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tbwtg 13th Nov 2018 22:23

Danny, like others, I only knew you through your stories and comments here, thank you for them.

Fly on ... from this dark world of strife, on to the promised land, to eternal life. RIP, Sir.

Topcliffe Kid 13th Nov 2018 22:40

Genuinely saddened by the news of Danny's passing. RIP.

cynicalint 13th Nov 2018 23:22

These were the words left by those brothers-in-arms you supported in Burma, the forgotten army. My dad was there with you though you never met and flew different aircraft, but they had a profound effect on him.

"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

You more than kept your side of the bargain, keeping their stories alive as well. You were modest in your telling of your story, but it was a most powerful one. A mind once stretched by reading or hearing your tales will never return to its original size


Buster11 13th Nov 2018 23:27

Thank you, Danny, for sharing so much of your fascinating life with us, leavened with a spot of Hibernian wit, and reminding us what a very special generation you were a part of.

Blue skies, sir.

Stuff 13th Nov 2018 23:27

I was only ever a thread lurker for Danny's posts, eagerly awaiting the latest instalment to his enthralling dits. Thank you for bringing your history to life for a new generation, you may be gone but you are not forgotten.

Clear skies Sir.

ICM 13th Nov 2018 23:32

Something of a shock to come home to this news. Requiescat in pace.

In Paradisum deducant te angeli, In tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres ...

NutLoose 13th Nov 2018 23:42

I saw this at lunchtime but was lost for words, one had a nagging feeling that the end was drawing close, and I feel even Danny did with his poignant epitaph he wrote in one of the threads.
Though I never met Danny personally, one felt he was like an old friend, my sincere condolences to Mary and the family who must be in a place few like to visit right now, but please be assured he is reunited with his loving wife and friends lost along the way, I raised a glass to him tonight and he will be sorely missed, rarely do you meet such unassuming and genuinely warm people who are happy to share their lifes experiences with you, Danny was one of those rare characters and the world is a poorer place for his passing.

Blue Skies Danny and thank you for all you have blessed us with, you will be remembered.

Danny 42 by Tony Taylor, on Flickr

peppermint_jam 13th Nov 2018 23:48

Sad news, I've enjoyed reading his stories and anecdotes over the last few years. Rest a while Danny, hope the boys have got you a beer waiting.

parabellum 13th Nov 2018 23:54

ORAC put it here first and I hope he won't mind me repeating it for Danny, God bless him.
"Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

Art Smass 14th Nov 2018 01:11

Rest in Peace Danny... thankyou for the fascinating insights and anecdotes from a time before I was born. You will be missed, and remembered fondly

NutLoose 14th Nov 2018 03:34

Danny (still warm and breathing, but little else) If I suddenly disappear from PPRuNe, you know what has happened ("Goodbye, Goodbye, I wish you all a last "Goodbye").

India Four Two 14th Nov 2018 04:14

I enjoyed Danny's posts and had a brief, entertaining email correspondence with him earlier this year.

I will miss him.

Buster Hyman 14th Nov 2018 05:16

I think we're all a little wiser thanks to what he shared.

Cheers Danny :ok:

FantomZorbin 14th Nov 2018 07:59

My very sincere condolences to all of Danny's family and especially a Mention In Dispatches to Danny's Mary who has enabled him to keep the crewroom enlivened with his wit and wisdom.
May Danny requiescat in pace, I will miss him very much.
FZ, (one of your old students)

Glevum 14th Nov 2018 08:55

RIP Danny.

I enjoyed reading your posts. You will be missed.

DirtyProp 14th Nov 2018 09:29

Thank you, Danny.
Thank you for sharing your memories with us. We'll miss you.

mmitch 14th Nov 2018 10:21

Perhaps this forum gave him a few more years so he could share his memories and his humour with us.
Thank you Danny.

dww 14th Nov 2018 11:26

Requiescet in pace

Tankertrashnav 14th Nov 2018 12:06

I think it has all been said, so I will just add my thanks and say

RIP Danny

Lyneham Lad 14th Nov 2018 13:13

Originally Posted by Tankertrashnav (Post 10310928)
I think it has all been said, so I will just add my thanks and say

RIP Danny

Indeed - so many posts and so many fine words are a reflection on what Danny gave to his country and to all of us who followed his posts. A highlight of my summer reading was his wonderful e-book.

Condolences to his daughter Mary and to wider family. RIP Sir - you will be sorely missed.

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