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CAO 48.1 Transition

Old 3rd Nov 2019, 01:30
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CAO 48.1 Transition

Has anyone out there in GA started on their CAO 48.1 transition?

After reading most of the material on the CASA website, I am unable to find anything specifically with regards to how the OPS manual should be amended/developed. Iím looking specifically at Appendix 4 and the FRMS options. CASA have a lot of other helpful information on their website with regards to the other requirements that need to go with the transition, however the meat in the sandwich really is the OPS manual which they provide very little explanation on what it should look like. I donít want to do a major manual re-write and submit it to only have it rejected because the manual doesnít meet CASAís expectations.

Anyone know if a template exists? They let people use a template for the Part 141 transition, wish they were doing the same with this, particularly given that every AOC holder will need to transition which will require an OPS manual amendment.

I have asked several people in CASA and no one can lead me in the right direction, hence my question here.
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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 02:33
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They used to be on the CAsA website, all of them.
Now they are dead links... Here’s the link to Appendix 6, no longer working

I did find this however...
  • email http://[email protected]/ to request a copy of the operations manual templates for CAO 48.1 2013/2016
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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 19:11
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Thatís the problem TD, I even sent them an email to that published address with no response. Lots of dead links throughout the website.

Message to CASA.
Plenty of outdated historical information buried in amongst the information doesnít help. Beats me how can a small business owner be expected to manage this transition when CASA havenít provided simple and clear explanation of exactly what the requirements are. It may be ok for a larger operator who has an abundance of people to work on these projects, however itís not for the small operators who simply havenít got the time and resources.

CASA have given all AOC holderís (with a few exceptions) less than 12 months to comply with the new requirements, I find it very difficult to understand how this is going to be achieved with the lack of simple to understand guidance material thatís available on the website. There is nothing wrong with the regulations, itís just that there is no clear explanation on how operators need amend their existing ops manuals.
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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 22:21
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I am yet to be convinced they can provide a small charter operator with no "set routes", crossing multiple timezones, an example (as promised) of a working FRMS that they will approve...
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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 23:55
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Just operate to CAO 48.0 and you won’t have any flight and duty limitation problems��
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Old 4th Nov 2019, 00:23
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Problem is that CASA will probably shut the operators down who haven't submitted anything acceptable by the 30th of June 2020!

Be careful because this could be a potential show stopper for a lot of GA operators and I have heard that CASA aren't going to roll over on the deadlines for this.
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Old 4th Nov 2019, 02:20
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Being forced to regurgitate regulations in the holy grail of 'compliance' is plain bloody minded and only done to keep CASA snouts firmly in the trough.
All that the law should require (and probably does if examined closely) is a simple statement in the Operations Manual directing the reader to the appropriate rule and simply saying "Rule xx, sections yy apply to this company’s rostering limits. Company will not roster any pilot to exceed those limits. A pilot must refuse to accept any duty that will exceed those limits”
Similar should apply to fuel policy, weather minima etc. Plenty of stuff in the AIP and elsewhere to tell us what we should be doing.
Ditto with flying the aeroplane - follow the M.O.M., FCOM or whatever the people who build the things say and simply use their books. Why must we make up shit just to fill manuals of our own creation? Of course if you want to get the drop on your competitors by short circuiting established criteria to gain commercial advantage you probably deserve to be made to jump through hoops.
It is stupidity to print rules in the O.M., because the first time CASA change something, the O.M. would fall foul of non-compliance until amendments caught up.
There are electronic flight and duty monitoring programs which can be specified off-the-shelf to 'red-flag' breaches, Some reporting policy for any exceedances would be required.. Ditto with fuel - plenty of electronic flight planning programs to do it for you at quite reasonable cost.
Being required restate the whole CASR/CAR/CAAP/CAO/AIP etc in some other form is unreasonable,
Industry should unite to resist this crap.

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Old 4th Nov 2019, 02:34
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Industry should unite to resist this crap.
Yeah, we're not real good at 'dat... Which is a shame!
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Old 4th Nov 2019, 03:06
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Yeah, we're not real good at 'dat... Which is a shame!
That's why you all need to join RAAA or AOPA.
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Old 7th Nov 2019, 09:55
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Hi Shaggs, Iím a small GA charter operator who is already running on the new fatigue rules and appendix 4. Reason being that I applied for my AOC in the timeframe that required me (new AOCs) to ďtransitionď straight away. There was a template available for my ops manual submission which I used and it was approved. I still have the template so if youíd like me to email it to you just send me a pm and Iíll shoot it through. I havenít checked if itís still available online but it sounds like you have to no avail. I would say the reason is that itís a template for instrument 2013 which means youíll have to make some changes to it to comply with amended instrument 2016. (Iím guessing perhaps no one at CASA could be bothered amending the template so it was easier to pull it down?) I subsequently made the changes and had it re-approved without any issues. The changes arenít that onerous to make so Iíd use the template and then make the changes. As you say, without a template you donít know where to start so it certainly made life a lot easier for me. Hope that helps and as I said, happy to send it through. Cheers, P
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Old 7th Nov 2019, 10:17
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Do you feel Ďsaferí now, pilotette?
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Old 7th Nov 2019, 19:45
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Gída Pilotette,
Can you clear some messages from your inbox as itís full. Tried sending you a PM but it rejected.
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Old 7th Nov 2019, 23:46
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Originally Posted by Lead Balloon View Post
Do you feel Ďsaferí now, pilotette?
most certainly not!

Sorry Shaggs, give it another go now.
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PM sent ok
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Hi Pilotette

PM also sent.

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Old 9th Nov 2019, 21:09
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Duty time maybe extended if the pilots have enough Banz Kofi & time in the turn round to punch a quick durry.

For every 15mins over 11hrs the company owes the pilot a box of cold SP.

Swear that how it read in one of our previous manuals.
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Old 5th Jan 2020, 21:11
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Have any GA operators (not new AOC holders) managed to successfully transition yet? If so is anyone happy to share their experiences with regards to CASA giving their approval.

There was rumour going around that CASA were going to extend the June 30 deadline, however Iíve been advised by someone inside CASA that the rumour is incorrect and the deadline will remain.
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