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From Zero to Forty Five - my PPL Diary

Private Flying LAA/BMAA/BGA/BPA The sheer pleasure of flight.

From Zero to Forty Five - my PPL Diary

Old 22nd Apr 2008, 14:27
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Thanks Lister,
ever heard of "kick a man while he's down" well I'm down here at work on my day off. Weather looks great today for a jaunt, and to top it all off the School has just been on the phone to say that they are definitely fully booked for the week-end. Loads of voucher flyers on Sunday. Hope none of them gets a nasty cold and has to cancel. Still there is always next Tuesday to look forward too. Not even going to check out the 7 day forcast cos that would really brass me off.

"May your landings be as soft as your first kiss"

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Old 22nd Apr 2008, 14:58
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Lister Noble,
Remember to check for RA(T)s.
If that hawk was a big red one with a white stripe, it probably came from Scampton! Did you see another eight of them close by?

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Old 22nd Apr 2008, 20:43
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Hi WALSue and Nizzengaz/ others,

I felt for you Nizzengaz. My very first lesson last Tuesday went okay, today was my second lesson. I begun to think I may have preferred your cancellation when things started going pearshaped - an accident on the road meant a long delay arriving late at the air club. As luck would have it the lesson was held off by the arrival of some royalty or other. It was about an hour later the instructor told me to go to the PA38 on the apron to do checks and he'll join me later.. guess it was one of those days as I spent what seemed an age just hunting the panel for the vacuum gauge!! the tasks I'd completed on my first lesson okay seemed to go right out the window today
Quite a bit of turbulence after take off (heard comments over the radio about that) but it proved to be a very interesting lesson to brighten my day - the effects of propwash & flight controls at different airspeeds, demo of carb iceing & carb heat plus the CFI switched off the engine for a while just to show me that the plane really did glide, it was very odd staring at a stationary prop
I hope things come together better for my next lesson as I couldn't even taxy in a straight line today (but I'll blame that on the wind...)
I suppose because I'd spent most of my life sailing on ships it's going to take a wee while being used to being in the air.


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Old 23rd Apr 2008, 12:37
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Hey guys, im new to the forums here. This thread made for some excellent reading, especially Mazzy's type up of his skills test...which im absolutely myself about! Taking my JAR PPL at Blackpool, and about 33 hours into the course. just been given the all clear to start my solo navigations. done nearly 4 hours solo circuits and 35 minutes so far of solo nav. all seems to be going wel. only done 3 of the 7 exams at the moment..college work seems to be taking over my life happy flying to u all though
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Old 24th Apr 2008, 16:56
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Hi Mark
I will be at Blackpool end of next month, not flying though just drinking. May see you in Yates's telling everyone you are a pilot (lol) I know I will be.
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Old 25th Apr 2008, 14:21
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I did my two year renewal flight today in a Stearman PT17.
We did general handling ,stalls and steep turns,then we did a loop,and then I did one on my own.
We also did a stall turn but I had not heard the commentary well and we were running short of time so we headed home.
I flew the aircraft all the time apart from take-off,the first loop and the landing when I followed through on the controls.
A cracker of a day and one to remember for the rest of my life.
I'm still grinning ear to ear.
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Old 27th Apr 2008, 08:17
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Mike744, you always get days like that!
I remember my (unlucky) 13th hour, nothing went right. Couldn't even get the thing started.
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Old 27th Apr 2008, 15:27
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WALSue, thanks... I'll try to avoid the 13th of anything My next is on the 30th so thats okay. Wx cavok, hope it stays awhile.
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Old 1st May 2008, 22:18
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Big Black Cumulus

Had another lesson last Tuesday and it was going great until I started sharing the circuit with a big black cumulus. The more circuits we done the shorter they were getting. Fourth one was a glide approach turning as soon as I had started my downwind checks. Felt well under pressure as it was work work work all the way. Very tricky trying to get the aircraft in a trimmed glide while there is lightning, thunder and heavy rain. Must admit though a great learning experience, and although it has been a while since the last lesson the landings were still good. One was definately the best one yet.
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Old 23rd Jun 2008, 20:25
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IMC training

Hi Guys

I decided to bite the bullet a couple of weeks ago and start training for an IMCR. I needed to move up to a PA28, an hour of general handling followed by an hour of circuits, then booked my first session on instruments. It's like starting over, you know, levelling out, power attitude trim but now your heads inside the cockpit and the horizons only a couple of inches wide. It took a little while to get an efficient scan going AH, altimeter AH, DI, AH Altimeter etc. We did climbs and level out, straight and level, rate one turns onto a heading both ways. We did a rate one turn through 360 and timed it on the stop watch. We did recoveries from too steep a turn (angle of bank beond rate one) unusual attitudes and also from an approaching stall (sudden increase in altitude rapid loss of airspeed). I was really surprised on how much my flying accuracy improved in just an hour. By the time we started the return to the airfield I felt I could control the heading and altitude, then my instructor "Vectored" me into a base leg join while I was still under the hood, making all the changes of heading, altitude and of course power all on instruments.

I thouroughly enjoyed myself, my flying improved no end and I can't wait for the next installment. I'd recommend all PPL's to have a go, use your next bi-annual with an instructor as an IMC taster thats what I did! I'll let you all know how I get on in the next lesson

Cheers all Chris.
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Old 23rd Jun 2008, 21:01
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some interesting reading, although not had chance to read the whole thread!

I am due to have lesson number 3 (4th hour but 1st lesson was a trail flight) at Sherburn in a PA28. I had lesson 1 in a AT3 but last week had my secong lesson in a PA28.

Ive read half of book 1 (flying training) not sure if this has helped or not up to know.

Ive had goes at taxiing, didnt have chance to take off last lesson due to side winds.

Just seems so much to learn, but i guess its like anything new, it seems impossible until you learn how!


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Old 24th Jun 2008, 08:33
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Pompey till I die
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yes ut does

Just seems so much to learn, but i guess its like anything new, it seems impossible until you learn how!
Yes it does.

I remember thinking I was never going to get the hang of the take off roll, then climbing out and trimming then chaning radio frequency and then climbing to the cruise.

You do get the hang of it in the end. Recently completed my first return trip to L2Q.

At times it seems overwhelming. But with enough hours (and of course ) you'll get there.
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Old 3rd Jul 2008, 06:31
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Well my flying school seems to have folded.
So far I've seen off three instructors and two flying schools.
I've not even managed to do first solo yet!
I think someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something
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Old 3rd Jul 2008, 17:36
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Sorry to hear that Sue, did you loose any money?
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Old 3rd Jul 2008, 18:22
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Thats really bad luck Sue. Its obvious from reading your posts just how much flying means to you. I'm sure you'll move heaven and earth to do that solo one way or another. I really hope you're not too much out-of-pocket by all this and are able to carry on .... and whoever it is trying to tell you something - tell them they are definately wrong

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Old 3rd Jul 2008, 20:37
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Hopefully I won't be out of pocket, should be getting some more info from them soon.

Despite loosing money when my first school went bust and despite reading several times on here not to pay up front, I thought I couldn't be unlucky twice on the run and pre-paid for 10 lessons.

As tempting as it may seem to save a few bob by pre-paying, don't do it!
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Old 25th Jul 2008, 23:11
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Hi all,

Been a while since I posted here, hope everyone is well & getting at least some flying in over the course of this mediocre summer

Sorry to hear of the problems you're having WALSue

Just had a particularly 'interesting' lesson:


Not bad for a first landaway
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 07:09
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Well, it seems my school were doing some erm, interesting accounting.
A month or so after closing they've re-opened under a new name. Popping down there soon so hopefully carry on from where I left off. Hope I'm not too rusty after the break!

eek, Madgav!
Sounds like you were having fun there!!
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Old 7th Sep 2008, 09:47
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Liverpool flying schools

Hi All

Can anyone reccomend a flying school in Liverpool,I will be in the area this week and would like to fly .


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Old 7th Sep 2008, 09:54
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Spicy Meatball
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I've flown with LFS, Ravenair and had one flight with CATS in one of their Robins. They are all at Liverpool John Lennon and share the same apron. I chose LFS for many reasons discussed in here but I'm sure you'd get on fine wherever!

Don't forget the Southport airshow this weekend, there will be restrictions in place...

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