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AlexanderB 8th Mar 2010 06:59

Some interesting posts up there, makes for some entertaining reading.

Hopefully my assesment day will be as fun as my spec. testing.(Happy memories, I still can't think of a video game that can replicate the sheer insanity of the co-ordination testing)

BTW Dimah, why don't you do some gliding?, its pretty cheap and one hell of a thrill. (eg. climb from ~2000 to 9000ft in about five minutes without an engine, then cruise halfway across the state) I've been doing it for about a year now and I've already met a whole heap of interesting people, some of them ex FJ pilots. I bet you'd never be taught to spin a powered aircraft as well:cool:.

I love VCE (all my subjects except one are scaled up), that convo. really made me appreciate the simplicity of it.

Dilmah G 8th Mar 2010 08:21


To be honest, I'd be happy with ANY flying whatsoever, gliding included. My real issue is finances, barely any of the places around where I live are happy to have new employees. I'm guessing most of them filled up during the Christmas Holidays, however, my Resume should be complete with a reference or two, so hopefully my financial situation'll change soon.

My parents do give me a bit of money when I go out on the weekend with mates and that (as long as I haven't been slacking off :p), but I'll be a hermit by the time those $10 and $20 notes add up to enough money for lessons, so a job is the more viable option.

AlexanderB 9th Mar 2010 01:37

Yeah, I think gliding is probably the cheapest form of flying apart from being a pilot. Save up some money and give it a shot, you could also see if your parents would be willing to chip in some. After all, if you do get into ADFA they won't have to pay a thing.

Just make sure your job doesn't clash with your study time, things get a little interesting as you go into year 12.

mhale71 9th Mar 2010 05:15

Word to the wise: I have Just been called and informed that they have changed the height requirements for pilot :ugh: , Will post back soon..

rotor11 9th Mar 2010 06:18

Is it higher or lower now?

Dilmah G 9th Mar 2010 08:42

I hope it isn't higher, I'm only about 167/168cm as it is.

Blackbird14 9th Mar 2010 09:46

I hope they increase the height limit ever so slightly, would make life a lot easier for me. I'm touch and go on the sitting height.... :ooh:

NicKM91 9th Mar 2010 10:13

Yeah fingers crossed blackbird! Keep me posted on how things are going.


romper 9th Mar 2010 23:46

Height requirements
gday guys and gals,

I recently completed my medical on assesment day, and the doc told me that they were going to reduce the sitting height standard, because they were finding that a person of the max. height standard, could not properly fit in one of the training aircraft with the helmuts on (cant remeber which aircraft). This was leading to injuries when the pilot was thrown around in the cockpit. I didnt actually find out what the reduction in the standard was goin to be though. Just happy that i fit!


mhale71 10th Mar 2010 03:14

DFR contacted me to tell me I have to come in for another medical because they just changed the height requirements and they didnt take down my height last time.. (err.. yeah.. they did..) So Im going in on friday morning. Will keep informed. I hope its an overall broadening of the range because I am at pretty much the top of the limit as it is.

D John 10th Mar 2010 06:20

Don't know the correct answer, but I'd like to see 'predatory female' and 'onya Backbitch' meet!:}



AlexanderB 10th Mar 2010 07:30

Yep, passed assesment day! I'm told that I'll be on the 26th June-10 July FSP & OSB (Some more paperwork that needs to be arranged before that though)

I nearly coughed myself to death on the lung capacity test

The new sitting height requirement is only for the army, Its been reduced down to 92cm max because of the new MRH-90's

I'm 93cm sitting... but not an army pilot candidate.

rotor11 10th Mar 2010 09:09

92? It was 100cm! Thats a huge drop!

Height Aviation Class 1:
Height - minimum 163 and maximum 193cm.
Sitting Height - maximum 100cm.
Buttock to knee length - maximum 67cm.
Buttock to heel length - maximum 122cm.

finestkind 10th Mar 2010 09:36


congrats. How do you know that you are on a FSP course ? Has PSA contacted you?

In regards to the new height limit it is army only and as the navy fly MRH 90s this is not the reason.

mhale71 10th Mar 2010 09:41

I will be very disappointed if My candidature gets canceled because of this (94ish sitting), Especially since the MRH90 has been a confirmed addition to the fleet for MANY years now, changing the height requirements so dramatically only now is...

keenas 10th Mar 2010 09:46

Word on the street from the inside is that it is due to the Kiowa, have heard a few guys are getting screwed on this.

AlexanderB 10th Mar 2010 09:57

Yeah, good point. If they aren't changing it for navy then it must be specifically for the Kiowa.

Its a bit weird that its only now that they've decided to change the height requirements, the army's been operating the kiowa for a while now hasn't it?

I know my FSP is not set in concrete as I haven't gotten word from PSA (sorry to get you so excited), its simply from what I've been told by the recruiters. I'll let you know when I do hear from PSA though.


Johnny_Chase 10th Mar 2010 10:06

If any of you had've read the previous thread on Australian Army height limit decrease 6 days ago you would have known about this by now.

mhale71 10th Mar 2010 10:18

The link to which was buried a few pages back here : http://www.pprune.org/military-aircr...-decrease.html

Johnny, My bookmarks for PPRuNe, take me to this thread directly, as Every thread that ever was or is seems to be culminated into this one, I was not anticipating a new thread. I was phoned yesterday about the height change, measuring myself I sit at 94cm, although my official "new" medical is on friday, (and was supposed to leave for tamworth on saturday!.)

Johnny_Chase 10th Mar 2010 10:38

92cm does seem very short in the body... If only I had've known there was a height issue with the Kiowa 6 months ago! Still, don't make any presumptions measurement-wise until you've been measured properly by the nurse. I was convinced I had eyesight issues until I had my appointment with the Opthalmologist and got the all clear. Specialists are employed in these positions for a reason...

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