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hoodie 30th Jul 2017 18:22

A 2 seat Spitfire wouldn't have had space for the enormous Imax cameras that were used, and mounting one externally would have needed structural modifications to an historic aircraft - unlikely to be agreed to by the owner; I know I wouldn't!



Pontius Navigator 30th Jul 2017 18:32

Originally Posted by Training Risky (Post 9846875)
I was disappointed in the first 2 seconds to see the words "the enemy have pursued the British and French to Dunkirk". I felt the same when I went to see AVM Keith Park's statue when it was on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square a few year ago. His inscription went: "The defender of London, as enemy planes bombed in 1940...etc". I remember at the time thinking how confused . . .

TR, as far as BoB was concerned ENEMY was the correct description.

Il Duce?s Blitz ? Italy?s Forgotten Role in the Battle of Britain ? MilitaryHistoryNow.com


Training Risky 30th Jul 2017 18:54

Thanks PN, I had forgotten about the Italians in the BofB. At the risk of being pedantic can I claim that my point about AVM Park still stands as the Falco et al did not bomb London and barely made it to Harwich, Felixtowe and Kent?;)

At your link:

Germany’s disappointing air war over England was already drawing to a close by the time the Italian contingent entered the fray.

ExGrunt 31st Jul 2017 13:23

Well it is not the 1958 film, BUT I was over in the States and saw it in a cinema there and at the end the audience got up and applauded. I thought that was quite remarkable for a film about events that had no US involvement at all.

So while we can quibble, as a piece of cinema it does appear to be achieving the aim of bringing the memory of this very gallant effort to a new audience.

Bull at a Gate 1st Aug 2017 23:13

Saw it last night. I thought it a very good, but harrowing, movie. So what if there were a few matters of inaccuracy about relatively unimportant matters?

Interestingly, the thread on this topic over in Jet Blast has a lot more complaints than here. I wonder why?

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