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Newbie & Flying Training Advice (Merged)

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Newbie & Flying Training Advice (Merged)

Old 23rd Jun 2015, 01:09
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Basair and Sydney Aviators are the same business but in different buildings, with different branding.

I am not close to them but from afar they seem solid enough, no worse than any other school. The bad reputation they had at one time was mostly due to incidents during the Indian training boom.

I suggest they have worked very hard since then to repair the damage and earn their good reputation back. I would no longer try to talk you out of using Basair/SydAviators.

For what it's worth my preferred school in the Sydney Basin is Curtis Aviation; far more "bush pilot" oriented than "airline pilot" oriented and probably better for the GA phase of your career.

Best of luck.
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Old 5th Jul 2015, 09:03
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Flight Schools

Hi guys.
As you might noticed, I'm new here.
I decided to register myself in this forum in order to get some more info about flight schools in the Sydney area.
I'm Portuguese and I intend to take this to the ultimate level. From zero to the ATPL.
I've done some research already and the schools that seemed to be reasonably good are the Basair, PFS, Sydney Aviators.
I'm preparing myself to go "in loco" and have a clearer idea of this schools and what they can offer to me but I'd like to have some feedback from you guys. I'm asking for your wise advices.
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 12:13
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Thumbs up Newbie Total time

Hi everyone,

I read on one of the threads that operators will consider a potential applicant's total training time to determine how easily the individual learnt the basic skills.
As a recently qualified CPL holder with significantly more hours than the required minimum,will this ruin my chances of getting a charter job?
I had lengthily breaks during my training( over four years)between PPL and CPL and needed a lot of remedial training after resuming.
Any advice is highly appreciated
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Old 27th Jul 2015, 09:25
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Hi, everyone!
I'm a newcomer in this forum.I would like to get the license from 0 to frozen ATPL in Aus.I've researched many of flying schools but nearly all of them only provide PPL and CPL.The only one that I found is AFTC which is under Flight Training Adelaide.And here's my questions:
1.How's the reputation of AFTC?Is it good?
2.If not,any recommendation of flying schools in Aus that can obtain ATPL with good reputation?(New Zealand is also an option for me).
Thankyou guys,really appreciated
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Old 30th Jul 2015, 14:02
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Airline Pilot

I'm nineteen years old, and my dream is to become an airline pilot (I've just finished secondary school).
Surfing the Internet I understand that there is need for money to become an airline pilot, then in Italy is difficult to achieve this goal.
I hope someone writes me all about the licenses, price and convenient locations (I know what is PPL, CPL, Atpl... But I want to know much more about all, like what is Type Rating and Line Training, the possibility to find work and the problem of the language for me).
Thank so much
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Old 3rd Aug 2015, 00:28
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Resume Advice to Newbys

Good morning guys n gals:

To drag this thread back onto Advice for Newby's, it's pretty interesting watching the CP's blood pressure rise at the moment.

A lot of resumes are now coming across the desk which state MEA, SEA, and total time, and that's about it.

While this complies with Part 61, it is utterly useless to a CP trying to sift through the 50 resumes (and that's just from this week). To help your resume climb to the top of the pile, please specify your hours on each aircraft type (ie C182, C206, C210 - etc).

While CASA may accept 400 TT SEA, the insurance company will not. Insurance companies always require total time, on type (and type is make & model specific. One of the guys who has just joined us has 1500 hours (500 multi), and yet still needs to do 10 hours ICUS on a C206 to meet the insurance requirements).

So do yourself a favour, take a minute to specify it in your resume, and help yours stand out from the pack.
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Old 8th Nov 2015, 11:10
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Search for Flight School

Dear OZ Pilots,

I'm holding an FAA CPL/IR ME/SE license and like to convert it in a FULL stand allone AUS CPL/IR ME/SE license.

I already have the CASA forms and know what to do next, but I have no clue which flight school I should take... there are so many of it around Australia and hope you could give me some recommendations.

I guess the flight school has to be "certified" for license convertion.
After that I look forward to get training in more or less modern glass cockpits.
I don't care about location of the flight school, I am pretty flexible!

Thank you in advance for your support!
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 11:29
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Gold Coast Flying Schools

Hey guys,

I am looking to get my CPL, but very confused about available flying schools, don't know where to go and what to avoid.

1 - I am Gold Coast based at the moment, I have visited all 3 flying schools on the Gold Coast;

- Airways Aviation (Most Impressive to me for some reason)
- Air Gold Coast
- Australian Wings Academy (Most Expensive one)

If anyone can help me choosing the best one please.

2 - I will be around 35 when I am gonna finish my school, wondering is it too late?

3 - I know after CPL I have to move to NT eventually, so is there anyway instead of moving after getting CPL I move now and get my CPL in NT? Will it be a wiser decision?

4 - Why few schools are way expensive than others? Does it make any difference at the end when you hunting for job?

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Old 1st Dec 2015, 20:47
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1. If you read the forum conditions you'll see that an admin will probably remove this portion...

2. Not too late at all, though will probably require more sacrifice on your and who ever will follow you on your journey (partner, kids etc) than say if you were a 20 year old.

3. the NT is most definitely not the only place to get your first gig, regional WA and regional SA are also quite common places for people to get their first charter gig. There are of course some that have had their first gig in other states, but the above mentioned are your most likely candidates.

IRT doing your training in Darwin, well there really isn't much in the way of flight training up here, though I have heard of some schools starting up. (Someone more in the know might be able to elaborate in this for you). It may help you network, but given the history of flight training in Darwin and the lack of longevity of the schools, mixed in with the rather expensive cost of living I'd think twice about it. Unless of course you have a good job up here to supplement this.

4. The school you do your training with doesn't usually have much of a weighing with operators. I'd suggest you stay away from anyone training "airline cadets" or large number of foreigners. Read some of the other threads on what you really should be looking for and asking.

One thing I would add to "what to ask" list, is what the flying schools limitations are for weather. It's surprising to see how many people you see now a days that haven't experienced more than a 5-8kt x-wind as the flying school didn't allow it and have never flown when the weather was marginal. Of course I'm not saying go for a school that has a cavalier attitude to weather, rather a school that teaches you how to properly evaluate weather in a commercial sense (read: learn how to fly when it's not CAVOK legally!). This is invaluable when doing VFR charter "up north".
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Old 2nd Dec 2015, 17:48
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Thanks mate, I appreciate your comment. I was bit worried about being 35 I had people saying to me that its bit late.
Actually I am in contact with few schools down in adelaide, but again its a tough decision to choose the right place, I will definitely go through other threads to get to the right place.
I am hoping few more comments on this thread about available options on the Gold Coast so I spend my hard earned money for the best training.

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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 19:50
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If you're interested in looking at training options in Darwin - get in touch with me via Private Message.
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Old 20th Dec 2015, 11:37
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Talking Flight schools near Brisbane

Hi there,

I total beginner looking for the right flight school to kickstart a potential career in aviation.

Schools in Redcliffe (North of Brisbane) are best suited to where I live. I have read Redcliffe Aero Club is a good school with good money value and instructors but these were posts and comments from a few years back.

Can anyone share any insights about which is school is good in the region; things that are important to look out for when choosing a flight school. Basically any tips would be appreciated.

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Old 20th Dec 2015, 20:00
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Brisbane Flying Schools - Northside

You also have Air Queensland at Redcliffe, operating Tecnam P2008(RAAUS), PA38, C172, PN68 and PA31.

If you want to start in RAAUS you also have Fly Now Redcliffe operating Tecnam P92, CTLS and a Sportstar.

Further north at Caboolture you have Aerodynamic Flight operating C172. RAAUS schools there are Gofly, operating Sling 2's, Tecnam Echo and TC550. They also have a school at Calaroundra with a Sling 2 up there and they have a deal with some GA school and also offer PA38 and a C172RG.

You also have Caboolture Recreational Aviation operating Foxbat's and Jabiru's (think they are trying to sell them).

Calaroundra also has Inspire aviation with TC550 and CTLS, QAS operating C172.

Go further north to Sunshine Coast Airport you will find Flight Options operating Cessna's and the Aeroclub operating Foxbat, Sling and a Robin 2160.
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Old 22nd Dec 2015, 02:15
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I can't comment on the other schools at redcliffe but have certainly been happy with my time there doing Instrument renewals and additional approach training


I got my first job at 38, anything is possible, feel free to PM for a chat about being a more senior fresh CPL
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Old 22nd Dec 2015, 06:17
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Hi Musan, I did my training at Redcliffe Aero Club and private hire out of there now. Great club, well maintained modern (2000+) fleet of C172, good facilities and friendly bunch of people. Ring up and make an appointment to drop in and talk to them, or do it while doing a trial flight there.
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Old 22nd Dec 2015, 12:29
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BPA, hillbillybob, gchriste

Thanks guys! It's great to find nice people sharing their knowledge, experience and suggestions here. I will definitely drop in to RAC and check it out after this holidays break.

I am currently reading a book named VFR(DAY) STUDY GUIDE on basic aeronautical knowledge. I am hoping to finish the book before starting my RPL in Feb/Mar when there is less rain and clouds.

Should I go for a trial flight first or is it ok to jump straight into actual flying lessons?
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Old 22nd Dec 2015, 21:37
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Go for the trial flight - it's cheaper!

The instructor will use it to demonstrate to you the effect of controls (and let you do it too), so it will be a lesson anyway (including briefing/debriefing).
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Old 23rd Dec 2015, 01:43
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Alternatively, they are one in the same. If you opt for a one hour TIF, generally it is actually your first lesson (if you carry on) as they will cover the effects of controls, while letting you fly the plane. Certainly how I did mine.
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Old 17th Feb 2016, 05:43
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0 to CPL vs 0 to PPL to CPL

Aside from the obvious fact that you can't take family and friends up for flights if you've chosen to forgo the PPL checkpoint (which is fine with me), are there any other major disadvantages or things to lookout for with courses that take you from 0 through to CPL + MECIR + fATPL? Looking at some of the new Fee-help courses at FTA which now bypass the PPL flight test.

Input from instructors and pilots who've undergone the above appreciated.
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Old 17th Feb 2016, 09:21
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Plus, if you get your PPL (or RPL even) you can build GF, nav (not with RPL obviously) and PIC hours that will count towards your CPL in a mate's aircraft, or one you can access a bit cheaper than paying the flying school.

Not so much an issue if you're going to go straight through, but if you take a break or run out of money partway through, it's a consideration.

Fee help and all that is OK, but you'll have to pay it back one day anyhow, so if you can get some cheap hours on the way through that's not a bad thing.

(PS GFPT has gone the way of the dodo with Part 61, now a flight test for an RPL, but once licenced you don't need flying school supervision, can sign your own MR etc.)
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