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If you compare the attitude of the average UK member of airport security staff with their counterparts in virtually every other European country, you'll typically find that the most unpleasant people are to be found in Britain. Furthermore, the powers that these unpleasant, odious numpties have are virtually unchallengeable because of the "Police State" created by that equally foul Tony Blair. I'll only tolerate one air journey a year because that's all I can stand. Our security system is only window dressing because those who seek to do us harm just have make it past the holes left by the uniformed idiots. Furthermore, to do us real harm, all they have to do is threaten us and our own government aided and abetted by DfT, Transec and the muppets at the airports, will do the damage for them.

As for sealable bags, they nobody really cares. Just so long as "security" look like they are doing something nothing will ever happen. There will only ever be more and more pointless security because big business is now making a packet out of the system. I wouldn't put it past them to finance the bad guys so they can sell some more equipment. You don't believe me? How about the very miss-quoted comment made by Jo Moore "...a good day to bury bad news" (she actually wrote "It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury") and remember who she worked for and in which government department? Complain by not travelling.

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