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BA Strike - Your Thoughts & Questions II

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BA Strike - Your Thoughts & Questions II

Old 24th Sep 2010, 11:20
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I seem to remember either on here, or in conversation, that neither business or unions have wanted to test where the UK sit with regard to the right to strike. As I see it, it is an implied term in the UK and in some instances it would be reasonable to strike and the law will se it that way. In other instances, it is not. The greyness of our current understanding of a right to strike, allows a case by case approach. However, if this right is explored more, one side will win and one side will loose and until now, no side really wanted to take the risk of getting a definite answer. But all of this, is just my opinion!
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Old 24th Sep 2010, 11:28
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What you say rings a bell with me too, what I hadn't quite appreciated was the delicate nature of the legal position. The danger of the politicians becoming engaged in this and clarifying the position with an eye on their beliefs wrt the EU and EU law and interference. If not careful here the unions may end up with a law passed that clearly defines UK law's supremacy and the establishment that there is no right to strike in UK law. That would be a disaster for unions and the working man.
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Old 27th Sep 2010, 18:05
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From the "other" thread

Biteme asks, somewhat plaintively:


Lets say for a minute you are in my shoes, been on strike, lost your staff travel and don’t agree with the route that BA are taking your department.

What would you do?
There would be only one possible course of action: resign.

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Old 27th Sep 2010, 18:15
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I am sure we can see through Biteme as just the latest incarnation of the duty BASSA troll, possibly DH himself, he says
I was lucky to have been off and attend every meeting that bassa held.
If not DH then just another troll trying another lame story to try and influence opinion. Good for him for trying, bit so easy to see through.

All you have to do is look through the posting history - the poster has been resurrected from the portfolio of BASSA rep pseudonyms.

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Old 27th Sep 2010, 18:54
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Actually biteme is not DH, or even one of the usual BASSA trolls. He's one of the more moderate posters on the crews own forums. Unfortunately he does share their common position of being unaware of much of their unions amateurish behaviour and a reluctance to accept evidence of what has gone before. If crew knew half of what their union had been up to (and also hadn't been up to) they'd be aghast.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 05:03
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Question Work pressure

I am concerned about biteme (on the other web) and others like him._ Change is difficult._ He is 47 and therefore has given the best years of his life to a job which appears to be a very sociable job but could in reality be quite lonely._ Biteme is clearly a conscientious person and no doubt is very good at his job._ But what a curious job it is!_ In most jobs one has colleagues and they are the same colleagues for years._ Each person knows the strengths and weaknesses of the others._ And during the off-duty periods the group will chat together about sport or aging grandparents or hobbies and since the individuals know each other quite well they know what to joke about and what not to joke about._ These off-duty periods when e.g. they are having a break for lunch establishes relationships that enable them at work to deal with each other in a professional and confident manner._ But how does it work if one has 10,000 colleagues?_ Clearly it doesn’t work._ It would be a real strain.

Please can one or two BA cabin crew staff tell me (because I don’t know) are you with strangers as colleagues?_ Or do you arrange your bids for routes so as to meet up with familiar faces?

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Old 29th Sep 2010, 05:47
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……removing ST from strikers and only from strikers…….
NO, he's taken it away from the oldest pensioners too - why ?

I see that Wee Willie has awarded himself a Million Pound Share Option !

Madrid is only a couple hours away - and with ST quite inexpensive......
I bet he keeps HIS Staff Travel !

(P.s. where's ExSp33db1rd when we need him ? )
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 06:50
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Willie Walsh (as thats his name, Wee Willie is not his name) did not and cannot award himself anything. Any increase in salary, bonus, share options etc has to be proposed, and accepted by the whole board. He has no say in the matter. What he can do, and what he has done in the past is to decline what was offered.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 07:39
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@ Yorkshire Tyke

ExSp33 has had the moderatorial duct-tape applied to his mouth on this subject.

Are you taking up his cudgel/Zimmer-frame ?
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 08:32
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I am BA cc based at LHR worldwide fleet(longhaul)
We would never be rostered to do a trip with the entire crew again as it would not be possible.Some people may have part time,leave or UK request days next so it would not work.
I will check in for a long haul trip and not usually know anyone on the crew.
I can appreciate that this does sound strange to non flyers who have familiarity in their work place.
Crew,both in the cabin and the flight deck,get used to getting on board not even knowing everyone's names.We all know what tasks have to be done before passenger boarding.This is a very busy time so no real chit chat can take place.
Crew have to be able to work in a team of strangers and get the job done.
As far as I am aware most UK airlines work like this as it makes it easier for rostering.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 08:52
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And the world without the BASSA dinosaurs continues to function and move on.

BA today signed an agreement to start a transatlantic joint business with American Airlines and Iberia worth a combined £4.4 billion in annual revenues.

The deal, approved by the EU and the US, allows the three airlines to co-operate commercially on flights between the EU, Switzerland and Norway and the US, Mexico and Canada.

The benefits from the joint business will be shared between the airlines irrespective of which carrier takes the booking.

BA said the joint business will launch next month and provide customers with greater access to discounted fares, more convenient connections and better access to the airlines' global network.

BA's planned merger with Spanish airline Iberia is set to go ahead soon.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 10:48
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I am grateful to you for your reply which was exactly the opposite to what I had expected._ There is a particular advantage in this shuffling of personnel._ As I see it, the advantage is that it is a force that reduces polarisation between ex-Amicus and ex-T&GWU._ With my limited vision as a PAX I have formed the view that ex-Amicus has by metamorphosis become CC89 and ex-T&GWU has by metamorphosis become BASSA._ Therefore the shuffling of the rostering should be of value to most cabin crew because when the hue and cry has died down, it will enable old divisions to disappear into irrelevance.

However it is a bit tough on the loyal, the shy, the boastful, the loner, and those who do not doubt._ I do hope that BA has clubs like rowing clubs, sailing clubs, athletic clubs, skying clubs because these social organisations are very important to soften the cultural change that will take place to Unite BA CC members in 2011.

Twenty years ago I was in an organisation that downsized._ There was no bullying, no differences between Management and Trade Union._ It was very smooth and voluntary._ It was driven by the government who held our purse-strings._ Even so there were tragic results because one or two employees could not accept change.

Help for the individual is needed._ And it is difficult to identify those individuals._ I wish that I could have spotted them, but maybe I would have been of no use.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 12:14
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You've got that the wrong way round I think. First there was BASSA. Then when people became disaffected by BASSAs militancy a breakway union, CC89 was formed. CC89 and BASSA became affiliated to Amicus and TGWU respectively. Amicus and TGWU then merged to become Unite.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 12:51
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Well whatever the politics are we are all strangers 8 miles high going away for up to 9 days.
As we walk through the airport chatting it would be hard to guess we only met 10 minutes ago.
Crew have a natural ability to make friends and get on with the job as a team of strangers.
As in all walks of life some are more skilled in this area than others.
It is very strange though to do a 9 day trip and have a good time,then land back at LHR,say goodbye, maybe never see them again and do the same next trip.
It is difficult when you have things going on at home.You may feel very sad and not want to go away andyou have no friends with you.
You have to paint the smile on,walk into the briefing room and get on with it.
I have left a close relative in intensive care and gone into work feeling very fragile.How I kept that smile going I will never know.
As part of the briefing the CSD will say to call them anytime if you are upset.On the whole,crew are good to each other.
Things are a bit more challenging at the moment,which is a shame.
I have never seen any crew take their grievance out on a pax.In fact I have seen some very militant crew being outstanding.The pax would never guess their stance.
Anyway,back to topic.Sometimes good,sometimes bad can be lonely.
I can't see us being rostered any other way so we just get on with it.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 18:42
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617 Squadron.
As a retired BA 744 upfronter we had the bidline which ensured that people of similar seniority often flew together. I understand BASSA turned down BIDLINE.
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 03:39
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Thumbs up 617Squadron ref post 2220

I am sorry to reply to your post many hours later but I do hope you read this.

I flew ATL - LHR - EDI three weeks ago and was surprised by the level of service in Club World. I have been watching this site for several months wondering if my holiday that was booked in December would actually happen. Talking to 2 of the crew that took care of me I was surprised to find they were strikers. Your comment about the smile was so true.

With all the garbage going on in their lives there was never a hint of it to their customers. Thanks to the 4 crews I flew with for a great trip. I will certainly book on BA when next I head your direction.

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Old 30th Sep 2010, 04:49
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I am interested why this thread is still open.

There is no strike, there is not even an impending ballot.

So why is it still here?

There is still a dispute and there are still legal proceedings.

Next question?

Added: Or go and look at the link in Post 2921 on the other thread. Because there's at least one person (probably called "Richard"!) who thinks it isn't over.

If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.

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Old 30th Sep 2010, 11:58
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No I don't think we were ever offered bid line. It is an extremely costly method for BA to roster crew.
I am crew but while pregnant I worked in scheduling and there were nearly as many flight crew schedulers as there were WW cabin crew schedulers doing our rosters.
On E/F we do get to bid for our trips now but it is not seniority led like the pilot bid. It is done by a computer trying to match your preference with the available trips in the system.

Even on Eurofleet we fly with different crew each day and we all just get on and do the job. Sometimes I know some of my crew and that is good and as I only fly on the Airbus, I often know the pilots which I find great because in my personal experience, the Airbus pilots are the nicest I have flown with in my 25 years of flying.
I have worked in Cabin Crew Selection in the past and cabin crew are specifically selected on their ability to communicate with people and their ability to get on and work in a team.

I am so pleased that you enjoyed your flight with BA. It is also my experience that, whether a striker or a non striker, most crew are just as professional as they ever were. In fact, in general, we don't even talk about the strike to each other because no one wants to upset anyone else. I think this is why many of us post on here and other forums in order to get things off our chest.
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 13:13
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You've got that the wrong way round I think. First there was BASSA. Then when people became disaffected by BASSAs militancy a breakway union, CC89 was formed.
Totally and wholly inaccurate - CC89 was formed as the WW section of BA was in disagreement with the SH section - hence why most of CC89 members were from WW, plus they tried to entice a lot of Midfleet crew into their ranks.

Total garbage that it had anything to do with BASSA militancy - you really should learn your facts before spouting such rubbish
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 13:56
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Even if your version of the birth of CC89 is wholly correct No 15, it hardly makes CharliePop's version either "totally and wholly inaccurate" or "total garbage".

Seems to me you both agree that CC89 arose due to an internal dispute in BASSA.
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