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Merged: Qantaslink Traineeship/Cadetship/General Employment

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Merged: Qantaslink Traineeship/Cadetship/General Employment

Old 21st Jan 2008, 00:39
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Dragun - completely agree but as others have pointed out in different threads in the UK people with those kinds of hours are in 737s and A320s.

Can kind of see management of airlines thought processes when airlines one day set a high mins and people say 'mins are too high', lower the mins and people say 'they are too low'. At what point are they 'just right', and who sets that point?

With good training it seems these sort of processes work out ok in Europe.
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Old 21st Jan 2008, 05:07
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Been trying to figure out why QL is bothering with this. They are set to get a supply of cadets through the mainline scheme for the foreseeable future (a program which is growing substantially beyond it's traditional capacity).

This program seems to be in direct competition with QF and Rex programs - why bother with it???
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Old 21st Jan 2008, 10:06
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Hmm this is all quite interesting...

If I read the information correctly, I believe this Qantas Link program includes that new "multi crew licence" that CASA have been talking about for a while. My understanding of this licence is that it removes the need for those obtaining the licence to go into GA and instead straight into the right hand seat in an airline with the ability to obtain a command within a reasonable time frame.

I believe that some schools are already looking into this licence already, and my question is - how will this new licence affect the job prospects for those currently working in GA? will airlines prefer candidates with a "multi-crew" licence over a CPL with thousands of hours of experience?

I dont know alot about this multi crew licence stuff - so if anyone is able to shed some light on it I would love to know some more.


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Old 21st Jan 2008, 10:24
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Capt Mo. are you getting confused with multi crew training, as stated on the QF traineeship site participants will undergo multi-crew and airline preperation that will last 2 or so ish months.

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Old 21st Jan 2008, 10:36
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Probably - I have been up all day and I think Im about ready to fall asleep any minute!

Im not quite sure if the two are related - probably not. However, the multi crew licence itself does raise some interesting questions, and the outcome is pretty much the same as the Rex and Qlink programs (graduates jumping straight into the RH seat of an airliner).

I realise that a thread on the topic of multi crew licences was done months ago - and I dont want to drift away from the original post, so I might leave it here and hit the sack!

Sleepy Mo
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 03:07
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The MPL is different to what QL are offering - the 2 month training appears more of a 'bridging course' from what I can gather. Quite different to the full CASA MPL (when it comes).

With the very low hours, they are widening the net immensely. It will be interesting to see how competitive it is to get a go at the P&S Assessment.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 03:30
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Has anybody heard when the traineeship is meant to begin?
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 05:38
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QANTASLINK PILOT TRAINEESHIP PROGRAM: This week QantasLink will announce a Traineeship program for new pilots.
The Traineeship program is designed for pilots who already have a basic Commercial Pilot`s Licence and who are capable of undergoing additional training. This additional training (duration approx 2
mths) would be undertaken by successful applicants in the form of a Traineeship. Upon successful completion of the training the Trainees would be eligible to join QantasLink as First Officers.
Applicants would have the following qualifications and experience:
􀁛 Commercial Pilot Licence preferably with ATPL (theory);
􀁛 Preferably minimum 100 hrs Pilot in Command;
􀁛 Higher School Certificate with passes in Maths and English;
􀁛 Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating (desirable, but not essential);
􀁛 Bachelor degree (desirable, but not essential).
For more information about this exciting opportunity with QantasLink and to register your interest go to qantaslink.bfound.net and follow the links to the Traineeship program.
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 06:23
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This is the third thread, its already merged in D&G Questions
Old 22nd Jan 2008, 07:34
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In today's day and age, where everybody wants everything, now, do you really think people are going to put themselves through G.A? Flying in crap wx, in crap planes for crap pay?

Most youngins these days can't grasp the concept of a delayed payoff....

Not when you can have it now, and fly around in a nice shiny Q400....
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 10:15
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Victim of a bored god

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Please ..... no more new threads on this subject.......

Tail Wheel
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 13:45
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Bush is good but...

I hold very dear every lesson that I've learnt out bush (where I still reside and fly) but I'm bloody sick and tired of living in a boomtown where every mine employee, nurse, teacher, copper, dole bludger and members of every other profession is raking in the dough whilst I fly them around all day to drive home in a car I cannot afford to my lovely family in my shite house, on a shite street in a shite part of town to eat whatever we can afford that week.

Iíve got a great boss but I know that he canít pay me much more without raising prices. I digress:

Donít try to tell me that McDonalds in Karratha (who pay their burger flippers $60k/p.a) charge the same price for a Big Mac as in Perth. What Iím getting at is that in these boom towns everything has increased (at a rate far greater than the national CPI) from petrol prices to food prices as have most wagesÖ bar the pilotsí. There may be some growing pains but operators would be wise to buckle down and prepare to pay their pilots more (of course, this may mean the pilots will have to expect to do more work as well).

Sorry, Iím not jaded, I do love my job but I just donít get enough money for doing it and my lovely family are the ones I feel bad for. We will be taking the first good offer that comes our way whether it be left seat or right (got 1000+ TT and very little MEC).

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Old 24th Jan 2008, 00:01
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Air Niugini have been doing it for years. There is no problem with cadets in the right hand seat of Dash 8's. Straight out of flying school and into the Dash 8 simulator. You then do 500 hours of line training with a safety FO in the jump seat and then you're checked to line. This system works fine.

Not a great deal of fun for the safety FO's however. And then there is the problem of the new FO's not having sweet FA command time and so not being able to progress to the left thand seat.

Maybe they could do ICUS from the right hand seat? Don't laugh, it is happening!
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 03:52
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Is it correct that they once again want HSC Maths and English? I thought that this requirement had been dropped by Qantas if you have a degree?
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 03:57
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I thought that this requirement had been dropped by Qantas if you have a degree?
I think you'll find the requirement is waived if you have university credits in applicable maths/physics/english subjects.

I'm afraid my Masters in Macrame (specialising in effects of the pasta shortage during the renaissance) didn't quite cut it!
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 05:07
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Its amazing that to apply for direct entry FO at QL you only need a HSC. But with this traineeship you need maths and english! Work that out...?

Is it correct that they once again want HSC Maths and English? I thought that this requirement had been dropped by Qantas if you have a degree?
For Qantas mainline it says passes in HSC Maths and English or a fully completed bachelors degree of any discipline. So yes Icarus53 your masters degree in Macrame is reputable.
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 05:48
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whilst this may be more attractive than a GA path, what is the starting salary? I would be surprised if it is much more than 50k which isnt a lot...anyone have any idea?
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 05:57
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If they're contracted under the existing EBA - a smudge over 51k to start.

Question is will they employ the same way normal recruits come in, or will they be on a "training salary" (EBA sets this at 43k) for a while???

Still a pretty good deal - if you can get someone else to pay for your IR, you're already a head a decent wad of cash!!!
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 06:53
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Any idea what the ROS is?
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 08:31
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My biggest worry with this is the Terms and Conditions. I have spoken to Qantaslink (Eastern Guys) before, and they got in as full blown F/O's with 1000's of hours and to say the least they were worked pretty hard from my understanding and the pay wasn't great.

Sounds great, just a bit worried if management will take advantage of these new pilots.
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