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Naked 3-Star

Old 13th Feb 2022, 23:32
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Naked 3-Star

I wondered why his Twitter feed had gone quiet!

In a witness statement, Mr Herbert recounted how he was working on a fence when his partner rang him and told him to look over into his neighbour's paddock. He claimed: 'I was about 30 metres from Andrew at this point and only had him in my view for a second or so long, enough to realise it was Andrew and he was naked.'

He said he was shocked and left 'wondering if there were any children in the area who may come across Andrew naked'.

He continued: 'Andrew was still in the same corner of his paddock and as I approached, I could see his face as he turned towards me and had a look of shock or surprise. I could see that Andrew was fully naked not even wearing shoes.'
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Old 13th Feb 2022, 23:43
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Storm in a teacup. Last paragraph in the DM.

A solicitor for Mr Turner said the claims were inaccurate and 'vexatious'. He emphasised that none of the allegations had been prosecuted despite the claims being 'the subject of a lengthy police investigation and review by CPS'.
Press out to make a mountain out of a molehill.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 00:05
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Any connection between any of Rotten Rupert's newspapers and the truth is purely accidental.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 00:25
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So what do we imagine occurred, the good Air Marshal thought he saw/heard an intruder in his Garden, said to his good lady, call the police I'm going to investigate, ran outside and....realized he didn't have his jammies on?!? I wonder if the person, persons, reporting this enquired at the time, excuse me, is everything alright? Can we help?

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Old 14th Feb 2022, 00:50
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I thought it might have been The Other Andrew...
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 04:19
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"No Shoes"!!! My word, standards have dropped.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 07:09
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A man out standing in his field.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 07:17
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Hope this blows over quickly for him - genuine good guy and a great Squadron Boss too.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 07:59
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Complete nonstory and definitely not a service matter. This isn't the scandal you are looking for, move along.........
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 08:14
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One of the best bosses I ever had. If AT wishes, Iím sure the Chinook Force could persuade Mr Herbert to get a life.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 08:24
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Met him once - very nice chap. Ms BB was so charmed that she said he was the most personable man she'd met since Alan Whicker.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 08:27
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AT has led something of a charmed life until now, but, like many here, I like the guy and rate him as both a commander and a bloke to have a beer with. I guess this adverse publicity, regardless of the facts, will give Mayhew a clear run now at being the next CASÖ.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 08:35
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Why was RAF deputy in garden without any clothes on? | Daily Mail Online

If true, how stupid. But I suspect there is some truth in this report.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 08:40
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Hopefully this means Mayhew is next CAS. And hopefully some respite from the mad ideas club.....
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Is there any law requiring one to wear clothes in your own paddock? I think not.

As for snooping on your neighbours and voyeurism……

One of our (female) neighbours has been known to sunbathe naked. I was a bit surprised but made a point of averting my eyes…seriously, which is I think what any normal bloke would do.

So I suspect there might be more to this vexatious claim than meets the eye….so to speak.

Coincidentally, the TV presenter Kate Humble was being interviewed on Radio 2 this morning. She lives on a small farm and I recall her once saying how she likes to walk naked around her fields. No Sun scandal there, though. Presumably because she has no vexatious neighbours.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 09:09
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Well if true, that's a total c*ck up by him.

All he needs to say is he was wearing flesh / light coloured shorts.
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 09:09
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Originally Posted by sharpend
Why was RAF deputy in garden without any clothes on? | Daily Mail Online

If true, how stupid. But I suspect there is some truth in this report.
The one thing there wasnít was a coverup!
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 09:11
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Does this publication that's trying to create a scandal out of a 54-year-old bloke exposing himself in his own garden still publish pictures of young women exposing themselves on its own pages?
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 09:34
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To be reduced in rank to Bare Vice Marshal?

(I'll get me coat!)
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Old 14th Feb 2022, 09:51
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Reading the various articles this morning then it appears to have happened last August 2021. It also states that he is believed to have been served a community resolution order - which allegedly required him to make an apology. That Order is given under caution to which you can contest in Court - however, Iím guessing that his legal advice told him to take the caution, by doing so admit his guilt. It is also a bit naive to think that people wonít notice you wandering around without a stitch on when the pictures of his £1.5m Grade 2 cottage shows it has only estate railings and sparse trees around the garden and paddocks.

I also echo what a nice chap he is, but he has had been in and around some proper howlers under his leadership too. Remember the RAF Roundel bikini within the crappy RAF Clothing Collection, also the RAF Spirit of Adventure disaster or being in and around UK MFTS - all of which have been dissected previously on this forum. He has also been front and centre pushing the ASTRA thing, which also seems to be having a difficult birth!

However, it is a real shame that this latest event will likely be what he is remembered for. I hope he finds a path out of this in retirement.
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