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Stansted Security -Plastic Bag "Advisory"

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Stansted Security -Plastic Bag "Advisory"

Old 6th Jan 2011, 07:05
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Going through STN early December a rather loud female security officer was shouting repeatedly that they didn't give out free bags anymore and that any liquids found not in a bag would be destroyed. The only solution was to exit the queue, get scanned back out then buy a bag (oh you do get three of them in a the pack!) for 1 from a machine that looked rather like an old fashioned bubble gum dispenser. All because I forgot that the little jar of handcream I bought landside counted as liquids.

Then back in the queue for another 25 minutes - my own error but altogether hardly customer friendly.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 07:17
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6th Jan 2011 01:10
JdS I've lived in the UK a fair old while and never heard the M.I. ref. When I heard it, I thought of Gibraltar, even though it's not an island, but it has monkeys.
The Germans sometimes call the British "Inseln Affen", or Island Apes, but I've never heard Britain called Monkey Island either.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 08:51
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Inseln Affen
I don't think that this is quite as friendly.

Paxboy, most people are not anti British, we just find things a little 'different', sometimes. Probably it works both ways, as our own cultures are transparent to us.

For example, Paris Match once published an article that concluded the Brits were a little unpredictable and slightly exciting race, based on 'evidence' such as a positive correlation between rainfall and the purchase of open top cars, according to the magazine.

In Portugal, grown men fight bulls by shouting at them and then jumping on to their bodies, but this is completely normal, you understand
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 09:28
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Andrew Boyer, welcome and thank you for confirming that I wasn't hearing things when told to "go and buy a bag" by Stansted security.

To continue the thread drift for a moment, as I am in Germany (East) I decided to ask a work colleague about "Island Monkey's" at dinner last night. I think it's fair to say that "Inselaffes" or Island Apes is a derogatory term in the manner of Krauts or Squareheads. As seen with the recent Wikileaks saga, it would appear we all like to gossip, bitch and generally be mildly rude about people who are different to us. As far as I and my German colleague were concerned, we laughed and sank another couple of beers together.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 12:29
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Paxing All Over The World
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Thanks for joining me in Mokeying around with the thread.

I particularly liked the reference to open topped cars and rain. All nations do indeed make fun of others and I enjoyed my time working in Germany and could see what a great sense of humour the Germans have.

VP8 I appreciate the correction, even as I wrote it my mind was thinking they were not monkeys but was too lazy to check Wikipedia. But am embarrassed that I did not know my Apes from my Monkeys ...

[That, for non UK folks is a play on words with the colloquial phrase to state that someone does not know what they are doing. We say: 'He does not know his @rse from his elbow'.] I guess I'd better go an do some work now.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 14:48
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The Inselaffes remark has been around for years and when I first heard it almost 25 years ago I too joined in the laughter and sank a few more beers.

I tend also to agree that Europeans are not anti British, (English perhaps but not the rest of us.).

I also find it amusing that Britain is so anti Europe and in particular their currency. If a Euro is worth 85p when Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain are in trouble, then I shudder to think what it would be worth if they were not. The is not just the sick currency of Europe but almost worthless elsewhere.

The situation as described at STN is shocking on many levels and again highlights the ludicrous regulation that is due to be repealled in the next year but also at the continuing incompetance and greed of the BAA.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 01:14
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Plastic bags were free at STN last month ..
They weren't on November 6th!

I know this because my partner was turned away from security there and referred to a coin operated machine that dispenses 3 bags for a 1 a'la Luton style.

Times have indeed changed at London's third airport.

You have been warned.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 05:48
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London's third airport or third world airport? Though that could apply to LHR and LGW, too.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 06:52
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While travelling through Stansted airport on the 25th of December free plastic zip-lock bags were not available and a note on the desk of Security person checking boarding passes informed personnel that Boots was no longer selling plastic bags and to please stop referring passengers to Boots.

I had no problems with my liquids in a bag like this: http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?...ub=79&PID=3402
but the bag was barely half full.

And on return to Stansted, the immigration officer had his feet on his desk. Welcome to Monkey Island!
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 19:22
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Paxboy wrote: I enjoyed my time working in Germany and could see what a great sense of humour the Germans have.

Well I lived and worked in Germany from 1968 to 1993 and always wondered where they kept their sense of humour, now I know why I never saw a trace of it..... Paxboy had it !

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Old 7th Jan 2011, 21:29
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If you compare the attitude of the average UK member of airport security staff with their counterparts in virtually every other European country, you'll typically find that the most unpleasant people are to be found in Britain. Furthermore, the powers that these unpleasant, odious numpties have are virtually unchallengeable because of the "Police State" created by that equally foul Tony Blair. I'll only tolerate one air journey a year because that's all I can stand. Our security system is only window dressing because those who seek to do us harm just have make it past the holes left by the uniformed idiots. Furthermore, to do us real harm, all they have to do is threaten us and our own government aided and abetted by DfT, Transec and the muppets at the airports, will do the damage for them.

As for sealable bags, they nobody really cares. Just so long as "security" look like they are doing something nothing will ever happen. There will only ever be more and more pointless security because big business is now making a packet out of the system. I wouldn't put it past them to finance the bad guys so they can sell some more equipment. You don't believe me? How about the very miss-quoted comment made by Jo Moore "...a good day to bury bad news" (she actually wrote "It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury") and remember who she worked for and in which government department? Complain by not travelling.

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Old 7th Jan 2011, 22:11
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..........I have written a polite note to Stansted Customer Relations asking why and when this requirement was imposed. In addition, I have asked why the requirement is not specified on their official website

I will post the reply here when I get it
Breath is still being held ............

Just WHAT is wrong with the common or garden Ziploc bag ?

I have a free bag given away by Los Angeles security staff, it doesn't lock, pity I didn't grab a handful, and UK security can get stuffed if it isn't good enough ?

I've had enough.

( oh ! really officer ? why don't you put your head inside it and I'll show you if it seals or not. )
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 06:42
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..........I have written a polite note to Stansted Customer Relations asking why and when this requirement was imposed. In addition, I have asked why the requirement is not specified on their official website

I will post the reply here when I get it
Breath is still being held ............
Well, I checked my email this morning and guess what? Yep, nothing.

So, I've sent a reminder

For clarity, I would state that I was not using a "Ziplok" bag but a "zipped bag" with said zip running across the top from end to end. Whilst a lawyer (or come to think of it, a security screener) might have fun with the definitions, any reasonable person would accept that my bag exactly met the requirement as stated on the Stansted website for liquids bags: "Transparent, resealable and able to close properly". I have used the same bag at Stansted and indeed around the world for the last two or three years without any problem.
Interestingly, a chap behind me in the line (having witnessed my irritation) said he had been pulled up by Stansted security some months ago because his bag wasn't transparent...it had "Waitrose" written on the front.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 08:04
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If it is a bag closed with a zipper :

I can understand - that would not give a seal.
A very rare occasion when I side with security!

Totally different from a ziploc zip (TM)

STN clearly state:
and the bag must be sealed.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 09:38
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BillS. Where does it "clearly state" what you wrote above?

BAA Stansted: Hand baggage

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Hand baggage

Liquids 100ml rule
Only limited quantities of liquids may be carried through airport security into the departure lounge. This includes bottled drinks, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries.
The following restrictions apply to all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols taken through security control:
Liquids may only be carried in containers holding 100ml or less.
They must be carried separately in a single bag which is:
Transparent and resealable
No larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in)
Able to close properly with all the items inside.
At security control, place the bag in the tray with your other items.
Liquids in containers over 100ml will not be permitted through security please pack them in your hold baggage instead.
The following exceptions may be made to the 100ml rule:
Baby food or baby milk: Please carry only what you need for the flight. You may be asked to open the containers and taste the contents.
Liquid medicines: You may be asked to taste medicines, or provide evidence that you need them for your journey. Find out more about travelling with medicines.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 13:14
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If you look carefully on the front of the Ziploc box, you will see the words "double zipper", so I repectfully suggest that your post is bolleaux, mind you, if STN is short of a few highly trained security peeps, they might welcome someone like you to their ranks, as you seem to have a creative mind.

From the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of the word 'seal.' (Not the large sea thingy.)

a device or substance used to join two things together or render something impervious. the state or fact of being joined or rendered impervious with a seal.
From the same source, here is the definition of impervious

not allowing fluid to pass through.
If Stansted require the bag to be impervious, they need to state this, since the word is ambiguous. If they require the bag to be hermetically sealed, they need to say so,

One of these days, someone with some free time and a sense of humour is going to sue their airline for breach of contract, as the airline collect the security charge and require the pax to comply with it. If the pax complies with the notice, as Strake obviously did, then the airline is liable for the subsequent losses in my opinion, which is that of a commercial officer, not a lawyer.

Inseln Affen, indeed (at least the STN security people, not most Brits, who are nice people.)

Last edited by Joao da Silva; 8th Jan 2011 at 17:06.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 18:09
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"and the bag must be sealed"
Originally Posted by strake
BillS. Where does it "clearly state" what you wrote above?
STN airport guide - security

Some liquids (e.g. gels, lotions, pastes, liquid cosmetics, foams and foodstuffs) are now allowed through airport security check points. There are the following restrictions on the quantity of liquids:

Liquids may only be carried within separate containers each of which with a capacity not greater than 100ml.
These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cms x 20cms). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag must be sealed.
Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids. The bag must be presented for examination.
Liquids that can not be placed inside the re-sealable bag must be packed into the hold luggage and checked in. Liquids of any amount can still be carried in luggage checked into the aircraft hold.
Many thanks for those OE definitions - exactly my point.

A "zipper" of the type depicted in the first image of my post (and I did say "if" that was the type used) would not "seal" the bag. It would not prevent any liquid leakage.
The ziploc "zipper" (TM) or "smart zip" would, if sealed, prevent liquid loss.

Certain fluids leaking within security equipment could compromise its effectiveness. I can understand why they might insist upon a sealed bag as defined in the OE dictionary - rendered impervious to liquids - not allowing liquid to pass through.

Not bolleaux - just English, I'm afraid!

There are many things very wrong with UK airport security and its implementation - but lets pick the issues that are wrong.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 18:25
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Enjoy your bananas.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 18:47
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Sorry old boy but that isn't the BAA Stansted website. It's some ersatz version that makes money out of people clicking on it when they put "Stansted" into Google.
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Old 9th Jan 2011, 07:52
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Couple of points: 1. If a bag is resealable, then it must have been sealed in the first place

2. If you read far enough on the official Stanstead site, you will find "Security FAQs" and at the very end it says - (my emphasis)

Security control
What do I need to do with my transparent resealable bag?
Have it ready for inspection at security. Ensure it is fastened closed and kept separate to your hand luggage...
Rest of BS snipped.
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