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Employment History

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Danger Employment History

Used to be a cabin crew for a middle eastern airline. Last 2y I spent in pilot training and now I am running short on money supply so I am thinking of applying as a Cabin Crew for a low-cost European carrier but I carry baggage from my previous airline. I was an exemplary employee for 3y (never reported sick, never late) but I was terminated due to alcohol (gross misconduct). If I disclose that information to my potential future employer I don't have a chance, I am wondering if I can cover it up? Tell a partial truth (I left so I can enroll in flight training) Can I count on my previous employee on keeping the reason of termination private or do airlines share amongst each other that kind of information? I am hoping the background checks and screening process for CC is not as rigorous as for pilots. I would be immensely grateful if someone knows the details of airlines HR procedures for crew recruitment. I really hope that I do have a future in aviation and that that one mistake won't determine my future.
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Old 1st Nov 2022, 03:44
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You can tell them as much or as little as you like, but telling the truth is always the best bet. If you have honestly learned from your mistake, and can explain what happened with a human element and show that you have taken steps to not make the same mistake again, if I were hiring, I would be happy to take a chance. We are all humans who have made mistakes.
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Sir HC, a very fair response. I wholeheartedly agree.

HM, DEFINATELY DO NOT LIE. Answer all questions honestly, and let the chips fall where they may. You may not get that first job, but eventually, someone will see your worth and the growth that you have shown and give you that chance.
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You're a very very very long way away from an airline job as a pilot regardless. Your first flying job will be in GA and most likely your second, third and maybe fourth before getting into an airline. A small GA company doesn't talk with Emirates.
By the time your able to go for an airline in Aus (approx 2-3000 hrs) they'll be interested in your flying jobs, not your Cabin crew jobs.
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Be straight up and honest about it in an interview. If you have had a good clean history since then that will help your chances. Covering it up will make it far worse further down the path and it will come out eventually and then the damage will be far greater. Have watched one pilot hide history for the last few years and eventually it catches up with them at every job.
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I would not pursue the cabin crew career, choose something else, cruise ships, hospitality maybe, because if you shine a spotlight on your previous employment then all will be revealed. We all make mistakes, we all have been there. If you want to be a pilot then go hard at that, and success goes to those who never give up. Hide this once-off mistake. Bury it as part of your past. As L.P. Hartley once wrote "The past is a foreign country - they do things differently there." I know an airbus check and training captain who drank way too much on an overnight when he was a beech 1900 F/O and I (the captain) had to cover for him and perform half his duties the next day. He apologised profusely at the end of the shift, which was accepted. Just imagine what a crap world it would be if everyone knew everyone else's shortcomings. I could have had him sacked. Retribution is for the petty-minded and talentless. When you get your flying job my advice is (and I've passed this on to many F/Os) :

1. Always look the part, shirt perfectly ironed, hair well groomed and NOT "fashionable" without gel that makes you look like "Something about Mary"
2. Fly better than anyone else. Be so far in front of the aircraft that you are thinking about the flavour of coffee you're going to order at destination before top of climb.
3. At work, never, ever lie. If you are clueless the words are "I don't know". Mis-information is extremely damaging, so read "Gullivers Travels" to get a grip.

At the moment you are trying to fall back on the familiar to support your voyage into the unknown. That's a step backwards. I've been a hirer and firer, I'd give you a shot but you'd have to do a bloody good sim, and your skills won't get better in the cabin.

For what it's worth, good luck!

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