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first employers for newby's

Old 28th May 2008, 05:11
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If you want good experience at a descent operator then I recommend the NT companies. NW WA operators are still behind the times....
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Old 28th May 2008, 06:49
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Head up to PNG.

How times change.
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Old 28th May 2008, 07:21
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Yeah back to back twins in NW WA. Hardly a good place to go.

Cable beach or max hours in KNX is hardly what you want....

..Mining boom...flying....... knock knock is anybody home..hello.
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Old 29th Jun 2010, 23:02
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Post GFC

Morning crew

I thought I might try and revive this thread. The last post was 2008 and a lots happened since then.

If those in the know could post some of their knowledge of employers, above/below award, fulltime/part time, min hour req's etc etc that would be awesome.

I am particularly chasing float operators. I know of Airwhitsunday and BUshflight but not many others.

Thanks in advance

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Old 30th Jun 2010, 00:03
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Ok, employers that hire newbies.. hmm..


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Old 30th Jun 2010, 02:01
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You're 27 FFS, go and do some of your own research. Show you're keen, show some initiative. Anyway, weren't you inquiring about the Jokestar cadetship? Didn't realise they had floaties...
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Old 30th Jun 2010, 09:13
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At the rate we are going with cadetships, it wont be too long before anyone in clinty's situation can just hop onto ebay and buy an airline pilot career.
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Old 30th Jun 2010, 09:14
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J3 has a point. There are a lot of resources out there to get the information that you're after. You can't be spoon-fed all your life.

Besides, by the time anything would be posted here, the job would be gone.

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Old 30th Jun 2010, 12:25
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I agree with J3. Besides, if you want something done properly, you need to do it yourself.

For the newbies, when I was looking for my first gig I spent a morning at the library with the yellowpages and photocopied every aviation related page in them. Then I asked a few pilots I knew (I met them during training, through friends) about which companies hired the noobies. Then when I spoke to these guys I had done some research and just needed some steering in the right direction, not handed the map and compass. (Or the co-ordinates already entered into the database of the G430 as it would be today).

Hint: Just asking makes you seem rude and lazy, offering a beer makes you sociable.

Also, by telling people to piss off purely because they say something you don't like or find immediately useful isn't really mature. You will find J3's advice is helpful, just not very eloqeuntly put.

Your into floats, who did your endo? Ask them, ring the operators they mention, ask them if they know of any others. Half the pilots out there are top blokes and are only to happy to help noobs, but only if asked politely and you've done some homework. The other half are tossers.

BTW: At this time of the year, I'm not sure who would be looking to hire low time guys.

Best of Luck.
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Old 30th Jun 2010, 12:33
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Cool To Clinty83

What a bunch of bastard around here! any of you once were a B pilot . We should help each others instead!!!

regarding floats Clinty I wouldn't spend any time with Bushflight at all anyway!too difficult, too many assholes, too isolated and too many dick heads around there!

Sydney seaplanes and Air Withsunday they usually are looking for not less then 200 hours on floats and beaver time would be an advantage.

There is a seaplane operator in Tasmania that usually hire not experienced pilots on 205's on floats.

Cairns seaplanes just hired a pilot 2 weeks ago and I don't think they will until next season but you never know!They have 2 beavers and they are not really that fussy about many hours usually.

Gold coast seaplanes...i don't know if they even operate anymore!

Broome : Bushflight, horizontal waterfalls adventours and Kimberley Extreme are the same Company while Horizontal falls seaplanes adventure tours, they operate two Caravans and those machine required a bit of time on your logbook for insurance purposes.

In general you'll need at least 50 hours on floats to be hired on floats. for piston single engine seaplane such as 206's o 205's.

There is a little Company in Melbourne as well. I think they have got only one aircraft and the owner fly himself for scenic flights around Philip Bay. Worth to try there as well anyway for casual work!!

Good luck my friend. Happy landing and watch your landing gear all the time!!!
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Old 1st Jul 2010, 02:51
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Gold coast seaplanes...i don't know if they even operate anymore!
I called them not long ago, they have a new aircraft and are operating. However they are not looking for new pilots at this stage. I am keen to go on to floats eventually and so made some enquiries.

Everyone I spoke to said to go to NW WA for a season to get the required number of water landings (hours don't mean much as you will not do many with a float operator).

Call Sydney Seaplanes, they do endos (do not offer ICUS) and are very friendly and helpful.

Remember, flying floats is not good for hour building, it is a separate career stream and lifestyle.

Good luck.
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Old 1st Jul 2010, 03:05
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As suggested the CASA register would be a great tool if you're short of ideas. A while ago I used the CAANZ register to compile a list of suitable operators, finding them via aircraft types that I imagined a low time pilot might fly. I found dozens of companies I'd never heard of, some of whom I know have taken pilots on since that time. Plus it was a lot of fun.

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I belive there is a floats and seaplanes assosiation that has a list of all its members. Google is your friend
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Cool NW WA

Thank you guys. This is the spirit that this web site should have
Not like bastards that want to keep themselves in the paradise limbo!

About the NW WA as I said it would be quite difficult for a b pilot. The only places that I'm aware there are seaplanes are: Broome, Derby and kununurra.

- horizontal waterfalls adventuours (it's part of Bush flight - 0 planes)
- Kimberley Extreme (it's part of Bush flight - 1 caravan)
- horizontal waterfalls adventure tours (2 caravans)
they operate Caravan amphibious. To fly a Caravan you need a decent amount of hours on floats for insurance purposes.
The chief pilot is a really old school bloke. At this stage I don't think he is looking for anyone, we are already in the season and I don't think it's even looking good. there is one beaver and I think there are 3 o 4 seaplane pilots hanging around that plane already
- aligator air used to have a seaplane but is not operative anymore, it's at the airport doing nothing US.
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Angel a special gift for all of you!

Seaplane Companies, Floatplane Companies & Seaplane Operators Worldwide -
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Thanks crew for the info, seems its difficult to get a start on floats so may keep pushing for charter.

Tourist wise it seems that thngs are still a bit rough, fingers crossed things eventually get back to where they were ASAP.

J3pipercub I stumbeld across your real identity recently. What are you up to these days??

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Did you try the CASA website?

You can download the complete Australian Aircraft Register (as a .csv or excel file) and search/sort for any information you desire.

There was no such thing as the www when I was starting out. But there were microfiche machines. All Flight Service Units / ATC Centers had an aircraft register, mostly on microfiche, but sometimes on paper.

If I found myself in a place with a FSU, I would drop in for a cuppa and a chat and a loan of the Microfiche, and takes lots of notes!
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Gday Capt.

No mate I hadn't looked there but definitly will. Wouldn't be surprised if CASA want bloody payment for using it

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Question need guidance

hi i hold an FAA CPL rated on ERJ 170 presently working in USA. would like to find a job in india. have around 2500 hrs. wid 500 hrs on type.

keeping in mind that DGCA is planing to phase out all the expats by summer 2011, is there any other way i can still work in India (maybe like marrying smone in india and getting residency there)
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Veering away from the floatplane side of things for a minute and back to good places to get a start, Air Safaris at Lake Tekapo are very accommodating to new pilots and I believe they pay pretty reasonable money. I think they prefer locally (Canterbury/Central Otago) trained pilots but im sure if you did a bit of mountain training somewhere they would give you a shot.
Good scenery to look at too!!
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