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Hurricane Hunters get Hunted

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Hurricane Hunters get Hunted

Old 11th May 2022, 21:20
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Hurricane Hunters get Hunted

Oops Hurricane Hunters WC-130J crew get a slap for stopping of Martha vineyard to pick a motorcycle. The Crew Chief got off woes,w demotion, and dishonorable discharge while the pilots got slap,on the wrist.


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Old 12th May 2022, 06:43
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"The aircraft was spotted by local residents eating lunch at a restaurant near the airport".

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Old 12th May 2022, 07:09
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Well that would certainly have got them noticed. Perhaps it was looking for a starter….
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Old 12th May 2022, 12:17
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Originally Posted by ShyTorque View Post
Well that would certainly have got them noticed. Perhaps it was looking for a starter….
Nice one, ShyTorque - presumably the starter would be followed by a lobster roll....

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Old 12th May 2022, 12:34
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Psst, remember this?

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Old 12th May 2022, 13:13
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Like all the various aircraft doing planned trips which return with loads of lobsters or other items, if it meets a training requirement at no additional expense and no regulations are broken, I don’t see the problem.

How many cars were flown home from RAFG and Cyprus, for example, when spare hold space was available and the correct forms submitted?
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Old 12th May 2022, 13:24
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I often used to go home via Chinook with my motorbike on board..
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Old 12th May 2022, 15:08
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Good job nobody was photographing us running out of any US PX in Germany throwing Mountain Bikes into the back of the cab.

Generally it's not so much the act, as the public perception of the act that is the issue. If they had cleared this with the COC as part of a Navex and dissimilar airport landaway, they would have had top cover and a defensible position, clearly that never happened and they were exposed. Always easy to be wise after the event though.
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Old 12th May 2022, 18:35
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Personally had plenty of trips carrying Sports Teams etc, including one from EGWU in an Andover CC2. As the latter was a ‘training flight’, we all got silver service coffee and pastries, as it was a ‘training sortie’. However, the aircraft did not then divert to somewhere Frog-side to load Lobsters or Foie Gras or Vin Rough.
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Old 12th May 2022, 18:47
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Dishforth - Edinburgh - Stornoway - Prestwick - Elvington - Dishforth. Navex & pre-Aircraft Commander Course training sortie, one Cpl, one Sgt. One ex-Hudson turret delivered to YAM in kit-form, several fish for the Combined Mess at Dishforth. DCO
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Old 12th May 2022, 21:27
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Lancaster MR3 from RAF Kinloss to RAF Merryfield, land, take-off again and return to Kinloss. Purpose of 'crew training' flight? To deliver salmon to the Officers' Mess for a Guest Night!
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Old 12th May 2022, 23:09
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Remember, USAF is the most politically correct and obedient service in the colonies.

Even so, back in the 60's and 70's we had some slack as long as the mission filled some of the training squares. One of those was a requirement to land someplace besides homeplate. Then there were war games and such at some neat places. And then there were blatant "stretching the truth" or exploiting the training requirement.

Besides figuring out how to stuff two dozen cases of Coors beer in an A-7 avionics bay and a travel pod on one deployment, my favorite was an infamous run in Feb of 1967 from Grand Forks to Tyndall to get oysters. Our squad was on the schedule for a bash at the club, and the base was 99% bombers, tankers and GCI folks. So we went "tropical" to entertain the buffs folks, et al. Our gorgeous women wore almost nothing and we wore a tiny band on our waist and used stage makeup to "get a tan". Meanwhile, one crew flew to Tyndall and came back with a few hundred pounds of oysters! The VooDoo missile bay had a huge "travel pod" that hooked on the weapon lugs. So I was on alert day before the bash and tower called to ask if we knew anything about a VooDoo coming in that had a call sign " Oyster 54"!!! My flight CO choked and said, no problem he's one of us. Good thing the club and one of us could shuck the oysters, and nobody could imagine oysters on the half-shell in North Dakota in February.

Gums sends..

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Old 13th May 2022, 00:56
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Nautical tale!

A U.S.naval officer based on a "training"base in the Caribbean was buying repo boats and had them brought down on vessels coming for training,then sell for a good profit!He was found out and reprimanded!
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Old 13th May 2022, 10:21
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Originally Posted by diginagain View Post
Dishforth - Edinburgh - Stornoway - Prestwick - Elvington - Dishforth. Navex & pre-Aircraft Commander Course training sortie, one Cpl, one Sgt. One ex-Hudson turret delivered to YAM in kit-form, several fish for the Combined Mess at Dishforth. DCO
Brilliant!! When and in what, may I ask?
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Old 13th May 2022, 10:35
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Lossie Ops Fish Emporium

Just to remind our readers of post #22 in the "Sign of the times" thread. A different world then, where I got a chit from my boss to say I could take my unused night shift duty supper rats home due to the RAF low pay/high oil rich NE Scottish economy cost of living index.
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Old 13th May 2022, 15:04
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Didn’t Johnny Johnson, by then a big wheel in the Middle East, get sent home for sending an Argosy to Kenya for, I believe, some good soil for his garden.

Wasn’t there a Luftwaffe Tornado crew sacked for running booze into Norway and returning with seafood on more than one occasion?

Many years ago in a 4 ship of Bulldogs (I know, I know but it was good fun), from Machrihanish to Glasgow when one aircraft had a bit of a wobble. His explanation, when we hit some turbulence I ended up with my guitar and several pounds of fish on my lap! Happy days.🦞
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Old 13th May 2022, 16:00
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An excerpt from my late father's recollections of his time as a Mosquito pilot on 4 Sqn at RAF Gutersloh during the Autumn of 1947:-

Rumours began to circulate that some Mosquito Squadrons in Germany were to be disbanded and that those remaining from 140 Wing and 139 Wing would be amalgamated. As time went on it became clear that our Squadron was to move to Wahn near Cologne to join 139 Wing. This was a sad blow to us, but better than being disbanded. Together with 21 and 107 Squadrons the Wing had been together at Gutersloh for a considerable time and before that in Belgium and Holland. The Station Commander decided that we must throw a Wing farewell party and the PMC was given the task of organising the food and drink. Somebody suggested that some fresh seafood would be a good idea and thus it was planned to fly to an airfield near London, get up very early in the morning and go to Billingsgate fish market to make the necessary purchases before returning for the party the same night. Nobody gave a thought to the possibility of getting weather bound and missing our return to say nothing of having a cargo of highly perishable seafood! One of our senior navigators professed to know the ropes at Billingsgate and for some reason I was selected to fly him in a Mosquito to RAF Bovingdon for the operation. On arrival at Bovingdon, we scrounged a lift into London where we put up at a small hotel close to Billingsgate and arranged a very early call. Next morning we bought lobster ,crab and oysters and loaded them into a taxi which drove us to Bovingdon. Fortunately the weather was good and an hour and a half later our cargo was safely in the Mess kitchen. The party went with a real swing and a number of Senior Officers from Group HQ were heard to congratulate the CO on his ability to obtain such delicious food!
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Old 14th May 2022, 07:32
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I knew a former lady commander in chief of a USAF facility located somewhere in England. The story goes that her habit of moving vintage tractors between the USA and the UK in the hold of C5s caught the eye of her superiors........... and that was that.

The facility in question is marked as a disused airfield, for navigation purposes only. I was flying a balloon at crop height towards this navigation feature and climbed to 20 feet to cross the fence. Below me were a number of items being loaded into trucks. In a balloon, you can hear all sorts of things so I was not too perturbed by the sound of a police car. I looked to my left and MOD Plod were busily taking photos. I realised what was going on and burned like mad to climb out. It was day 2 of the Gulf War and the items were destined for Bagdad via Fairford.

The inevitable discussion was interesting and once Plod accepted that I was wholly innocent, their parting words were "now you know what it is sir, don't do it again".

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