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FuriousA 19th Jan 2012 08:29

Waiting for PSA
Hello all,

This is my first post on the forum. Up until now, reading peoples posts on this thread has been really helpful in preparing me for things like my aptitude testing and assessment day, so thank you.

As I'm sure is the same with many of you, I have dreamed of becoming a RAAF fighter pilot since I was a little kid. Right now, however, I will accept any pilot offer in any service. I passed my assessment day for RAAF pilot and I believe DFR is sending my info to PSA this week, now I play the waiting game...

I have a few questions that, if answered, will put me at ease until, God willing, I get that phone call inviting me to a FSP course.

Firstly, DFR explained to me that once you pass your assessment day and your file is passed on to PSA, you are assigned a quantified value and placed in a rank with all the other candidates. The highest ranking 7 or 9 candidates (depending on the number of places available on each course) are invited to the next FSP course.
Does anyone have a rough idea of the ratio of candidates who pass their assessment day to the candidates who get a spot on a FSP course?

When quantifying your 'potential', I gather PSA accounts for factors like motivation, pilot aptitude performance, leadership potential and suitability as an ADF officer.
I dont suppose anyone knows how they calculate your value in the ranking?

And finally, for those that have been on FSP, how much notice do they give you before your course starts?

Appreciate your help

cj0203 20th Jan 2012 02:51


PM sent

Queestce 20th Jan 2012 09:56

G'day All,

I had my "YOU Session" recently and was given the date for my specialist pilot testing. I just have a couple of quick queries about this testing that I hoped anyone who had recently undergone it might be able to answer for me...

I am aware that it will involve essay writing, more maths testing, coordination testing, aviation related comprehension tests, and memory testing. I am really just concerned about the further maths testing. I was under the impression it was mostly speed/distance/time style questions - not overly difficult but teamed up with a short time limit! I wondered if there was other mathematical testing than this; eg, trigonometric questions similar to that of the YOU Session, regular arithmetic questions such as 3905678 x .004357 etc etc. Would very much appreciate any insight into this, and also if anyone is able to confirm or deny whether there is further reading comprehension, or abstract reasoning testing. I presume there is no interview or medical testing on the specialist testing day, and that that all comes down the track at the assessment day?...

Thanks in advance for any help guys,

Good luck with your testing!

pacificjet 21st Jan 2012 12:00

hey again, just had another few questions...

the first one being that before you initially apply to the ADF, what should you do, what documents should you have, physical capabilities, service knowledge etc. Basically, what do you need to do and what is involved in the YOU session for someone wanting to be a pilot.

Also, if anyone knows any links for pilot specific aptitude tests, speed/dist/time problems etc

thanks guys, much appreciated.

FuriousA 25th Jan 2012 03:08

The testing is mostly maths/logical reasoning questions. There are some aviation based questions. However, I wouldnt worry about trying to find pilot aptitude tests to practice, they usually cost money and aren't really going to prepare you any more than standard aptitude tests. Just google maths aptitude testing and do some practice tests online. If you can get quick at mental arithmatic and logical reasoning this way, you can easily apply your abilities to aviation based questions. That was my findings anyway. My main problem in the testing was solving a given problem, answering the question but feeling the urge to double check it before moving to the next question. You dont have time, quickly solve the problem, go with your gut and move on to the next question.

I dont remember there being comprehension but there is abstract reasoning.

The hand-eye coordination testing is hard to prepare for, I reckon you've either got it or you dont. I guess playing games on xbox360/PS3, especially actions games, where you're using both thumbsticks on the controller will increase your dexterity somewhat (and will make studying more fun!).

No interview and no medical, thats for assessment day.

The answers to all those questions can easily be found on the DFR website, you need to do your research. Also, if theres anything you're unsure of, call them and a recruiter will point you in the right direction, a phone call also shows your motivated.

Hope this helps!

Wag888 27th Jan 2012 08:57

Is anyone going to Flight Screening for the Feb intake? or has anyone received a letter from Flight Screening saying their file has been received?

djb7 28th Jan 2012 09:25


I am awaiting a call regarding flight screening with my file sent to PSA earlier this month. I believe you cannot really put a timeframe on the phone call regarding any allocation and you can only assume they received the file when DFR sent it. If I am wrong, mine must have been "lost" in the post :ooh: Best of luck.


ol-mate 29th Jan 2012 00:50

Hey everyone

I too am waiting for my file to be sent to ADFPSA. As far as I'm aware, about a month after your file has been sent to Tamworth, you will receive a letter from ADFPSA confirming they have received your file.

Here's a link to the courses available for this year:


Hope this helps

Zeddy 31st Jan 2012 00:00

If you want to check on the status of your file, just call CPL Maher - if you don't have her number PM me for details. They're scoring the files at the moment for the march-april FSP's...

Caity1835 31st Jan 2012 00:52

Does anyone know anything about the next RAAF distribution? I am told there will be a course in May, but I'm trying to figure out how early they are likely to make selections as my OSB expires in March and PSA don't appear to have scheduled any OSB only courses before then.

CharlieMikeKilo 31st Jan 2012 01:04

Caity1835 - Give your YOU case manager a call. They will be able to get an answer fairly quickly.
Hope this helps.

Wag888 31st Jan 2012 19:06

Thanks Zeddy - fingers crossed we get a call soon

Caity1835 31st Jan 2012 21:18


Yeah I spoke to my case manager, but she doesn't know what's happening. I might try Corporal Maher, but experience says she doesn't give away much information...

Dilmah G 1st Feb 2012 00:10

Hey fellas,

Not to detract from the current discussion RE:FSP/Distributions, but has anyone else here done time in the Reserves prior to becoming pilots?

I had my YOU session yesterday, did (and dressed :ok:) reasonably well and put down for Army Reserve GSO. Logic being that 3/4 years part time during uni would be a good way to go about things as opposed to not doing anything + the stuff they get up to down here seems fairly sweet.

I'm just curious as to whether it would make it harder to become a pilot in the long run because of the wishes of the Commanding Officer and the bureaucracy? I assumed by the fact that several of the earlier posters had made the transition that it was possible, however I've heard a few rumours here and there about blokes being forced to leave the Reserves altogether and apply again for a full time role.

oneflewnorth 1st Feb 2012 03:39

Well, March it is! Got an offer yesterday for flight screening. Absolutely stoked!

CharlieMikeKilo 1st Feb 2012 05:47

Great news mate!
You will love Tamworth, hot in the day and freezing at night ;)

Best of luck!

Wag888 1st Feb 2012 11:44

well done "oneflewnorth". Can I ask did you receive the letter first saying they received your file or did you get the phone call first?


oneflewnorth 1st Feb 2012 23:44

I never got a letter saying my file was received. I called my co-ordinator and asked if it was sent/received because I hadn't heard anything after a month or more. The offer was a call though. So if you're unsure, just call.

jnicholas 3rd Feb 2012 01:31

Mid Feb 2012 OTS
Hi Guys,
Anyone else here on the Mid Feb OTS intake? If so, drop me a PM or e-mail as I am too.


crazydingo 7th Feb 2012 10:36

Hi all. First post in the forum for me. Thanks to everyone for their contributions because it has been of great help to me.

I have completed the YOU session and have my pick of the litter, however I'm stuck with a past issue on my medical history.
I'm told I'll get a letter from an ADF/recruitment doc asking for more details or saying that I'm not eligible to join. I'm hoping it's the former and that things go relatively smoothly, because if they dont then I'll most definitely be appealing the decision.
Anyone know how long the appeals process takes?

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