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how do i get my enthusiasm back for flying ?

Private Flying LAA/BMAA/BGA/BPA The sheer pleasure of flight.

how do i get my enthusiasm back for flying ?

Old 17th Mar 2010, 12:11
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I think the whole 'figure out what floats your boat' part is really important.

Obviously IO540 likes touring, I found it mostly boring, unless going somewhere 'new'. That required further and further afield and got rather expensive. For me, aerobatics was the saviour, many would hate it.. I also collect ratings and interesting types, for me the joy is in the stick'n'rudder skills and I don't mind flying dual.. Neither is right or wrong, matter of personal taste.
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 12:34
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I think the whole 'figure out what floats your boat' part is really important.
Absolutely. For me, competition aerobatics, rallies (aerial photo recognition along a set route - a once-a-month Tuesday evening activity at our club) and I got involved in a Dutch charity that aims to let chronically or terminally ill children be a pilot for a day.

My last significant x-country was two years ago, I think. Landing at Tempelhof was great fun, but the hours required to get there became boring after a while.
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 12:56
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Now there are a couple of good ideas...

The place I used to fly in aus ran club competitions varying every month:
  • Balloon bursting (hit it with the prop or it just bounces off)
  • Flour bombing (self explanatory!)
  • Streamer cutting (loo roll out the DV panel at 3000agl see how many times you can cut it before 1500agl
  • Spot landings
Also they ran a 'young eagles' program to get youngsters interested in aviation - the patrons were the roulettes (Aus's red arrows), who would send someone down, often with an aircraft; the kids got goody bags, a bit of a talk, and a flight with a club member. Club members got reduced rates for those flights, and free landings - it was mostly done out of goodness of heart.

I guess nobody does anything like that over here? Too much litigation/paranoia?
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 13:13
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You need permission from the CAA to throw anything out of the aircraft (balloons, loo rolls, bags of flour) and this permission, althought relatively straightforward, costs a few 100 UKP plus a time investment to handle the paperwork. At least, that's what somebody mentioned on here a while ago. That's a considerable amount, even if you spread it across a number of participants.

My club has an annual spot landing "competition" - although you need to be careful using the word "competition" in this context, for insurance reasons. Last time I participated I had a birdstrike which led to serious damage to the wing and the aircraft being out of action for about three weeks while they repaired the leading edge. We were very carefully referring to the event as a "spot landing challenge" instead of a "competition" in that case.
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 13:35
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Originally Posted by vectis lady View Post
i will check out the tiger club even if its just for a couple of hours on something new and see how i feel after

any other reccomednations of good airports / clubs with interesting types / training on offer would be great

Popham, Popham and Popham.

Just go over there on a sunny Saturday - about 45 minutes off the ferry, look at the noticeboards, have a stroll around, talk to people.

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Old 17th Mar 2010, 15:22
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I'd definitely recommend finding a shared ownership group if you can. The PFA used to produce a booklet on the ins and outs of group flying and it's probably still available from the LAA.

I'd say look for a group that has a proper constitution, is friendly, open and genuinely democratic and not controlled or dominated by one person. These often seem to be the aircraft's original or even actual owner which is why I personally wouldn't go for a non-equity group or the group's founder so make sure that you're required to meet several members before they'll take you.

Our group is a dozen and that seems about right to us for a sensible balance between costs and availability.The cost saving is the obvious advantage. If the fixed and flying costs are properly allocated you need to fly at least 10-12 hours a year to realise a good saving but the far cheaper hourly cost compared with renting means that the more you fly the cheaper each hour becomes.

The other advantages are less obvious. With a decent booking system you can fly the plane more or less when you like and far less formally than hiring; and if you want to go somewhere overnight you don't have to ask permission; you've always got a group of people you know you can call on if you want to share flying and there is also the sense of ownership, that it's YOUR aircraft.

When I went from ad hoc hiring to group flying my annual hours more or less doubled and the types of flying I was doing also got a lot more varied. I've been flying in a group for about fifteen years and I'd never want to go back to renting.
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 23:47
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Enthusiasm for flying

The best way to really enjoy your flying is having a reason to go flying.
As you are on the IOW would not a share in an economical two seater open up all sorts of reasons to visit other places plus providing an excellent way to cross over to the mainland.
Explore the possibility of 4 people sharing an aircraft and then spreading the the cost of operations by flying in pairs.
Put an ad in the local rag to see if other like minded (and solvent) souls are thinking that way.
Of course i could suggest you buy a Turbulent single seater but then you would get fired from your job as you would be flying all the time (with a big smile on your face)
Having made such a big effort to get a licence then just make a bit more and see if the above ticks the boxes.
There is a lot of fun and adventure still to be had, you just have to find out what suits you
Regards and good luck
There are dozens of great strips and private airfields out there just waiting to be visited that are a lot more interesting and fun than the expensive security besotted ones with multiple "VRP's" and yellow coats.And thats before you pop over the water and go to a French club field where the radio is used to order your lunch ! PC
As for streamer cutting from 3000 ft down to 1500ft this is positively dangerous and not to be recomended (hundreds of Pilots have been bored to death doing this)
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Old 18th Mar 2010, 13:40
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Vectis Lady

Another thing you could look into is Handicapped Air Racing - check out the Royal Aero Club Air Racing Team's website: The Royal Aero Club - Records, Racing and Rally Association

Even if you don't want to have a go at racing the social side is excellent fun with a party of some kind each race weekend. Great excuse to go visit different airfields. As you are based on the IOW I bet you've seen the Schneider Trophy races we have at Bembridge each September.
The 2010 season starts in April (first race is at Great Oakley) and continues through to the end of September (Alderney).


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Old 18th Mar 2010, 13:57
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You are SO lucky to live close to Bembridge..... What I'd give to live near an airfield. I have to drive 30 miles at the moment

But as said, get yourself a flying buddy. It is so much more fun flying with someone else, not only because you don't look like Johnny Nomates as you sit in the cafe having a cup of tea . I quite often visit Bembridge (I like the baked Potatoes ) and would be happy to take you for a flight if you're ever bored.....but don't give up flying just yet......
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Old 18th Mar 2010, 14:12
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Want enthusiasm?

Try doing something like this:
YouTube - BAC Strikemaster run & break
If that doesn't get you enthused, look for another pastime!
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Old 18th Mar 2010, 14:14
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I agree with Englishal; living close to Bembridge should be wonderful. So much potential for exploring France...
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Old 18th Mar 2010, 21:26
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Pop over the hedge to Sandown on 12th June and see what they're doing there...
The Wight Party - Spamfield Isle Of Wight Microlight Fly In

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Old 19th Mar 2010, 11:29
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You are SO lucky to live close to Bembridge..... What I'd give to live near an airfield. I have to drive 30 miles at the moment

But as said, get yourself a flying buddy. It is so much more fun flying with someone else, not only because you don't look like Johnny Nomates as you sit in the cafe having a cup of tea . I quite often visit Bembridge (I like the baked Potatoes ) and would be happy to take you for a flight if you're ever bored.....but don't give up flying just yet......
I know what you mean about the baked potatoes. they are pretty good, along with the cakes !!! next time you are over here let me know and i will pop down to say hi - im here mon-fri 9-5 anyway :0)

i am lucky to work at an airport, its so much better than an hour drive which i had all through my training,

thanks to everyone for their encouragment, i am researching a few different options to put a bit of fun back into flying & challenge myself,
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Old 19th Mar 2010, 11:42
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I wish my airfield was 30 miles (or less) away. I travel double that.
I know a lot of people that live on the island fly out of Popham. Thats a realy lively place with shares availabe in LAA, touring and aerobatic types available.
I have a good freind that lives on the island based at sandown. I'll send you his contact no if you want.( subject to his permission of course ).
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Old 20th Mar 2010, 20:20
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Like you I live on the island and when I used to fly it was mostly on the mainland due to the lack of aircraft here. I instructed part time at Compton Abbas in Dorset for several years. It continues to be a friendly popular place, the aircraft are middle aged Warriors, a Cessna 172 and an AA5 well maintained plus opportunities for aerobatics, and tail dragging, regular fly outs and club nights and clear of controlled airspace. It's a bit of a trip but it is through the New Forest and if combined with another exscuse for going over a good day out. Worth a look at their web site if nothing else.
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Old 21st Mar 2010, 16:17
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Okay, so not very patriotic, but...

Why not buy 20 wet hours in Florida, and tour the Keys and Bahamas...

Even with international flights etc. it'll probably cost you less than the same number of hours in UK. If that doesn't get you all fired up, then nothing will!

Safe flights, Sam.
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Old 21st Mar 2010, 20:49
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Hi Vectis

You might consider going back to the place, or somewhere like it, which inspired you to do it in the first place. After 15000 hours I sometimes get jaded with airline life and frustrated with the internal politics and whingeing which goes on in the company I work for and I lose sight of what inspired me to do this, and when that happens sometimes I go out on my own and find an airfield or an airport somewhere and just sit and watch the aeroplanes. It was my Dad taking me out to little airfields when I was tiny which first sparked my interest, and then later when I was a bit older, going down to Heathrow on the bus to watch the airliners - in those days it was Tridents, VC10s and 707s for the most part, but the roar of their engines was music to my ears and the air didn't smell right unless it bore the perfume of jet fuel! For others it might be the puttering of a Gipsy Major engine or the sight of a biplane delicately three-pointing on to a grass runway in the green of an English summer, but there is usually something in most pilots which makes the pulse quicken some. Go find it and you might rediscover what brought you here in the first place. Good luck.
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Old 21st Mar 2010, 21:25
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Well, I'm going to be the exception.....

The reason we do flying is because we love it.

But at the end of the day, it's an expensive hobby. If the enjoyment you get out of it is worth the cost, then we'll continue to spend our money on it.

For you it seems that you don't enjoy it anymore. There maybe many reasons why you don't enjoy it anymore.

But why bother spending lots of your hard earned money trying to get that love back?

Why not take the opportunity to do something else that you've always wanted to do?

If flying is for you, the bug will come back to bite, and you'll start to long to fly again.

If it's not for you, then why waste your money trying to get the bug back?

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Old 21st Mar 2010, 22:22
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Just about the most sensible post on here to date.
When the fun goes,find something else.
Racing cars,sailing round Europe,even bungee jumping.
Must admit I've not tried the last one.
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Old 21st Mar 2010, 22:49
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Not lucky enough to be in your position yet (still very slowly working towards PPL in the first place myself), but have PMd you some info that may be of use.
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