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Merged: Qantaslink Traineeship/Cadetship/General Employment

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Merged: Qantaslink Traineeship/Cadetship/General Employment

Old 19th Jan 2008, 05:43
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Merged: Qantaslink Traineeship/Cadetship/General Employment

Hey guys,

a friend showed me this and I was suprised it wasn't already being disucussed on PPRuNe. The link is: http://qantaslink.bfound.net/detail....CoId=189&rq=18

Has it been around for a while, or is this a new training program Qlink have introduced?

  • 150 hours total flying time;
  • 70 hours Pilot in Command;
  • Command Instrument Rating is desirable but not compulsory.
My job as a meat bomber has higher requirements! I guess Qantas Cadets have been flying RPT ops with these type of hours for a while, but it seems as this is seperate to the Cadet program?

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Old 19th Jan 2008, 08:25
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Qantaslink traineeship (Merged)

anybody else seen this.....

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Old 19th Jan 2008, 10:14
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Its gotta be new, it wasn't on their website when I checked it out less than a week ago.
Old 19th Jan 2008, 10:34
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you've got to be kidding me.......
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Old 19th Jan 2008, 10:58
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Angry What a load of [email protected]!!

How glad am I that I finished with these guys yesterday! What a joke, just offer mainline progression and they might get more GA applicants. I feel sorry for the guys that I went through with because they will be the junior captains of the near future.

Ohh well I wish them well, the line pilots, definately not management!
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Old 19th Jan 2008, 12:18
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Under the Traineeship scheme, pilots will undergo an airline-preparation training program (sponsored by QantasLink) prior to completing the Dash 8 Type Rating.
So I'm guessing you don't have to pay for a type rating?
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Old 19th Jan 2008, 12:32
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The end of GA

Well if Qantas (link) are offering bare CPL's jobs and REX are offering to give people CPL's does that signal the end of GA. If pilots don't need to go and build hours before betting a turboprop job then where will GA operators get pilots from?

My boss wants more hours then that to fly a C210 and a lot more hours then that to fly a C402/404 so how can he compete. Two options:

1. Get 500 Total Time and i'll give you a C210 job living in an NT community, until you have 1000tt and then you might fly the C402; or

2. See me when you have finished your CPL and I'll let you fly the Dash 8 and keep living with mum and dad in Melbourne or Sydney.

I know which one most pilots will take, not to mention the difference in money on offer from GA to Regionals. I think the writing is on the wall. The next season in NW WA will be an interesting one to see how many pilots turn up at the scenic operators.

Good luck to all with the jobs on offer.

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Old 19th Jan 2008, 20:17
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what a waste of money, just pay the pilots a little more and offer career progression and they will have no problems.... anyway who will be left for these guys to fly with??? or is it another qantas training school for virgin???
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Old 19th Jan 2008, 20:29
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I'm currently undertaking a bachelor of aviation with one year to go, and must admit this traineeship sounds interesting. Although I have a couple of questions:

How do fresh CPL holders cope with the transition from something like a c182 to a dash 8? (I know QANTAS Cadets have been doing it for years now!)

-Single pilot VFR with no pax to multi crew IFR with around 50 pax.
-Staying well clear of the flight levels at speeds around 2nm's a minute to operating in the flight levels at speeds of over 300kts!
-Flying in and out of places like Moorabbin or Bendigo compared to international aerodromes such as Sydney or Melbourne.
-Handling the systems of small piston aircraft then jumping to what I imagine to be a far more compex dash 8.

I know there are many more comparisons to be made, those were just a few i could think of on the spot.

Everytime I see one of these puppies fly overhead I would love to be up there on the flightdeck, but then it all seems pretty daunting at the same time!

Any comments, information or advice is much appreciated in advance!
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Old 19th Jan 2008, 22:09
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You would think the training and type rating would cover all that garman.
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 01:05
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The questions that you raise are valid, they are the more worrying aspects of schemes like this. I came from exactly where you are now by the sound of it, then worked in GA for a few years before Qantaslink, now off to another airline. They are good opportunities but the management and training has to be implemented and conducted properly or standards may be an issue.
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 01:46
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there is another thread about the 500hrs Multi Command

Which also brings up the point.
after you get your CPL and get through the endorsement and training. Once you start as an F/O will you ever amount to anything more than an F/O

(Not taking anything away from F/Os as pilots. But Im sure we ALL want to get commands after our stint in the right seat)

Are these cadetships / Training schemes just a supply of F/Os if so; where do they get the commands from?

Those of us who go to GA and get the hours (and by the sound of it, if half went to cadetships and half went to GA. GA would STILL be so short of pilots that 500hrs Multi Command would take all of a year to get)
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 05:21
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Iron M,
I think you will find Qlink has a high capacity AOC and my understanding therefore is their captains do not need 500ME, just like the guys at mainline don't. (even VB have now changed to 500 multi with no mention of how many hours are command) As long as they have the requirements to hold an ATPL, and they meet the standard, I can't see why they couldn't be offered a command down the track.
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 08:48
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Remember the days when you'd kill for a job sweeping a hangar so you'd get a look-in at a few hours on a 182 or even something real fast like a bonanza or 210?

Long gone.

There are a few GA operators that I recall invincible now probably not feeling quite so invincible anymore (he he he he ).
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 10:37
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There are a few GA operators that I recall invincible now probably not feeling quite so invincible anymore (he he he he )
Amen to that

Would like some more info than the few details on the QLink website. It mentions that the "airline preparation training program" will be sponsored by QantasLink and one can assume that this will come at some kind of cost to the employee, whether that be in bonded service and if so how much are going to be pretty important details for most applicants.

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Old 20th Jan 2008, 11:30
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Get the 500 ME CMD Hassel don't be lured. Sacrifice one year and the world is your oyster mate.

Smell the roses on the way to.
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 17:23
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Get out in the real world, get the experience and move on to some solid multi command. Sure there are risks, both financial and even personnel. But we've all done it, and in much tougher times than now.

Every one of these "Cadet" schemes (with the exception of QF Mainline) will probably fall flat on their collective asses! They have been set up with the intention of making money. The problem is that the only solution will involve a substantial monetary investment by the operators. Something they appear to be pathologically opposed to!

With their heads buried so far up where the Sun don't shine, it will be a spectacular revelation for them when it all turns to crap!
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 21:01
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What an bizzare concept this traineship is. SO SO SO SO many highly experienced FO's have walked out the door over the last 12 months at QF link its incredible. Guys with heaps of time on type that would make great captains. They know the network, and are good people.

The company has done nothing at all to give them a reason to stay at QF link or the oppertunity to go to main line. Now they are offering guys with a CPL a job????

Surely some one in management is going to have to answer for this. This is a classic case study in poor human resource planning. Who is responsible and what are the implications for the safety of the operation and the future of the operation?
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Old 20th Jan 2008, 22:05
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Just imagine one day in the near future, a 150 hour CPL holder is in the right seat and (God forbid) the captain becomes incapacitated...

Suddenly, this guy/girl is in command of a 20T turbo prop with fifty passengers and two FA's on board, barrelling into Sydney in weather like we've had in the last few days. With all the decisions to be made, having never been in command of anything bigger than a light single.

Not a pretty picture
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Old 21st Jan 2008, 00:29
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Never a truer word said KRUSTY.

I understand it would be awfully tempting for newbies but once you get that time up in ga you are a free agent and can put your money on bigger machines.

GA is a tough world but it teaches you alot about flying and yourself. Well worth it. And these days its a matter of 12-18 months and your done.

(if you can get a QF mainline cadetship disregard all of the above - that one is the exception to the rule)
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