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Newcastle Aero Club

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Newcastle Aero Club

Old 19th Jan 2005, 09:33
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Newcastle Upon Tyne Aero Club


Who would want to take somewhere on with only a 3 year lease?

Would Samson Aviation take it with a 3 year lease?

The thought of Kilo Lima and his mob turns my stomach as they were possible contributary factors in the mismanagement of the club.

This pathetic secrecy stunt with the RMT and whoever has "won" is simply rubbing salt into our wounds - just announce it and get on with it..

There is something not right with this whole damn thing.

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 09:37
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Big Stu

Private message for you.
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 09:43
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Noise: I agree on the secrecy stuff. Theres something not quite right if you ask me. Feels like they want to hide somthing. If it was such a good thing surely they'd want everyone to know...

Expecting the worst...

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 09:59
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Newcastle Aero Club

The RMT possibly sat at that meeting knowing the Samson bid was the "winner".

If there is no private hire or flight training then the RMT will have accepted a proposal that didn't initially fill their criterea.

After reading the article in Journal (thanks H999) I'm appalled at the treatment of Mr Golfin, since when does the tennent pay for repairs to a building?

This whole thing stinks, just hope HST finds a remote PC to expose some of the jiggery pokery that blatently exists.
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 10:06
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Unhappy Club

Its just all so upsetting and depressing.

Of course Newcastle has a need for a flying club.

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 10:16
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Noise you're right, it stinks to high heaven. The lack of communication to the people that really deserve to know (us!) and the apparent treatment of Elia just isnt on.

I'd not be in the slightest bit surprised if it comes out that there was something under hand and as has already been suggested the whole thing has just been a case of going through the motions.

I sincerly hope this isn't the case, but a 3 year lease like has been said, isn't really enough to build what will be a new business on with no garuntee of further. I dont blame the guy for pulling out.

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 10:19
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Just heard that one of the 3 bidders has received formal notification from RMT that their bid was unsuccessful
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 10:20
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All the bidders were bidding under the same terms and conditions.

Golfin withdrew and - just perhaps - the reasons stated in the Journal are not the complete picture.

Several of the bidders may not have had the finance to support their bids. This sort of thing happens all the time.

Don't expect any news until the contracts are signed & the deal is done - normal business practice.

And to end on a hopeful note -

There may well be flying training again at Newcastle.
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 10:44
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since when does the tennent pay for repairs to a building?
When it is a tenant's repairing lease, that's when. Quite standard.

And as MetOffice says, not naming the "winner" until the contracts are signed is quite normal - not an indication of a conspiracy.

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 12:34
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It would appear its what the airport want,not what RMT suggest
and I would not think they would be involved in anything underhand.

Remember it was Coulson who wanted another administration team to do the deed and was not a happy bunny when Barry called in RMT. This stinks to high heaven of another stunt being pulled when Coulson went ape sh*t.

Nod Nod Wink Wink there's £10,000 for the lot.

One final thing, all our rights went out the door when the club was placed in administration.

Who knows only time will tell

Regards All

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 13:22
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NACT (update)

Hi Flyers,
Letter now received from RMT and position clarified With Linda Farish, the administrator at aprox 12.30 today.

Letter on Newcastle Aero Club headed notepaper says:-
“Further to your offer dated 6th January 2005, due to the lack of current funding your offer has been unsuccessfull in this instance.”
However in phone conversation with Linda it was clarified that if funding confirmed in time, re local authorities etc. and the airport authority were convinced we could deliver then we were still in with a chance.

Please consider it like this by way of example;-
The New “NEWCASTLE AERO (CO-OPERATIVE) CLUB” is trying to buy a house.
A letting agent is also trying to buy it.
The letting agent has been issued with a contract we have not.
The letting agent may have its mortgage sorted we have not.
BUT if we get our mortgage approved and agree terms with the airport then beat the agent to delivering a signed contract we will win the race to purchase the house.

I believe the prize is worth the effort to race!!!!

Bad news;- One North East confirmed community development fund no longer available. Did suggest other possible funders.

Good news;- Involvement of Gateshead Council. The case has been taken over by a more senior officer. It is my understanding that Councillor P Mole is contacting people in the region in an effort to help us win if feasable and possible in the time scale.

Please note the timescale is tight very very tight but not tottally imposible if you all do something to help!!!!

More to follow
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 17:37
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NACT (update)

Hi flyers,
I have just (about 5pm) spoken to Councillor Mole. My understanding is Mr parkin has been consulted Some members of the holding company board have been consulted. The decision however will rest with the Board in Copenhagen. It will be a buisness based decision. Councilor Mole has ensured the board will consider the NACT proposal and the points I raised prior to making their decision on final sale. He has registered his oppinion as being in favour of the NACT & NEW Newcastle Aero Club in principle.
There is no way to guarantee the outcome because business is like business and we know money talks.

That is my understanding of the current position I await written notification prior to confirming it.
The above information fits in with my understanding of the situation from Linda Farish.
I feel there is little else that can be done on the political front for the moment.

The clubs future rests in their hands. Let’s hope they recognise the business benefits of supporting the new NAC and are willing to create a way and space for us to use their funds.

I have bought an extra lottery ticket for tonight anyway in the hope it wins enough to pledge some to this “Quest” as SEAN377 calls it. (please read, hear & listen to what he said)

NOISE;- Thanks for your very generouse offer. It would be a dream flight for us. Your offer is much appreciated but I would much rather it were pledged to help NAC back in the air. Thanks all the same no offence meant & perhaps we will have a pint sometime eh!

Cheers – still

Ps may have a suggestion later. Bye for now.
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 19:26
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Now, as to the 'viability' of a flying school in Newcastle. The North East is the most deprived region of England, and therefore the average incomes are the lowest. Consequently, there is a limited demand for a flying school. Now, conversely, Newcastle Airport can be considered a 'premium' facility...it's got a long runway, good ATC, quiet airspace and it's close to the city centre. So from the market point of view, use of the airfield could be construed as attracting a 'premium' price. Ironically, some of these features make it attractive to Easyjet, who have a training allowance as part of their package at EGNT.
I beg to differ. We have the highest number of business start ups anywhere in the UK per head of population, we have the lowest housing costs anywhere in England, so a salary of £ X buys more in the North East than just about anywhere else in the UK. It's nonsense to say there's low demand for flying. There are 2 flying clubs at Teesside, 2 at Carlisle - Carlisle for goodness sake. There's no catchment area. It's my guess that a significant amount of business at Carlisle airport is done with people from the west of Newcastle who found that driving over to Carlisle was as cost and time effective as waiting at Hold 2 / F.

But GA is a cinderella in the UK compared to the US, and without a cooperative airport its damned difficult to run a decent training operation.
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Old 19th Jan 2005, 19:31
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NACT (suggestion)

H999 :- thanks for the Journal info.

Hi Flyers,
It looks very much that we will be one of the loosers in this competition at the moment.
In my oppinion there are usually more loosers than winners in competitions so it is generally better to co-operate for mutual benefit. A co-operating group is stronger than one person is and it is easier for a group to work in a team.

There may be just as much chance of me winning the lottery tonight or Saturday as there is of the NACT proposel being taken on by the board but I have not given up hope yet.
However It is no longer possible for me to continue alone so my suggestion is to think of what was learnt as boy scouts.

Their Moto I think was;-
“Be Prepared”

I see the crest on Newcastle upon Tyne Aero Club has the Moto;-

“by your own efforts shall ye rise”

If the rumors on this site, or the info in the Journal & tonights chronical are correct. There will be scope to either resurect the old NAC or start a new one in readyness for presenting the new owners with the potential income of 500 members.

In the event that no volunteers have come forward to form an action group I suggest I nominate some as my delegates to take forward the NACT proposal if we get the chance. If not then at least as a group it may be possible to negotiate a quicker return to the skies and bar with the new owners who ever they are.

Unfortunately & to the best of my knowledge I do not know anyone on this site well enough to ask. I can only go by what has happened on here.
It will then be up to the people I nominat to accept, receive a seconder, and to assess if they will be acceptable to the forum and see what happens.

Be back later

H999 I noticed you are on line now can we talk in the private message bit please?

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 20:05
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Aero Club


Thank you but I was under the impression the tenent's agreement that was in place was that all work was to be carried out by the landlord.

This was the case when there was a leak in the ladies lavatory (pardon the pun) and the property department were most insistant that their contractors carried out repairs and not a roofing contractor who was a member.

Basically, a local firm charged nearly £500 for a half done job when the member would have charged £30 - quite standard.

Hope 2 Fly: I do admire you and I will hold you to that beer!


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Old 19th Jan 2005, 21:46
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My first post on this thread made it clear that I am not a member of NAC. Therefore I don't know the specifics of the lease. However your question was:

since when does the tennent pay for repairs to a building
A seemingly general question to which I gave my answer.

a local firm charged nearly £500
Charged who? The club presumably?

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Old 19th Jan 2005, 21:57
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Apologies, should have made myself more clear, the airport's contracted roofing firm billed the airport property department over £500 for the job.

Guess what, it's still leaking although not our problem now.


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Old 20th Jan 2005, 08:13
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Devil dde0apb

Hi All

Looks like bad news all round,Hopefully the cloud may have a silver lining.

Re your post, there is a definate demand for an FTO in the area.

As previously mentioned the number of flights taken and cost's etc generated the debt, the outstanding landing fee's equate to approx 3000 hours flying ( £54,000 div £18 = ) add the other cost's ie wages etc and the approx turnover is in the region of £500,000. the flying cost alone is £360,000 in hours.

There was a definate demand, this reply was not directed at yourself but a general reply.

ps Carlisle Flight Training are bying a new Archer 3 .Definately a need !!!!!!!

The defence rest's.

Best Regards Flyers

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Old 20th Jan 2005, 10:21
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Hi people.

You know what really sticks in my throat.

The individuals that have scuppered the oldest training club in the country look as though they are going to get away with it.

We can not let that happen!

Any suggestions
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Old 20th Jan 2005, 11:02
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Newcastle Aero club

Morning Noiseabatement

We all know who,s responsible for the illegal underhanded goings on that have MURDERED the club. and it,s not just committe members!

If there is any plan afoot to brings these low life to account I want to be part of it.

Nothing would give me more pleasure than to stand in court and see these bastards GO DOWN.

We could then retire to a watering hole crack open a bottle of champers and wish them a long and painfull existance.

I feel better already.
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