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Plane missing en route YCAB?

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Valuable advice. As most of us know and concede it's a time worn subject, one that has been aired over and over again. Still, to have a look over that aforementioned abyss and survive is an experience equalling no other in terms of making the deepest and most lasting impression as to one's mortality.

Not a learning or teaching method to be put into the syllabus. The safe way advocated today is to lead the would be intrepid birdman through a course in Human Factors so as to shield him and anybody else from the risks inherent in subscribing to the school of hard knocks and the prospect of death by misadventure.

The skipper of a square rigger or the hard bitten old DC-3 skipper showing the new to the game, cocky whippersnapper the ropes, ( a la Gann in "Fate is the Hunter"), men who've seen it all and come through scarred and so much the wiser, are entirely relics of a past age. Only in books can anyone get a taste today of the era and of the lore, the absorption of the latter being once essential to getting anywhere before the mast or into the left seat of those wondrous round engined machines.

Ossie Osgood, up in Darwin, used to require and charge his every new pilot recruit to read through a prescribed list of books written by those pilots who had sat down and recounted in graphic detail how they survived the odds. If they were slack about following Ossie's credo and failed to answer a few questions from Ossie as to how Chichester found Lord Howe for instance, then their days with Arnhem Air Charter were numbered.

Thinking of Des, though a considerable remove from those pioneers that Gann sought to immortalise, as in his long list of those who perished that others might learn and endure, and as other posters here have touched on, the lessons to be learnt, the message to be interpreted, is cogent, perennial and essential, and one that many tied up in aviation in Australia today have undertaken to conscientiously pass on in any way they can.

There was a missionary aviation chief pilot once upon a time in PNG who knew all this, in his bones, in his head and in his heart. Any new arrival about to be inducted into the ways of survival in the unforgiving work environment ahead of him, was first taken to the cemetery where he would be shown sundry head-stones and told in graphic detail the circumstances that entrapped the deceased. In this there is a parallel in those attempts to get through to kids and others on dangerous driving charges being taken into the mortuary to see first hand what carnage really looks like.

You can train a dog by shock treatment to modify it's behaviour. You can teach a lion to jump through a hoop. You can lead a horse to water, but . . .. .. . (Thinks . .. . . there were quite a few old sky pilots of the genus aviatus who wore the 'dog collar', but whether of the order of Saint Zapper or not, F Nose.)

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Does anyone know what the cloud tops were that day?
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Just to the north of there they were rising up from 6000ish up near Gladstone, and near Maryborough up to 7500 and becoming 8/8ths. After that I had decided to stay VFR and go under, so I have no facts on any closer, but it could have been getting more like 9000' as a guess.

morno was in the hold at MLY at the time. He might remember.
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Around FL130.

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Fantome's lucidity

Crikey Fantome, for someone who previously stated
I cannot tease the topic out as lucidly...
you sure added some poetically descriptive thoughts and concepts to the discussion! I never read "Fate is the Hunter" but am sourcing a copy. Some reviews written on Amazon talk about people owning well worn copies they've gone back to again and again.

Re the mention of Rapide a few posts back , I'm surprised no one picked up that the DeHavilland Dragon Rapide was the DH89, a model that was built after the DH84 Dragon, Des' aircraft (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).


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You're correct Ren, the Rapide is the 89 Des' was an 84.
The Rapide was really only an updated variant of the original dragon with better performance & more powerful engines....
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..and totally different wings, propellers and undercarriage! Other then an identical fuselage and tail group, arguably a bit more than an updated Dragon..

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Fate's an old favourite, but can you elaborate on the list of books you mentioned?
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Slightly off topic but wasn't the Rapide developed so that Qantas could fly from Bne to Sin then Imperial did the rest back to London. The start of the Kanagaroo Route.
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I think that was the DH.86 (a sort of dangerous 4-engined Rapide)...
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They may well have been, and perhaps for the same reason.

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Reply deleted out of respect for everyone.....

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Around FL130.

Thanks, morno. Over-the-top therefore not an option
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Hey rotor, hw about I introduce you to Dora one day, he might even take us both for a lap in his glorious Chippy, and then you two can thrash it out.
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Nasty point to raise but trapped in valley IMC above or similar, fuel short etc. Choices are:

A - Land and that may be pick a gap between trees in small space and walk (crawl) from the wreck.

B - Mix VFR and IFR

How much does the flying machine count? Will a rental or something you have years building or rebuilding (maybe historically significant) influence the A/B decision
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Memorial Service today at 2 pm for the six victims at Minippi Parklands, Stanton Road West, Tingalpa.

This is the field from which Des' father operated his Dragons.

BNE ATC have vetoed the proposed Vintage Flypast - given the location this is not entirely unsurprising I guess.
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Angel Memorial Service

I only ever spoke to Des briefly, but it is evident from the posts on this thread and the way he kept that aircraft so beautifully maintained and was so willing to share his passion that he was a generous soul. I would ask if there is any request from the families in relation to donations in lieu of flowers etc. etc. to a charity of their choice. I haven't seen any notices other than the memorial service at Tingalpa.
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Well if there's anything over at Caboolture at tome time give us some forwarning. I'd like to pay my respects.
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I'd like to echo the 'relics statement/request.
I would like to pass on my respect & condolences from me & everyone at BN centre.
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A massive crowd at the memorial service today

The flypast would have been cancelled anyway because of the very high winds

RIP all.
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