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Newbie & Flying Training Advice (Merged)

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Newbie & Flying Training Advice (Merged)

Old 20th Mar 2019, 22:25
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Originally Posted by MetroSweatro View Post
Hi All,

I'm getting to the point in my career that I need to start thinking about applying for the majors! I have a frozen ATPL, approaching 1500hrs total, 400 multi engine turbo prop command along with that. The ultimate dream goal would be to get into Qantas or Virgin. I'm after some advice on what pre-interview prep would be best, study materials, sim, interview preparation companies, etc. And also some thoughts on what to do, as I'm currently bonded for $20k for the next couple of years with my current job, and I am really enjoying the work I'm currently doing. However, I don't want to miss the opportunity at the moment with all this movement about.

I see that Qantas and Jetstar aren't accepting applications at the moment, so that makes that an easy choice, and Virgin 737 NZ applications close on March 31. I don't particularly want to leave my current job at the moment, so if I was successful in an interview and job offer, would I be able to delay a commencement date if given one earlier than I'd ideally like? I'm under the impression that if successful with Virgin, I wouldn't be given a start date at the moment as I don't have my ATPL or an MCC, is this correct? I would still like to remain where I am for a while after obtaining my ATPL.

Are Qantas or Jetstar likely to open up applications any time soon, and if so, would pilots be placed on hold? I've heard rumours that they're both fine at the moment but potentially towards the end of the year things may begin to move again.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, especially if it gets me thinking from an angle I haven't yet considered. I understand that a lot of my questions may be difficult to answer and what might be correct today, the answer in a months time could be drastically different.

Thanks in advanced!

Hi Mate. Before others jump in and tell you the reality of "majors" job prospective, i would just say with your current flight time hrs you stand a greater chance to join USA regionals on the E3 visa initiative than getting local jobs. Completion is high and you got the guys/ladies coming from DXB & Asia with "heavy jet time" all wanting the same job you want. So look into the USA regional thing, jet some jet and command time over there and after 5 or so years you maybe in the same level field with the "heavy" guys.
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Old 27th Mar 2019, 21:09
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Flight school Perth or Melbourne

hey y’all!

I’m thinking of getting my PPL, either heli or airplane, in Australia (Perth or Melbourne) and need some advice on good flight schools! With good I mean great teachers, no online ground school etc. Location doesn’t matter too much.

Good thing about Perth is I have somewhere to stay for free...

hit me!

thanks ⭐️

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Old 27th Mar 2019, 23:04
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Go to Perth. Many more flying days per year.
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Old 27th Mar 2019, 23:20
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Originally Posted by pilotchute View Post
Go to Perth. Many more flying days per year.
ok, thanks
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Old 28th Mar 2019, 00:08
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Victim of a bored god

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Also posted in the PPRuNe, Canadian Forum a couple of days ago:

I am Swedish but planning to become a commercial pilot in Canada (Vancouver area preferably) and settle down there. I have a BIG dilemma though! I'm not sure what type of aircraft to choose?!
I've flown a helicopter R22, a cessna 150/172 and a piper supercub (float). Enjoyed all of them equally!!! (No license yet)
Don't you think you should be deciding where you want to go and what you want to do before asking these questions?
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Old 28th Mar 2019, 00:25
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Originally Posted by tail wheel View Post
Also posted in the PPRuNe, Canadian Forum a couple of days ago:

Don't you think you should be deciding where you want to go and what you want to do before asking these questions?

sorry what do you mean?
I’m asking because I can see myself flying both heli and airplane commercially, therefore it would be smarter to pick the one with more job opportunities.. Canada and Australia I’ve been told is the better market for both!

so I kinda have to ask about “where” and “what”..

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Old 28th Mar 2019, 04:16
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You'll probably get more flyable days in Perth, but Melbourne might have a busier airspace and therefore have more learning value (apologies if I offended anyone and happy to be corrected if I'm wrong). That being said however, I'm assuming you'll be doing this full time so the weather won't actually be that much of a problem, whether you train in Perth or Melbourne. Because you're doing this full time, you'll be hanging around at the school filling gaps in between flying by learning the material for the written exams. Therefore I'd be looking to add other factors into your decision making process, the city definitely being an important one. Here again, I think you'll find that Melbourne is a much larger city than Perth, and as such has more to offer to young people.

Choosing a school itself has been the subject of many threads on PPRuNe so you should have no trouble finding the answers you're after using the search tool. I can't speak much about schools in Perth but when it comes to those based in Moorabbin, be wary of marketing, shiny looks and seemingly cheap rates. There's no free lunch and you get what you pay for. Ask yourself what type of aircraft the school operates and whether they're the ones you'd want to fly in. Do your research by reading reviews, and talk to them directly. If you have the option to visit and do a trial flight with a couple of them, that'll give you some real insights into what to expect. Finally if you want to mitigate the risk of being stuck with a school you're dissatisfied with, use the fact that you can get a RPL (both for fixed and rotary wings) after some 25-30 hours and change schools to carry on with your PPL. There might be some visa considerations to observe but that's an option that would give you more freedom. If you're happy with your school, you may as well skip the RPL and go straight for the PPL.

I've had positive impressions of a school operating a fleet of Cirrus. Not the cheapest option in town by any standard but I highly liked that they charge on flight switch (as opposed to engine as most schools do) which is more conducive to learning because you won't rush your run-up checks and won't stress if you have to wait for 20' at the holding point. If you were charged on engine time, you'd be spending around 20% of your budget on ground time at a large class D airport like Bankstown or Moorabbin. Lastly they're not cheap but they have very experienced instructors and, with all due respect, there's a strong chance that you'll learn heaps more from a 50 year old instructor who's been flying for 25 years than a 22 year old who just got his instructor rating (again, no offence, I've been instructed very well by junior instructors). Other schools that operate a mix of Pipers and Cessnas have a solid reputation. Then you have a range of newer schools that operate lighter aircraft in both GA and RA. I can't say much about those and only time will tell how successful they are.

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Old 28th Mar 2019, 07:56
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Perth, there are some good small schools at Jandakot (and I am not biased -- I am in Sydney) and as Perth is about as far as you can get from Fort Fumble (CASA HQ) things are generally (but not always) reasonably pragmatic.
Have you considered NZ, Canada or the US to start off ---- they all have their advantages, compared to Australia.
Tootle pip!!
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Old 28th Mar 2019, 08:11
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Do you have the right to work in either Australia or Canada?
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 02:06
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You obviously dont have the right to work in either country so why do you ask?
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Old 31st Mar 2019, 05:40
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Best place to complete PPL in New Zealand (2019)

Hi all, I've done about 70 hours of flight training in the US and now looking to finish my PPL in New Zealand. Any current recommendations for best flight schools?

There seems to be a good option in Wanaka where the scenery looks spectacular and the school seems really nice but they only have old non-fuel injected 172s. I would rather finish my training in a modern 172, or even better, something with modern avionics.

Any recommendations or tips most appreciated!
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Old 2nd Apr 2019, 09:24
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Flight School Recommendations in Melbourne, Australia

Hi folks, helping a relative shortlist Flight Schools in Melbourne, Australia for a Commercial Pilot Training Course. As of now, some of the schools that they're looking at are






Course duration's seem to vary from 12 months – 15 months.

And course fees also seem to vary considerably from school to school.

Any recommendations on any other flights schools apart from the above and info on the topic would be greatly appreciated

(Apologies if this is in the wrong forum)
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Old 2nd Apr 2019, 11:37
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Yes to RVAC and CAE.
Maybe MFT
No to the rest.
My personal opinion. Yes I know them all.
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Old 2nd Apr 2019, 12:05
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CAE is an overpriced sausage factory. RVAC not much better. MFT is ok and dont touch the rest.

You will waste a lot of time waiting for good weather in Melbourne. Perth is a good option.
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Old 2nd Apr 2019, 12:40
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MFT for Victoria. Ballarat they are based also. Glen is a good operator but the airport is a hole.

Perth and NQAC for abroad. The latter is highly regarded.

Everyone else run a mile. Two on the bottom part of that list especially.
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Old 2nd Apr 2019, 13:07
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The rest are no.

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Old 2nd Apr 2019, 13:45
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Many thanks for all the inputs.

Is 12 - 15 months the normal time period for a CPL in Australia ? For some reason, thought it was a little quicker out in the USA ?
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Old 3rd Apr 2019, 00:02
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Originally Posted by zanthrus View Post

The rest are no.

What's wrong with Learn To Fly?
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Old 3rd Apr 2019, 01:58
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I would give Busselton Aeroclub a look into in WA. Great weather and competitive prices. Also you could gain a commercial quicker but it’s dependent on you. Biggest problem people face is getting through the theory quick enough. That’s what usually stalled my students.
Also takes this into account as it may provide some benefit to you.
Good luck
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Old 3rd Apr 2019, 05:19
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The rest are no.

I fixed that one for you mate. No need to thank me.
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