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Private Flight To Be Banned.

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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
If I am right, the next stage is to proscribe all non carbon neutral recreational activities.
It's pretty safe to say you aren't. Have you considered discussing your concerns with your friendly local DAME?
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Originally Posted by rcoight View Post
If you know anything at all about science you should know that it is all about questioning.

And, yes.

You should stop getting your news from the ABC and The Project.
Look mate, here are three easy statements that most climate skeptics should ponder for as long as their attention span allows and try to answer truthfully:
1. Are you going to hurt the planet by adopting a more environmentally friendly way of life? Hint: probably not.
2. Can you really afford to be wrong about your current views on the climate? Hint: probably not either.
3. Do you actually have a plan if climate change was confirmed?

Regarding science and questioning: questioning is used to establish facts, I hope we'll agree on that. Questioning well established facts is fine for the purpose of the exercise but doesn't serve science. Sowing doubt with easy to sell arguments for short term profit against those career scientists who placed research first also serves no good. Anyway, once you have the facts, you move on and question more things and get more facts. At least that how we were taught, in my science degrees. Then you may ask: Ah-ha! But what is a fact but a consensus between people? To which I say: True, what defines consensus then? What level of agreement are you happy with? Questioning facts la Trump, i.e. have a very, very, very, ..., very strong and solid chance of being just true is perhaps a symptom of your own limitations for mistaking hypocrisy for legitimate questioning. And I mean no offence by this. This world is obviously populated by a lot people with strongly limited intellects or else we wouldn't see a Trump or a Scomo speak about climate instead of climate scientists in the first place.

For those interested, the NYT remains a fine source of news.
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More on the point of science, I'm also a believer that responses to climate change should be on many fronts. For those who don't know, carbon capture is already a reality and only needs a bit of push from governments. See this:

Until slow and incremental improvements to batteries allow us to ditch AVGAS once and for all, I think that Australia is both rich and large enough to build a few of those carbon capture plants. They certainly look cooler than coal power plants!
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Carbon capture plants?? What?

Do you mean replanting all the fecking trees that have been bulldozed in the past 200 years.

There's not much more efficient carbon sink than a quick growing plant and we are killing them too..
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Oh, lay off Sunny. Prune would be as boring as batshit without him.
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Still think that politicians won’t do some grandstanding knee jerk but popular stupid move?

NSW Police Inspector Gary Coffey said "it’s a very big crowd", and later told the Herald there were an estimated 20,000 people in attendance.Protesters march in Sydney to demand climate change action

Chloe Rafferty, one of the organisers, said she was angry about the lack of climate action from all levels of government.

"The state is angry, Sydney is angry," she said. "I have hope that people will see the need to take action into their own hands and disrupt business as usual, we can't let the biggest city in Australia having hazardous air quality become the new normal."

High school student Amy Lamont addressed the thousands of protesters wearing P2 face masks and said: "The reality is these fires will be around all summer."

"The rage we all rightly feel right now needs to grow if we have any chance of actually challenging that destruction of the status quo that is burning around us," she said.

"Only we, the majority, have the ability to hold the rich and political elites in this country accountable.......
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Originally Posted by vne165 View Post
The below is an idea posited simply to encourage thinking. It contains no traces of conspiracy, however a smidgen of insanitythas been included for S&^ts and giggles.
For your own sake, please don't read any further if you're lacking an imagination.

Ideas for Engaging Flights of Fancy, or How To Get Younger Folks Interested in Aviation
Idea #1 - The Great Electric Celebrity Air Race ( Copyright 2019 Vne Productions)

A million dollar cash prize is offered to the team who successfully circumnavigates Australia in the shortest elapsed time and with the smallest overall carbon footprint. Only aircraft powered by electricity will be permitted to compete, however race officials and support crews will travel in conventional aircraft, which will be coincidentally measured for their carbon footprint throughout the race as an interesting comparison. Competitors will start and finish at a predetermined location, with only the next immediate destination known in advance. Intermediate landings to recharge anywhere along the route may be taken as the team requires.

Accompanying each pilot will be some sort of minor celebrity or better, a politician who is to assist with navigation, flight planning, ground handling, cooking, cracking jokes, departure preparations, packing, cleaning and so on. As the teams reach each destination, the next one will be revealed to them. Think a combination of Top Gear Challenges, I'm a celebrity, get me out of here and a Bear Grylls type survival show.

Each aircraft and pilot/navigator will be fitted with cameras and mics, data from which will be uploaded in real time where possible, or after each landing, then edited/packaged and televised in a 30 min TV show each evening. Think Big Brother reality show TV here. Each team will have a 4-person ground based support team, whose role it is to manage the teams social media postings and updates on a moment by moment basis. These folks will similarly be filmed and form part of the overall TV package. The importance of these support teams will become apparent.

The route will cover all of the major regional centres and big cities in order to avoid remote regions where internet bandwidth is limited/not available, but the order in which they will visit them will only be revealed incrementally, e.g as the leading competitor reaches the next town. Thus the slower aircraft will have a much advanced warning of where they are going to visit, compared to the leaders. This is important, because it is incumbent on the competitors to recharge their craft in the most environmentally clean fashion possible.

As recharging the aircraft has a carbon footprint, points will be lost according to how this is done. Use a diesel generator = lose heaps of points, use solar panels = lose almost no points. Ship replacement charged batteries by truck (once the next destination is known) = lose some points, send by train = lose not as many points as by truck. You get the idea Im sure.

The winning team will be successful by engaging each destinations community via social media, in order to get them to assist the teams in recharging the aircraft with the smallest possible carbon footprint. Ingenuity, organisational and social media skills will be crucial. For example, if a team could mobilise folks to hastily construct a low carbon footprint charging arrangement such as a treadmill powered generator, firstly I would laugh my head off and secondly, they would lose no points. Or maybe an alternate destination that has a grid powered by wind generators might be a good option to recharge. It may not be a point to point race, many diversions may occur. It would become a "peoples race" after a fashion.

The race would be run over a three to four week period, the public could vote online each day for the most popular team, who could potentially earn carbon offset credits. Where possible, destination landing areas would be outside of main airfields (think paddocks, fields, race tracks etc , in order that accessibility to the public could be maximised. Just like the good old days. There would be surprise challenges, twist and turns thrown in.

Support for the race will be manifold, everyone from the TV networks (advertising bonanza) , CASA, local government administrations, right through to the PMO would be on board. It would be a clear demonstration of a commitment to the environment, to innovation, to regional cities and towns, celebrities, social media, tourism (imagine the footage), and most importantly, aviation would be front and centre.

I need to pitch this to someone after Ive had a lie down..anyone got Dick's number?

Check your private messages
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