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Car RAMROD 21st Feb 2017 02:30

Eclan, 'seems' and 'probably' are not definitive terms.

Since that post I've heard two very different witness accounts and happy to say that things may not be as they first seem. If that dash cam screenshot is correct it definitely seems/appears that the gear was up.

One, on impact the aircraft cartwheeled. These forces could easily separate and subsequently fling an extended gear leg.
Two, after coming to rest the aircraft then exploded, sending the wheel out onto the freeway. This, I suspect, is not exactly a common scenario therefore when I posted the comment originally this was not what seemed was probable.

Toruck, if you have an over torque it will not auto feather on you, that's not how the system works. Pull the power lever back, if that has no effect, cut the fuel and manually feather. I would expect though, that if the engine failed after an uncorrected over torque event that the prop will automatically feather.

Certain FCU failures can occur that pumps in all the fuel it can and give you an unscheduled over torque with unresponsive power lever movement, and the only option is to shut it down.

0ttoL 21st Feb 2017 02:31

Channel 10 now showing dashcam clip taken on the Bulla Rd entry into DFO. (So looking basically North in between 35/17 and the DFO.

mickjoebill 21st Feb 2017 02:34

Originally Posted by TULSAMI (Post 9682752)
was the PIC GM?

ABC news report that they made a call to the "co-owner of the small family business" ...."who was in a state of shock" and "has since stopped taking calls"

ABC also made the comment that the airport master plan extends to 2033 and included projected increase demand for interstate flights, in particular fly in fly out mining workers, but that dynamic has changed.

It was also described as "Australia's most residential airport".

Does the direction and drift of the smoke indicate a crosswind (from the right) that became a tail wind as the aircraft "turned" to the left?

There has been large numbers of engineers and workmen along that fence line over the past six months, excavating the slope for the freeway widening. The aircraft came to rest next to a temporary safety fence.


Bull at a Gate 21st Feb 2017 02:37

Post removed.

Removed my post because it was a response to a post which has now been deleted (I wish people wouldn't do that) and which was therefore likely to cause confusion.

JONESING 21st Feb 2017 02:44

Originally Posted by The name is Porter (Post 9682702)
I doubt it Kaz, what is more likely to happen is that airports in the middle of built up areas (despite the airport being there first) will be criticised and calls for it to be closed down.


In Australia, real estate wins every time.

FGD135 21st Feb 2017 02:49

The dash cam footage was filmed from Bulla Rd, looking north, just approaching the Tullamarine Fwy overpass.

Car RAMROD 21st Feb 2017 02:54

Edit/deleted post as I realised Bull and I were thinking of different things.

VH-Cheer Up 21st Feb 2017 03:03

Stunning (although irrelevant) coincidence that Advance Airline King Air accident in Sydney in 1980 was also 21 February.

Greg_S 21st Feb 2017 03:19

Some video of the plane here
Plane crashes into DFO shopping centre in Melbourne | Daily Mail Online

gaunty 21st Feb 2017 03:25

Hi Stallie
Hope this finds you well, and elephant stamp for you.
John, good sir, thank you for the Flight Manual, usual superb Flight Safety publication used to train pilots how to get the BEST out of the aircraft, but they cannot make a Part 23 aircraft perform any better than what is required by whatever Amendment this Part 23 design was up to. Unfortunately it is silent on the EFATO numbers which will in the POH.
There is however a really instructive diagram in Figure GEN-2.
Groundhog Day comes to Essendon.
The question of the fully informed consent of the passengers remains open.

moffla 21st Feb 2017 03:40

This is the second flight from a Melbourne Airport to King Island in the space of just over a year to go down. Rough run of luck. I hope it doesn't affect Tassy tourism.

RIP to all on board

logansi 21st Feb 2017 03:42

Conformation now that the 4 pax were from America on a trip to play golf on King Island. Media also confirming name of pilot but I will leave that for people to locate themselves.

Information Charles 21st Feb 2017 03:47

What a terrible accident... very sad.

I really hope it's not seen as insensitive to raise this, but on the surface it appears alarmingly similar to the B200 accident a couple of years ago at Wichita/ICT:

During the initial climb, the pilot declared an emergency and stated that the airplane "lost the left engine." The airplane climbed to about 120 ft above ground level, and witnesses reported seeing it in a left turn with the landing gear extended. The airplane continued turning left and descended into a building on the airfield. A postimpact fired ensued

The Kathryn Report: Beechcraft B200 Super King Air, N52SZ: Fatal accident occurred October 30, 2014 in Wichita, Kansas

advo-cate 21st Feb 2017 03:54

Air operators Certificate??? or CAAct 28BD???
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Raider1 21st Feb 2017 04:07

Pilot named
Fairfax is reporting the pilot as Max Quartermain.


Capt Fathom 21st Feb 2017 04:23

C90 Toowoomba

According to the ATSB and the Coroner.....

There was no other evidence to indicate
that the pilot may have become incapacitated prior to impact

MickG0105 21st Feb 2017 04:36

Originally Posted by desmotronic (Post 9682749)
why would company policy be not to arm autofeather?

The operator, Advance Aviation, had two 200s, one (VH-AAV) was fitted with auto-feather, the other was not. For the benefit of standardised procedures it was company policy not to arm the AFX on AAV.
It was generally accepted that the pilot managed to manually feather the left prop on AAV but it was overweight and underpowered (company policy to use ITT of 700C for take-off rather than flight manual 750C) and couldn't maintain level flight even in ground effect.

MALT68 21st Feb 2017 04:37

Yep. Dashcam in a Car travelling north on Bulla Road
(see Dash cam shows plane crash into Melbourne shopping centre - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)).
Google maps streetview see (https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-37....7i13312!8i6656).
Looks like the wheels are down, but the video quality is not great.
A sad day.

Car RAMROD 21st Feb 2017 04:38

Whilst not implying anything in relation to this accident, are there any King Air drivers out there that are unaware of a bit of a gotcha in relation to (what I call) power lever slide-back?
Due to incorrect friction settings; it likes to happen on takeoff when your hands come off the power levers and you go to retract the gear. It can feel like an engine failure.

MickG0105 21st Feb 2017 04:39

Quite eerily it is 37 years to the day since Beech Super King Air 200 VH-AAV crashed at Mascot after a left engine failure on take-off

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