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No one can remember his nickname while he was "In". However, after taking a cab just a little too close (OK, a lot too close actually) to some powerlines in Norway while chasing a dog, "Their Warships" decided that he would be best "Out".
He was for ever after known as Sparky.

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Then there was "Wedge" - the simplest tool known to Man.
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AOC's parade practice. SWO reads out names from his list. "Louse!" No response. Again "Louse!!", still no answer. Eventually J/T Lowes is identified, but for ever afterwards he was known as The Louse. Quite an appropriate nickname for him, actually.
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Pratt Flight Commander who had the last office in the corridor known as Crate. (C**t Right At The End).
If it is the one I was thinking of (DH) he was then replaced by a man formed in his very own own image. Hence forth he was known as Socrates (Son Of Crate).
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My Dartmouth course-mate Chris McBean, forever known as Runner. Became a great QFI(H) before he succumbed to kidney cancer.

Malc Bunn (who might be the subject of Four Types' story) was on the same course. Was called Sticky too, or was it Currant?

The course dunce (who joined us as a re-tread, and then got binned) was called The Hare, because he was anything but, mentally as well as physically. Ironically he was last seen in Met Police uniform outside MoD Main Building.

It was briefly the fashion in my days in green to give each other girl's names (long story), thus I became Plum (posh accent). One who swerved that was a big drinker, but picked up the name The Bowser.

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We had a 'Butlins' who followed me onto the squadron from Swinderby, because he thought The RAF would be a holiday.

'Dino' the armourer who had a small brain. Used to love the name too...

A 'Shaggy' who was a dead ringer as the guy from Scooby Doo and another one known simply as 'T-Shirt.

It was quite common for people not to know the real names of those with nicknames.
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Called a guy "Growbag" in 1984 because he was full of shiat, proud to see it's still in use today - and he's still full of it.
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A certain squadron had a 'Harpoon' ('cos he f*ck$ whales).

And a 'Fog' (thick and wet).
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Wealthy but not very bright F/O was Bisto. Rich and thick.
Ah yes, the ex-Harrovian who once announced "You can't have a minus minus a plus"... Thoroughly bloody nice bloke though, but not quite the sharpest tool in the box.

We brought him back a bottle of butterscotch sauce from one USA trip - 'Rich and Thick' prominently displayed on the label.

He was also 'Delta Foxtrot' when writing the squadron's articles for the Gateway magazine - after his considerable success with the young dental officers. It stood for 'Dentist F****r'!

He fell for a well-choreographed 'food poisoning' spoof the night before he was due to go off for his society wedding - get hold of a copy of Jack Spence's 1990 book 'There I Was At 20,000 Feet - The Best of RAF Humour' ISBN 0-7137-2147-2 and you can read about it on p143.

The squadron office in which the 2 Flt Cdrs lived was known as '38D' - because it held the two biggest tits on the squadron. I told the ex-boss that when I saw him earlier in the year and he thought it was priceless!

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Earth....Low Potential


Boggy...always in the sh1t.
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One of my favourites is OSLO - Outer Space Liaison Officer.

My favourite, is for a now sadly deceased Tornado Nav, who's nickname is Nerd. One day he decides he wants to be called 'Jet'...yes, never mind Nerd. He then asked the Boss to have a word in 1 liners - asking not to be called Nerd. The result? Now known as 'Not Nerd'! Next 1 liners the Boss says 'Nerd' and 'Not Nerd' unacceptable - the result? Now known as 'Still'...

... Still (Not Nerd)!

God bless you mate

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Well known BA skipper known far and wide as 'Dange' . . . .
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I remember a fellow Cadet Pilot by the name of Mattick. His QFI promptly named him Otto...
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RCAF pilot called Dave Granger, otherwise known as "Grave Danger"!!
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A WSOp at ISK had for years been known as 'Otter'. Mrs decided that it was not on - he was to be known by his given name.

So, he became 'Snotter' - 's not otter
then, SNATCHO - Still Not Allowed To Call Him Otter
then SAM - Small Aquatic Mammal

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Then there was Sylvia in NI. Why? Name contained a 'Y' instead of an 'I'. Mrs Sylvia, most unimpressed announces at Happy Hour he was no longer to be known as to be known as something like the dark intruder...or some such guff..needless to say he stayed Sylvia...

Isacc (Hunt)
Spud...not sure about this one..
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all this frivolity needs stamping out:

Bad news Bear Grylls! Scout Association to clamp down on the use of nicknames 'because it encourages bullying' | Mail Online


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" Super Vick" - gets right up your nose.

" Ten plank " - five times as thick as two short planks.
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Worked with an American a few years back who was getting very wound up in a meeting about some point he thought was very important. To emphasize his point he said 'Look, I just want to be frank...' followed by a quick reply from someone else in the room of 'Ok Frank'.

Needless to say he didn't see the funny side. Word was that he went in to see the senior instructor, who was unaware he did not like the name, to ask to have it stopped and was greeted with 'What can I do for you Frank?'
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Circa 1958-59 a confidential memo was circulated in the RAF stating: "As from the 1st of next month, the practice of referring to Army Officers as "Pongoes" is to cease".

The Navy issued the same, but theirs stated: "As from the 1st of next month, Pongoes will be known as Army Officers".

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