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Geriaviator 13th Nov 2018 10:09

Farewell Danny42C


It is with great sadness we announce that our much loved senior crewman Danny42C passed away peacefully early this morning at his home in Middlesborough, where he has been cared for by his devoted daughter Mary.

Danny began posting in 2012 with his enthralling and witty stories of training in Florida, operating the Vengeance dive bomber in Burma, and postwar life after rejoining the RAF.

Sorry I’m in Lanzarote at the moment with limited records but I shall pay full tribute to Danny when I return next week.

MPN11 13th Nov 2018 10:27


Dennis O’Leary, 10 Nov 21 - 13 Nov 18.

Flt Lt Dennis O’Leary was a wartime graduate of the Arnold Scheme, training RAF pilots in the USA, and after the War rejoined the RAF as a pilot and, subsequently, as an Air Traffic Controller.

He joined the RAF VR in December 1940, and progressed through the system to participate in the Arnold Scheme for Pilot Training in the USA in 1942. Graduating as a Sergeant Pilot, he was one of a very few who operated Vultee Vengeance dive-bombers against Japanese forces in Burma with No. 110 Sqn. RAF and, briefly, No. 8 Sqn. Indian Air Force (IAF). Eventually commissioned in 1943, he continued flying the Vengeance until VJ-Day and beyond on ’Special Tasks’, having been promoted to a/sqn ldr in May 1945

Post-War, after briefly returning to his pre-War employment in the Civil Service, he rejoined the RAF in 1949 and underwent Refresher Flying and conversion to jet aircraft. With No. 20 Sqn, he flew a variety of aircraft in various roles, adding Spitfire, Meteor, Vampire and several other types to his log-book. For a time he was Adjutant of a RAuxAF Fighter Control Unit at RAF Thornaby, before finally handing in his goggles on medical grounds and transferring to Air Traffic Control. He attended No. 42 Joint ATC Course in 1955, later serving at RAF Stations at Strubby, Thorney Island, Geilenkirchen, Linton-on-Ouse and Leeming, and including a tour as an Instructor at the Central Air Traffic Control School at Shawbury from 1964-1967. On leaving the RAF in 1972, he worked for HMRC as a VAT Inspector.

In his later years he was a major contributor to a Forum Thread on PPRuNe, starting at Post 2262 on 27 Jan 2012, and over time took an enthralled audience through his Service life. His wonderfully detailed vivid recollections, and always informative narrations, became legendary, and he remained charming, witty and lucid to the last.


Dennis O’Leary died peacefully at home, cared for by his daughter Mary, just 3 days after his 97th birthday.

MPN11 13th Nov 2018 10:38

Farewell Danny42C
I had been fearing the worst for several days, in view of his prolonged [and unusual] silence on the Forum. His last post here was on 4 November 2018, as ever combining humour, politeness and positivity.

Invidious to name names, so thank you all for the concern, good wishes and sympathy heaped on me and my Mary (she is, literally, my "Life Support Machine").

Must be costing the NHS an arm and a leg to keep me alive. That being so, I say again "Dum spiro, scribo", and intend to be with you a while yet.

Life in old dog yet ! ........Danny.
The lack of his acknowledgement of his 97th birthday wishes on the "Pilots Brevet" thread 3 days ago was so uncharacteristic that alarm bells were ringing loudly.

Dear Danny, you will be sorely missed. You would undoubtedly be embarrassed to be described as one of the greats, and yet in your quiet way you achieved that. Rest easy in your new basha 'up there', old chum.

My deepest sympathy and respect to his Devoted Daughter, Mary, and condolences to all Danny's family. You, like us, have lost a great character. And despite the sadness, at least God gave him 97 earthly years to be with us, which we can all treasure.

roving 13th Nov 2018 10:47

Danny. thank you for sharing your rich and varied life with us. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten here.

John Eacott 13th Nov 2018 10:54

My last contact with him only four days ago: I was so hoping to talk to him.

Blue skies, Dennis


But I'm going through a bad patch now, so thank you for your concern for my wellbeing. But I cannot take any more on for the time being.

When (if ?) things get better, I'l contact you again.

Cheers ! Dennis (aka Danny42)

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 13th Nov 2018 10:54


junior.VH-LFA 13th Nov 2018 10:56

I loved reading his insights into another time; a fantastic reminder of the history our organisations have and the quality of people who have made them what they are.

Blue skies sir.

Ddraig Goch 13th Nov 2018 11:06

Can I offer my deepest condolences to Danny's family, friends and those on this thread of threads. I've followed this thread form the beginning and through it I have met many wonderful men, women and followed their stories. Danny has been one of the two cornerstones of the thread. His insight into a life many of us never experienced, thankfully, has informed and encouraged us to learn more.
The crew room will not seem the same without you Danny.

Ian Burgess-Barber 13th Nov 2018 11:17

Sad. Sad. Inevitable - yet so sad.

Thank you Danny for your wonderful memories.
Thank you for writing so eloquently, with Hibernian literary flourish and a welcome peppering of wit.
Thank you for your service.

Daughter Mary, thank you for your care of the 'auld' warrior, we (and he) appreciated your devotion. My veteran mother passed away in April - it is still raw - so please accept sincere condolences from me.

We will remember them.

Ian BB

Treble one 13th Nov 2018 11:29

Danny 42C
Very Sad to hear-a fabulous man, His thread is an all time classic.

Deepest condolences to all his family and friends.

glad rag 13th Nov 2018 11:30

How can you fully sumate a life such as that ....I certainly cannot.

Thank you Danny Rest in Peace.

NickB 13th Nov 2018 11:53

Very sad to hear this - RIP Danny42C

Roadster280 13th Nov 2018 11:58

A gentleman. RIP.

BEagle 13th Nov 2018 12:17

Very sad indeed. RIP Danny42C. Your well-written posts provided immense enjoyment to many and an insight into bygone times recalled with astonishing clarity.

You will be very sadly missed.

Icare9 13th Nov 2018 12:26

Farewell to an indomitable spirit.
Another of that remarkable generation takes to the skies.
Concern had been growing, but confirmation is the worst news for a while.
You will be missed by all and the crew room is rather subdued today.

ian16th 13th Nov 2018 12:36

RIP Danny.

Fareastdriver 13th Nov 2018 12:54

You know it has to come to pass but when it does it hurts even more.

Save a place for me.

RIP Danny

ORAC 13th Nov 2018 13:00

Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Archimedes 13th Nov 2018 13:08

Although what my late uncle called ‘departure for Angels unspecified’ is inevitable for us all, it doesn’t make the news any less sad.

And while Danny may have been, in his own words, costing the NHS an arm and a leg, in the great balance sheet, he was still massively in credit.

Ad Astra, Danny. Rest well.

ivor toolbox 13th Nov 2018 13:24

This was his recent post in the Caption Competition thread.


Only ever knew him from his posts :(
another of the greatest generation gone.


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