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Vzlet 13th Nov 2018 14:28

Danny was quite uncommonly generous in sharing his life experiences, wisdom, and wit with us. A rare soul indeed, and I'm grateful that he chose to spend time in this forum. I hope that as a group, we provided him with even a small fraction of the enjoyment and camaraderie he brought to us.
Farewell, Danny.

Null Orifice 13th Nov 2018 14:53

Farewell Danny. Thanks for your entertaining and informative posts.
Blue skies, Sir.

Shack37 13th Nov 2018 15:03

Farewell Danny42, thank you, have a much deserved Rest in Peace..
One can only imagine the reunión up there.
Per Ardua

pzu 13th Nov 2018 15:20

Farewell Danny - RIP, condolences to Mary and family

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

My late father, Ken Crossley (1921 - 2001) was on 608 Squadron as ATCO then SATCO 1950 - 1953, checked with Danny but asadly he couldn’t recall him

Pontius Navigator 13th Nov 2018 15:28

Danny, this place will be poorer without your presence. Thank you for all you have done. Now you join your wife, please rest in peace.

ExAscoteer 13th Nov 2018 15:31

Farewell Danny. RIP.

Kiltrash 13th Nov 2018 15:48

Farewell Danny. Never knew you but feel I have lost a true friend and gent

langleybaston 13th Nov 2018 16:09

A good reputation endureth for ever.


Brian 48nav 13th Nov 2018 16:14


Several of my friends and both of my sons who are in the 'business', one as a former RAF pilot and now with Airbus the other as a NATS ATCO, have questioned why I have visited PPRuNe most days. I tell them it is because of people like you, from whom I have learnt so much - both the wisdom you always displayed and the tales of your interesting life and career.

Thank you so much Danny for the pleasure you have given so many of us, who read your posts.



Onceapilot 13th Nov 2018 16:25

Very sad news. I have read Danny's posts and recollections with great pleasure. His contribution to the RAF and his country was considerable. Well done Sir!


PPRuNe Towers 13th Nov 2018 16:26

One of the most treasured posters in the history of this site. I truly hope Mary can get to see the appreciation and respect we held for her father.


JAVELINBOY 13th Nov 2018 16:33

Sad news indeed, thanks for the many interesting posts you made Sir, you will be missed by all who frequent this place and remembered forever.
Condolences to all of your family.

denachtenmai 13th Nov 2018 16:45

RIP Danny, thankyou for everything that you did for us, we are truly grateful.

ValMORNA 13th Nov 2018 16:45

In common with every other member I feel I have lost a friend as well as a sublime raconteur with Danny's passing.

RIP, Sir.

RFCC 13th Nov 2018 17:58

RIP Danny. Farewell.

ACW342 13th Nov 2018 18:03

Danny, I took your advice.



T28B 13th Nov 2018 18:04

Thank you Danny, and farewell.
Where shall we find such men?

Chugalug2 13th Nov 2018 18:48

Such sad news. My condolences to his family, to his much loved and loving daughter Mary who was his comfort to the end. To say that Danny will be missed is a massive understatement, he was an inspiration to all who read his posts; witty and authoritative yet always self effacing as befitted his generation. He took to this medium as a duck to water, though more than once at the start he complained that the PPRuNe dog ate his posts, forcing him to start over! He knew that if he didn't tell his story here it would be lost to us. Now we are the better informed about the OP; from initial jabs at Lords, via Pilot Training in the USA, to dive bombing in Burma, but we are still all the poorer for his passing. His memorial on PPRuNe will be the WWII Pilot Brevet thread started over 10 years ago by cliffnemo, the mantle being handed on in turn by others until passed to Danny. Now they are all gone, but their stories remain with us. We will remember them.
Fly safe dear Danny, we salute you.

cngaero 13th Nov 2018 18:59

I'm so sad to hear the news of Danny's passing.
God speed on your final sortie and Thank You for sharing your wonderful stories with us.

Art E. Fischler-Reisen 13th Nov 2018 19:27

RIP Danny. I feel like I've lost an old friend, although we never met.

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