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spinex 1st Oct 2012 07:39

VH-UXG (DH-84) missing en route YCAB
Search on for missing plane between Kingaroy and Maleny | News.com.au

Had a call from a friend who went to Monto for the RA-Aus fly in, they seem to think it is the red DH-84. Don't like the sound of the epirb supposedly going offline - let's hope it all ends well.

Edit: Changed the title to reflect what we now know.

dabz 1st Oct 2012 07:44

It's a pretty shitty day to be flying vfr around the sunny coast.

Ex FSO GRIFFO 1st Oct 2012 08:39

Are we talking VH-UXG..??

C82R 1st Oct 2012 08:45

Unfortunately yes......

asw28-866 1st Oct 2012 08:45

Afraid so Griffo, It seems UXG is overdue at YCAB and there are reports of radio transmissions and an epirb activation.

onetrack 1st Oct 2012 08:56

Reports are that it ran out of motion lotion? Speculation? - or some element of truth .... ?

Plane missing in queensland with six people on board | The Australian

Sven Langolier 1st Oct 2012 08:57

de Havilland DH.84 Dragon VH-UXG at Watts Bridge, 2008

goodonyamate 1st Oct 2012 09:04

Spent about 20 mins trying to contact it today whilst overflying. It sends a shiver down your spine when there is no response :sad:

Jabawocky 1st Oct 2012 09:04


I can't be sure of the fuel status, but from the ATC chat at the time I think fuel was the least of the problem. As usual the media are not always in possession of the best information, including timing tracking etc. I won't comment any further just yet, but a few of the regular ppruners here are fearing the worst.

This will be a very sad day not only around YCAB but the vintage community around the country.:{

onetrack 1st Oct 2012 09:30

Jabawocky - It doesn't look too promising at all, does it? Why did the pilot go VFR into IMC? Did the WX go bad that quickly? - or was he in unfamiliar conditions?
I'd guess the "ran out fuel" media statement might have its source in someone stating, "he'd be out of fuel by now", in relation to a certain time, when the source was being questioned.

PA39 1st Oct 2012 09:34

Oh dear o dear , lets all keep our fingers crossed.

VH-XXX 1st Oct 2012 10:30

Wreckage allegedly found 45'ish minutes ago.

No word either way.

The flightaware below clearly shows the value of an ELT.


sru 1st Oct 2012 11:02


Wreckage allegedly found 45'ish minutes ago.'
Still pretty average WX up around there (FLIR and NVG not so good thru cloud and a LSALT around 4300'). The Picture reflects a beacon homing and the best possible start to start from, when conditions improve ... Maybe the lads did see some thing to confirm ... or not ... :(

BPA 1st Oct 2012 11:13

Nothing on the AMSA web site about finding anything.

Anyone know why the Dornier 328 based at Brisbane wasn't used?

morno 1st Oct 2012 11:14

I was flying into BN at the time, hearing all this going on. Sounds like the poor bugger just couldn't seem to hold her straight, :uhoh:. His heading was all over the place, then it just went quiet from him, followed by an ELT.

Hat's off to the Centre controller who was doing his utmost best to try and salvage the situation. Considering the traffic at the time, plus dealing with this emergency, he deserves a month off and a pat on the back.


onetrack 1st Oct 2012 11:20

One can only hope and pray that Des's incredible luck in D.H.84's still holds, along with that of his friends.


flynverted 1st Oct 2012 11:25

Seen at YROM a few years ago




sru 1st Oct 2012 11:25

Hat's off to the Centre controller who was doing his utmost best to try and salvage the situation. Considering the traffic at the time, plus dealing with this emergency, he deserves a month off and a pat on the back.
Total agree :D. They do an awesome job! Always free beers from me :)

onetrack 1st Oct 2012 11:49

Seen in early days, VH-AOR (C/N 2042) the aircraft from which Des made his miraculous escape in 1954.


Early photos of VH-UXG, (C/N 6077) and a photo from 2005, after restoration by Des.


VH-XXX 1st Oct 2012 11:53

Wreckage allegedly found 45'ish minutes ago.
FYI - By allegedly - an unconfirmed report via VHF scanner.

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