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AVGAS-where is the cheapest????

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AVGAS-where is the cheapest????

Old 19th Apr 2008, 07:34
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Have you thought about trying EGJD ?

Don't bother. It doesn't exist. But isn't it bloody annoying having to look it up ?
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 09:01
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FF, don't be too hard on Duchess Driver. After all, typing 'EGLD' saved him pressing two additional keys.
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 09:04
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collective purchasing?

Or does that only work when the fuel is distributed to the same location? If we all part owned x company and all bought fuel through x company could we get a better rate because of the volume the company buys or would that only work if it was all delivered to the same place? Just a thought?
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 13:07
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re fuel prices

Hi all Blackbushe from Monday will be 1.42 avgas inc vat.
0.77 JETA1 INC Vat.

Best regardss.
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 14:41
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Oh dear.....
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 14:57
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So is the price of 1.70 inc VAT at Blackbushe posted on the Hangar website malicious then? I can't see why no-one is interested in updating this. Maybe it's too open to abuse.

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Old 19th Apr 2008, 16:05
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Re Fuel Prices

HI It will be 1.21 plus vat which is 1.42

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Old 19th Apr 2008, 17:49
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Panshanger 1.29 inc AVGAS!
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 20:25
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The Hangar fuel price comparison site is the only one running in the Uk at present as far as I know.With price variations of 20 pence or greater per litre fuelling at the best priced airfields can produce big savings.I urge all pilots keep that site updated.VBR Stampe
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 21:25
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Actually Rob I am on the commitee which is why I originaly asked the question re, prices across the UK.

WLAC now have a new Airfield General Manager with a strong aviation background and has an aircraft and flies himself, unlike the previous Manager, that didn't know her Elevator from her Ailelron (HARSH BUT TRUE)

One cannot discuss the current pricing, without knowing what the competition is selling AVGAS for. So I would be obliged if PPruners could just answer the damn question and stop wandering of the subject.

I just need a list of all AVGAS pricing accross the UK by airfield inc VAT,

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Old 20th Apr 2008, 10:04
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If some places like Eddsfield can sell it for 125/ltr inc, and its not like they are getting through tons of the stuff for discount purposes, then either they are using it as a loss leader, or the other airfields are just making extra profit form us But i can't see what Edd would be using it as a "leader" to? As he runs a nice friendly quiet strip with nothing to sell you! Therefore i would suggest the other places are just making as much as they can from a virtually captive audience! The only problem, as has been said, flying from WWaltham to Edds for some gas would be un-economically viable, although a good reason for a flight north for a change to the L2K run! Still aslong as you can get it for 1.25 then its only a couple of pence more than the car stuff, so not too bad all things considered.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 10:53
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It is still 1.10 / litre incl VAT at my club, 1.21 to non-members.

This will last until the next bulk delivery. The last time we filled the tank, in January (9000 litres), the cost to us was 1.08 / litre.

This gives you some indication of the profit some airfield operators are making.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 11:55
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I think a lot of the smaller fields are just selling existing stock purchased at lower prices.They may get a very nasty shock when next filling their tanks.For the consumer that method of working is great but just imagine if the price ever starts to drop (ever hopeful) these places with slow turnover could be left with very expensive stock.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 12:32
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Of course we are selling our existing stock cheap, as we sell it at cost plus a couple of pence, and we fully expect the price to be much higher when we bulk up next.

I think the price of AVGAS did dip a little bit last year, but did anybody pass that on at the pumps? No I don't think so.

I was paying in the '1.40ish' range throughout last year at other fields, and yet at the begining of this year the wholesale price was only 1.08.

Is 30-40 pence profit / litre reasonable?
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 16:47
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There you go fill ya boots!
A to J

EGJA Alderney tax free 0.985 2008-04-17
EGNG Bagby 1.420 2008-03-09
EGSN Beccles 1.460 2006-10-03
EGAA Belfast - Aldergrove Int. 1.168 2007-05-17
EGHJ Bembridge 1.890 2008-04-09
EGNY Beverley 1.350 2008-02-16
EGDD Bicester 1.200 2007-02-17
EGKB Biggin Hill Avgas 1.374 2008-01-28
EGKB Biggin Hill Jet A1 0.550 2008-02-07
EGBB Birmingham 1.990 2007-11-14
EGLK Blackbushe 1.700 2008-04-09
EGNH Blackpool 1.580 2008-04-10
EGLA Bodmin 1.390 2007-10-03
EGSN Bourn 1.450 2007-07-09
EGHH Bournemouth 1.150 2007-12-31
EGBR Breighton 1.300 2007-12-02
EGGD Bristol, Lulsgate 1.400 2008-02-22
EGCK Caernarfon 1.430 2008-03-30
EGEC Cambletown 1.560 2007-09-01
EGSC Cambridge 1.386 2007-08-01
EGSC CAMBRIDGE 1.360 2007-04-10
EGFF Cardiff 1.650 2008-04-19
EGFF Cardiff (signature)
EGNC Carlisle 1.469 2007-12-15
EGHR Chichester, Goodwood 1.390 2007-11-10
EGHA Compton Abbas 1.360 2008-04-16
EGBE Coventry (airpark) 1.280 2007-12-15
EGTC Cranfield 1.290 2005-11-24
EGSO Crowfield 1.350 2006-08-10
EGSO CROWFIELD 1.290 2006-05-03
EGPG Cumbernauld 1.130 2007-03-17
EGLD Denham 1.410 2007-12-17
EGLD DENHAM 1.470 2008-04-15
EGBD Derby 1.470 2007-08-29
EGPN Dundee, Tayside 1.440 2006-09-07
EGTU Dunkeswell 1.340 2007-12-14
EGTD DUNSFOLD (P.P.R.) - JET A1 0.660 2008-04-10
EGNV Durham Tees Valley (Teesside) 1.351 2007-05-06
EGSU Duxford 1.327 2007-03-29
EGHU Eaglescott 1.280 2007-05-14
EGSR Earls Colne 1.490 2006-08-18
EGDS Eddsfield. eastyorkshire.co.uk/eddsfield 1.250 2008-04-12
EGPH Edinburgh 1.490 2008-03-06
EGST Elmsett 1.400 2007-10-18
EGTR Elstree 1.240 2007-04-25
EGTR Elstree 1.345 2007-10-28
EGTE Exeter 1.515 2008-01-23
EGTF FAIROAKS AVGAS 100L 1.340 2007-11-25
EGTF FAIROAKS JET A1 1.591 2007-08-12
EGCL Fenland - www.fenlandairfield.co.uk 1.400 2008-01-23
EGPJ Fife, Glenrothes 1.440 2006-09-30
EGTG Filton 1.300 2007-08-10
EGPF Glasgow 0.960 2008-04-07
EGBJ Gloucestershire 1.480 2008-04-16
EGJB GUERNSEY AVGAS 100LL tax free 0.860 2007-07-09
EGJB GUERNSEY JET A1 tax free 1.560 2007-11-06
EGFE Haverfordwest 1.590 2008-03-03
EGNR HAWARDEN 1.360 2007-07-23
EGLL Heathrow 1.230 2007-10-15
EGWE Henlow 1.351 2007-11-02
EGHS Henstridge 1.360 2008-04-10
EGNJ Humberside 1.363 2007-10-08
EGPE Inverness 1.460 2008-04-19
EGPI ISLAY 1.730 2008-02-15
EGNS Isle of Man, Ronaldsway 1.560 2008-04-13
EGHJ Isle of Wight, Bembridge 1.490 2008-02-14
EGHN Isle of Wight, Sandown 1.550 2008-04-09
EGJJ Jersey tax free 0.925 2008-02-09
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 16:55
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And K to Z

EGBP Kemble Airfield, UK - www.kemble.com 1.500 2008-04-05
EGPA KIRKWALL 1.600 2007-07-23
EGHC Lands End 1.398 2007-11-10
EGKH Lashenden 1.550 2008-03-06
EGHF Lee-on-Solent 1.250 2007-07-31
EGNM Leeds-Bradford 1.220 2006-09-08
EGBG Leicester 1.400 2007-12-03
EGMJ Little Gransden 1.270 2006-07-02
EGGP Liverpool 1.860 2006-12-26
EGAE Londonderry, Eglington 0.880 2007-10-22
EGGW Luton 2.000 2006-09-21
EGMD Lydd 1.527 2008-04-19
EGCB Manchester Barton 1.540 2008-04-06
EGMH Manston 1.223 2007-09-30
EGHB Maypole 1.200 2005-06-02
EGHB Maypole 1.500 2006-09-07
EBNM NAMUR SUARLE 1.920 2007-05-08
EGNF Netherthorpe 1.450 2008-03-18
EGNT Newcastle 1.260 2005-09-18
EGAD Newtownards 1.445 2007-04-01
EGSX North Weald 1.530 2008-04-19
EGBK Northampton, Sywell 1.490 2008-04-19
EGSH Norwich 1.200 2007-05-18
EGBN Nottingham (Tollerton) 1.492 2008-04-17
EGTW Oaksey Park 1.400 2008-03-30
EGEO OBAN 1.520 2007-07-23
EGSV Old Buckenham 1.390 2008-02-15
EGLS Old Sarum 1.370 2008-04-16
EGTH Old Warden (Shuttleworth - Biggleswade) 1.400 2007-09-02
EGTK Oxford, Kidlington 1.370 2007-10-12
EGLG Panshanger 1.290 2007-05-04
EGFP Pembrey 1.450 2006-09-30
EGTP Perranporth 1.500 2007-10-15
EGPT Perth 1.433 2008-03-14
EGSF Peterborough, Conington 1.330 2005-12-12
EGSP Peterborough, Sibson 1.380 2007-10-24
EGHD Plymouth 1.190 2007-09-18
EGHP Popham 1.360 2008-03-18
EGPK PRESTWICK 1.410 2007-04-08
EGKR Redhill 1.430 2008-04-16
EGNE Retford, Gamston 1.460 2008-03-12
EGTO Rochester 1.630 2008-04-18
EGSJ Seething 1.250 2006-07-03
EGSY Sheffield City - www.sheffieldcityairport.com 1.280 2007-01-25 EGCJ Sherburn-in-Elmet 1.310 2007-08-31
EGSA Shipdham 1.250 2008-02-01
EGBS Shobdon 1.320 2007-10-11
EGKA Shoreham 1.590 2008-03-16
EGCV Sleap 1.350 2008-03-03
EGHI Southampton, Eastleigh 1.090 2007-04-10
EGMC Southend (www.southendairport.net) 1.480 2008-02-16
EGDG St. Mawgan, Newquay 0.800 2004-03-11
EGSG Stapleford 1.445 2007-12-08
EGPO Stornoway 1.080 2008-02-19
EGCS Sturgate 1.200 2006-11-07
EGPB Sumburgh 1.330 2007-05-19
EGFH Swansea 1.460 2008-04-06
EGBM Tatenhill 1.330 2007-08-29
EGHO THRUXTON AVGAS 100LL 1.300 2007-11-02
EGHO THRUXTON JET A1 173.000 2008-03-04
EGHY Truro 1.440 2007-10-03
EGBT Turweston 1.460 2008-04-19
EGBW Wellesbourne Mountford 1.290 2007-10-21
EGCW Welshpool 1.300 2006-06-08
EGFA West Wales Airport Aberporth 1.400 2007-10-01
EGLM White Waltham 1.520 2008-04-21
EGLM WHITE WALTHAM JET A1 0.720 2007-03-20
EGPC WICK 1.590 2007-07-23
EGPC Wick, Caithness 1.590 2007-05-27
EGNW Wickenby 1.420 2006-08-13
EGBO Wolverhampton, Halfpenny Green 1.340 2007-09-18
EGCD Woodford 0.880 1998-01-01
EGkb Wrights Farm Strip 0.920 2007-11-30
EGTB Wycombe, Booker 1.330 2007-11-05
EGYJ York, Rufforth 1.340 2006-08-26
EHMZ Zeeland Airport Mogas (EUROS) 1.665 2007-06-14 Edit
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 21:37
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A little less conversation,
a little more aviation...
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EGLL 1.230? My arse.

Saw the published figure on PPRuNe - so I popped over to fill up.

I've never met such a rude and un-cooperative radio operator in my life. He'd clearly never heard of an overhead join, and my request for the location of the signal square (he wouldn't tell me the circuit direction) was met with a fit of coughing...and then a thud.

Decided to land long on the grass runway at the end of the (very long) southern taxi way, since I could see some tyre tracks there - looks like a heavy twin gouged some turf up recently - but the markings for the grass runways are frankly rubbish.

Was impressed by the numerous static exhibits of contemporary airliner technology at the new aviation museum they've built at the western end of the airfield - apparently they try and fly some of the exhibits at weekends, helped by a bunch of willing amateur volunteers, but I reckon they need a few professionals in there to run the place to make a going concern of it.

Anyway, finally found the Avgas bowser - had to taxi round for ages - odd to have the "follow me" truck do the following instead of being in the lead, and it had blue lights as opposed to the usual orange. Turns out they only do Avgas for PPR 30 years in advance, and the 1.23 rate is only applicable if you uplift 3000 litres or more. Bloody typical. Anyway, I put Ken's name & address on the form the re-fueller (funny looking hi-viz jacket - it was black, made of kevlar, with lots of pockets) made me sign (and since when do fuel handlers need guns? - Health & Safety gone mad) since it was his thread on the PPRuNe I was using as a reference for fuel availability.

Another fine mess he's got me into.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 22:19
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Can you fuel hedge avgas like Jet A-1? I know the buying is a lot lower than an airline but could you buy say 50000 litres and get a decent discount?

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Old 21st Apr 2008, 06:34
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I think the important point with Avgas prices is they are very dynamic at present.On a list such as that above check the date of the price ,over2 months old is almost certainly invalid.Wholesale delivery prices are rising weekly if not daily.I ring ahead to establish fuel prices to deterrmine where I can fuel most cheaply ...a bit like the day job really.
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Old 21st Apr 2008, 08:41
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Originally Posted by Vick Van Guard
It is still 1.10 / litre incl VAT at my club, 1.21 to non-members
Then would you care to tell is where that is - because it sure as hell isn't where your profile location is (1.492 inc VAT)
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