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NutLoose 14th Nov 2018 13:14

Crews of 8 Sqn, I wonder


Memories Of No.8 Squadron, IAF - Bharat Rakshak:Indian Air Force

mini 14th Nov 2018 14:09

RIP Danny.

Thank you for sharing your memories, this place will be poorer without you.

Condolences to Mary and his family & friends.


PS Nutty, your pic in post #68 is a fabulous tribute to a truly great guy.

skua 14th Nov 2018 15:21

I hope Danny knows how much he was loved here. I can think of few others whom one meets online whose human warmth glows from the screen. And what a memory he had!
Irreplaceable. RIP Danny.

Ormeside28 14th Nov 2018 19:32

Thank you Danny for welcoming me on YOUR programme so many years ago. I wish you a safe voyage and a welcome reunion in the Crewroom which we all ( hopefully ) aspire to. My condolences to your dear daughter and comfort from her friends. From North Wales, adios!

TEEEJ 14th Nov 2018 19:33

RIP Danny. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Blue skies!

Marcantilan 14th Nov 2018 19:35

RIP Danny.

Icare9 14th Nov 2018 20:16

Danny was a worthy successor to Cliff Nemo and the legendary Reg Levy, all cast from the same mould - which seems to have gone missing since 1945.....

Taphappy 14th Nov 2018 20:50

Farewell Danny 42
So another great warrier has moved to that great crew room in the sky.
Danny will be greatly missed and we will no longer read these great pearls of wisdom and wit contained in his many posts.
A long life, well lived and deserving of his final reward.
Condolences to daughter Mary at this sad time.
requiescant in pace. Danny.

Roland Pulfrew 14th Nov 2018 22:57

Goodbye Danny. I have enjoyed your witty, insightful and interesting contributions to the site over recent years. I wish I’d had the opportunity to meet you in person. Rest in peace or soar with the angels.

Franek Grabowski 15th Nov 2018 00:43

Human body has a limited life cycle. Some things are inevitable, nonetheless I think every one is sad that Danny lived just only 97 years. That said we all should be happy, that he lived as much as 97. Now the body is gone, but the soul is eternal. We all shall see together, sooner or later, hopefully later, somewhere there. Until then, RIP Danny.

johnfairr 15th Nov 2018 12:47

RIP Danny. Honoured to learn from you. Thank you.

eko4me 15th Nov 2018 12:59

This time for you Danny

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen

God's speed ...

50+Ray 15th Nov 2018 14:36

Late as usual! I concur with all the other Thread fans. Danny was an absolute treasure. RIP.

Fly26 15th Nov 2018 18:02

Godspeed Danny, it was his humour that drew me to the capcom......blue skies and happy landings.

Wander00 15th Nov 2018 19:20

I have been off grid for a few days, what with Armistice Day and in the throes of moving house, I am unbelievably sad at reading of Danny's death. I have enjoyed his posts, learned a lot and he genuinely is someone I wish I had met. Nevertheless, I count him as a friend. Farewell Danny, blue skies. DCO. RIP

Strumble Head 15th Nov 2018 19:31

Along with so many I mourn the loss of Danny. Someone who maintained gentle wit and robust recollection until the very end. His posts often felt close to home, as my father was trained as a Fleet Air Arm pilot by the US Navy in the US during WW2 and I served in operations roles with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. I was in quiet awe of the contributions that he had made to the Royal and Royal Auxiliary Air Forces. I hope that his family and close friends gain some comfort from the tributes on this site.

We do and will remember them.

SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 15th Nov 2018 22:10

Farewell my friend
It really is the saddest of news to read today. Danny was a true gentleman, with wise words and wit in abundance.

When I say that you will be sorely missed is an understatement. My thoughts and love are with your family and friends.

Rest in Peace

flyinkiwi 15th Nov 2018 23:08

Nothing beats hearing the story from someone who was there. Farewell Danny, RIP.

cattletruck 16th Nov 2018 08:17

An incredibly knowledgeable chap willing to share it all on this great forum, and with a great sense of humour to boot. Danny, you will be missed but not forgotten. You touched us all.

Clear skies my friend.

5aday 16th Nov 2018 09:15

In total awe Danny. Rest in Peace.

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