lowering the tail as it comes to rest. I was mighty impressed with the ground handling, but not necessarily in the wisdom of flying in those conditions. A strange looking person exited the aircraft, wearing a life jacket sort of tucked under one arm and strode in to the building. I next noticed a pair of large feet sticking out of the front of the sandals he was wearing. (At least he wasn't wearing socks). Anyhow, he booked in, glared at the rest of us, climbed into the aircraft and disappeared back in to the gloom. Someone whispered to me 'that's Maurice Kirk!'
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