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Spare Seats Available / Desired

Private Flying LAA/BMAA/BGA/BPA The sheer pleasure of flight.

Spare Seats Available / Desired

Old 28th Nov 2007, 13:36
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Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Onboard the Newaer
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If it is at all possible I would love to accompany someone who wants to fill the right-hand seat on a PA-28 from Blackbushe or Fairoaks. Currently 15 hours into PPl. Can bring a flask of tea!!

PM me if interested please..
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Old 29th Nov 2007, 16:16
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Leicester
Age: 30
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Hey guys here is my situation Im 18 have had a ppl for just over a year now and im a student and dont have huge amounts of money I fly a pa28 out of leicester but dont normally fly much more than about 30mins a month cause i cant afford it so If ppl are willing to go cost sharing I would love to have some seats to fill I cant garantee that it will be front seats as i might have some mates with me so anyone near me and interested pm may and i might get back to you.
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Old 9th Dec 2007, 20:25
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Join Date: Feb 2007
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Hi guys and girls

Just joined as a member at Sherburn aero club, looking to meet other members and/or anyone that has a spare seat going there or at Leeds. Not bothered if its just an hour or a day out. Will share costs. Starting my PPL soon and any experience and/or words of advice is greatly appreciated.
To know a few people in the club would also help as i dont know anyone.

Hope to hear from you!
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Old 10th Dec 2007, 22:02
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Glasgow
Posts: 281
Hello all,

I'm an airline pilot and fly from LGW. I'm keen to get back into single engine flying at a club in the south east, maybe Redhill or Biggin, that has a good social scene too. I'm showing my lack of knowledge already I can see but i'm hoping you get the jist of what i'm looking for.

Many thanks in advance!

L Met
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Old 12th Dec 2007, 16:02
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Kent, England
Age: 33
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Londonmet, check your PM's.
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Old 12th Dec 2007, 20:52
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset
Age: 29
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Good Evening guys.

I won't beat about the bush too much. I am a 16 year old that is a sergeant in my local ( Bournemouth) air training corps and i am going to be going on a gliding scholarship in the new year. I have about 10 hours on a Beechcraft Musketeer out in the States, about 3 hours PA 28 in the UK and about 12 hours Grob tutor with the cadet and 8 launches Gliding. Would be most greatful of ANY flights, jolly's or trips from Bournemouth-EGHH,Compton Abbas-EGHA or other smaller strips in Dorset Hants area. Can't contribute much, but willing to pay landing fee's, wash, push and help maintain.
Kind regards
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Old 13th Dec 2007, 19:59
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Blah Blah Blah
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Malmesbury VRP
Age: 45
Posts: 927
Bristol/Gloucester/Kemble/Upfield farm

I have 2 maybe 3 seats available on saturday 15th December pretty much all day.

I will be lifting off from Upfield farm and having a general bimble about. Willing to drop in to any airfield in the above mentioned areas or near by to pick up joyriders, as long as you are willing to cop the landing fees.

Also willing to fly some decent legs if you are willing to share the fuel costs.
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Old 20th Dec 2007, 14:10
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Join Date: May 1999
Location: Runcorn,Cheshire,England
Posts: 58
i'm thinking about getting back into light aircraft fying (currently BA 777) and would appreciate it if anyone can spare a seat from Northwest. Can travel to Chester/Liverpool/Manchester etc..anywhere within reason really. Willing to pay fair share of costs & buy the beers afterwards. Ta
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Old 21st Dec 2007, 12:15
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: UK
Posts: 46
Cheap seats

Hi All,

If anyone has a spare seat in ANYTHING that flies and would like someone along for the company then please consider me!

I'm 29, ex military aircrew (Lynx Mk8) with 400 hours. I have an expired PPL, can't afford to fly these days and am missing getting airborne!

I'm in the Yorkshire area but can travel.

Willing to contribute of course, hard cash or beer, your choice!

e-mail address is [email protected]


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Old 31st Dec 2007, 17:47
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: west sussex
Posts: 217
pilot 786
I occasionally fly an Aztec from Elstree. Happy to sit in the R/H seat of whatever it is that you are flying....mostly.
Happy New Year to you !

I also fly a JP5 from North Weald. Anyone interested in a flight in the R/H seat in January? Be warned though....the seats are live.

Whirlygig.....feel like a trip down to North Weald ? I can introduce to you the most famous military rotary instructor of all time - a certain Sycamore !

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Old 6th Jan 2008, 22:35
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: a flight level far far away ...
Posts: 178
I fly from Barton in a C172. Would be happy to do some cost sharing with people in this. Im also looking to get some PA28 time if any is going locally ?
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Old 8th Jan 2008, 22:21
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Derbyshire
Age: 63
Posts: 182
from barton ?

right on my door step ....... do
I bring the butties and coffee?
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Old 9th Jan 2008, 09:58
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Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Liverpool
Posts: 31

Hi Mark,

I'm based in Lpool, not too far from Barton.
I might be looking to do some PA28 time from barton in next few months

Whats your arrangement with C172, do you just hire by the hour or do you have a share?

You can PM me if you want,


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Old 9th Jan 2008, 18:36
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Sth Bucks UK
Age: 56
Posts: 928
I'm Denham-based and my mounts alternate between Cirrus, chipmunk and PA28.
I've 200 hrs but my usage has dropped significantly in the last 12 months due to some cash consuming projects over-running somewhat.
I'm happy to accompany others from the area, especially in something exciting, but will also welcome the company of other pilots or enthusiasts as long as they're happy to contribute towards the costs.
Where should we go?

I like a laugh and don't like "anoraks".
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Old 10th Jan 2008, 22:20
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Northampton Sywell
Age: 31
Posts: 201

Hello all, I am an aerospace technology student at univeristy of Hertfordshire. I have 50ish hours logged but no PPL/NPPL and looking for some right seat or any seat to get me back in a flying/thinking situation as I have been grounded since march last year due to getting type 1 diabetes. I plan to start working on my NPPL after 21st jan. Anyone willing to lift a home sick pilot back into the clouds?

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Old 11th Jan 2008, 18:16
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Northampton Sywell
Age: 31
Posts: 201
Can I have a seat please?

anyone please? I promise I wont go hypoglycemic on you in flight!
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Old 11th Jan 2008, 18:20
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Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Brighton. UK. (Via Liverpool).
Posts: 5,069
Hi Karl, give it a bit of time mate for people to actually read your post.

A lot of people here fly for a living/spend a lot of time in the air so they may be away or busy for the time being.

Good things come to those who wait and all that......!
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Old 11th Jan 2008, 18:26
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Northampton Sywell
Age: 31
Posts: 201
sorry, withdrawel symptoms. Been out of the skies for nearly a year now and learning about aerospacey stuff makes me wish I was up there
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Old 11th Jan 2008, 18:32
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Oops pardon me
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Manchester England
Posts: 369

Hi, am looking to do some flying as been out the saddle for 9 months. Got 95 hours on C172/C150/C152/PA28 and live near Bartom. PM me and lets talk about cost share.


Coop & Bear (Virgin Atlantic)
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Old 12th Jan 2008, 17:24
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Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Utopia
Posts: 83

Let me know when you want to go , ie off from work and will book the Planeand get you back into it !!

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