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Sk 1225

Old 9th Jun 2005, 08:27
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Patty O'Furniture
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Sk 1225

G'day guys,

I'm an aussie pilot travelling to the great land on Denmark in late June/July. On the 29th of June i'm on SK 1225 from CPH to Aalborg. It says on my itinerary that it's a Q400 which i'm really looking forward to. What I need to know is, do you lads up the front have any chance of getting me a jump seat ride in your quality machine? (i have both ASIC, passport and photo licence)

More importantly... does your crew have an overnight lay over in Aalborg and if you do what are my chances of getting SAS flight attendants down to Jomfruengaden for some fun?!

going to be an awesome trip, let me know if any of you pilots out there are gonna be round Aalborg and we'll carve it up!

Patty O
Old 9th Jun 2005, 08:44
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Old 10th Jun 2005, 13:47
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Patty O'Furniture
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hmmm obviously i'm out of my league...

keep tuggin tiger, you'll get there one day.

it seems the people that view this forum are as disgruntled as the people in the australian forums
Old 10th Jun 2005, 15:59
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(Russian Gynegology)
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No worries mate, only pilots are. Get to Aalborg and you will have a time of your life with girls! They are all frustrated with danish males....
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Old 10th Jun 2005, 21:36
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Mate, they are pretty strict with Jumpseats up here, especially with non-company staff, so I think it's most likely you'll have about as much of a chance as the Western Warriors to win next summers' one day series/the Fremantle Dockers taking the flag this year... (I still live in hope....)

Nonetheless, I absolutely gurantee you will make the most of the journey in the Q-400, if you have the time, whilst your @ CPH try and catch a view of the 'Q' on initial climbout - it is absolute gold!

When your in Aalborg, remember- The Danes make seriously nice Lager and are always up for a good laugh/yarn - guranteed to have a great time!

(by the way - last I checked the danes were pinching all the Aussie girls, not the other way around?!)

Enjoy and Cheers!

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Old 11th Jun 2005, 00:37
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Haha.. I have to reply to this post.. I like your question.

As an ex-Q400 SAS pilot, I can confirm that SAS is quite serious about the jumpseat policy. That being said once in a while, like with any (most) companies there are exceptions, and captains (and of course with the acceptance of the F/O) who might accept you on the jumpseat. Ask and you might get it - if u do not ask you definately will not get it, as you know.

It would not be the right thing for me to publish where the Crew stay in Aalborg, but it is not far from Jomfru Anne gade (god, I cant remember how that is spelled in Danish!, sorry).

There will prob., be 2-3 crew staying there at anyone time. The cabin crew (which I am confident is your main objective ) are not necessarly that keen on hankie pankie, but no doubt that lots of other girls will be.

Finally I must give you my own oppinion on Aalborg. I find it quite primitive (eg. not very sophisticated), which ofcourse does have its advantages - if thats one is up for If you want so called "good girls" (beautiful, nice, smiling, attitude (good)) then head for Aarhus (the second biggest city in Denmark (that being prob. like 3-500.000 inhabitants).

In Copenhagen head for Nyhavn (aka "new harbour") - its just downtown close to the OLD Opera House and Magasin (shopping place). On a Friday do not miss cafe Zeze (close to Nyhavn) - lots of nice/beautiful chicks (a bit tricky though due to it being a capital and they know it, and all that sort of things). Later on, in Copenhagen, you can try out Cafe Ketchup (sorry spelling), which still is pretty heap I suppose (not a personal favourite though). Otherwise to hang out for a few beers etc, on a sunny day, head for Noerrebro (danish O with a "/" through it) and the plaza of Sankt (Saint) Hans Torv (plaza) (that was a bit of Danish teaching as well! )

For brunch (and nice neigbourhood for trendy girls) try Cafe Hoeghs (again Danish O with the "/" through it) in Vestrebro. In general brunch is quite good in Denmark, also in Aalborg. Cant remember the name but there is definately a nice spot, on a kind of square in Aalborg, with a few cafe/restaurants. Sorry - forgot the name of it. It overlooks a church from there (big white christian one!).

Anyways enjoy your time in Denmark.

Best regards from Buenos Aires (vacation)


Send me a private message, eg. check your PPRuNe email account, and I will see what I can do!

Best regards,
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Old 13th Jun 2005, 18:04
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Mmmmm, Jutland Girls! Can honestly say that I've never had a bad [email protected] in Jutland. Must agree with Yeager; Aarhus is rather more sophiscated and sports more interesting girls than Aalborg. Aarhus being a major university city probably explains a lot. However, Jomfru Ane Gade is most certainly a very interesting place to spend a Saturday night on a pub-crawl - the street is one long and consecutive line of bars and clubs.

As for going out in CPH, I've read somewhere that the hottest place for cafe's and such is Nörrebro. For brunch, that is certainly the case, albeit I must admit that I'm rather partial to an "Amager Brunch"; Burgers and Coke (the liquid and sugary kind mind you) will cure any hangover!

However, if you're in for a seriously good time I can only recommend this place: Try to click on "Billeder" and see what that'll bring of eye candy! There's a party going there on the 25th of June by the way ... and I am open for bribes
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Old 14th Jun 2005, 09:11
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Do you ever miss an opportunity to push for that Bazookaclub?
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Old 14th Jun 2005, 11:52
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I try my best mate
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Old 19th Jun 2005, 00:51
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Patty O'Furniture
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Thanks guys for all the replies.

S.71: Dockers i'm afraid to say are gone for the season, once again the tigers led me on and now of course are losing every game. did u happen to see what happened to nathan browns leg? most disgusting thing ever in sport. western warriors should have a good side this year if they don't put all those fast bowlers in the side, they have blatently moved to perth because of the waca pitch but aren't doing anyone any favours. the western warriors should probably replace the aussie team at the moment cause they are rubbish. i mean comon, who loses to bangladesh?

Flip Flop: will check out bazooka club for sure, very tasty website!

Yeager: will PM you back asap, thanks for all your help.

Thanks again boys, if any of you are around aalborg in late june early july just drop a line on here and we will nail it!

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