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Chugalug2 16th May 2019 11:27

Ah, thanks for that, falcon. Are they throwing in a mess of pottage as well? Seems right up this Government's street. The words nothing, value, and price come to mind.

falcon900 16th May 2019 12:31

I am reminded of a well known saying about the lunatics taking over the asylum, currently being used on another thread.

To recap, the concerns regarding Huawei were so great that we, uniquely for them, required the establishment of an "independent" oversight body (HCSEC) to review their products and software for threats. This body is funded by Huawei. So large is the scope of its activity that it has already outgrown its original premises.
Its findings have, amongst other things, repeatedly confirmed the existence of serious problems and threats. Its most recent report, referred to earlier, confirms that the issues continue, and that Huawei is nether making progress in resolving them nor cleaning up its act. Pretty much the rest of the western world has turned its back on them.

Perfect backdrop then for wrapping them in to our 5G and general communications networks!

falcon900 16th May 2019 12:32

PS I am no fan of G. Williamson, and do not condone any leaking.

Chugalug2 16th May 2019 13:00

Originally Posted by falcon900 (Post 10472583)
PS I am no fan of G. Williamson, and do not condone any leaking.

Which, of course, he continues to deny. Not withstanding the seriousness of such a leak, without it the Huawei 5G security issue would never have come to light. The company itself is a security risk it would seem, why else would the unique formation of HCSEC have been seen as necessary? That it is wholly owned by Huawei speaks volumes. The ultimate example of contracting out government work. What next, the prisons being run by ex-cons?

The latest (year five) annual report can again be found here:-


Thank you falcon for the info.

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