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Yarpie 5th Apr 2001 17:15

Didn't know this Officer in the Service, but was told his nickname followed his studious avoidance of anything bu the plum trips.

Sqn Ldr ..... is know by his subordinates as "Seagull" as they have to throw rocks at him to get him in the air.

The name may also refer to loud squawking and cr*pping at the drop of a hat.

7x7 5th Apr 2001 18:03

Sqn Ldr Fender (or Mudguard)- 'cos he was all bright and shiny on the outside, and you know what underneath.


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HeliAviator 5th Apr 2001 18:45

Chappy in the AAC known as Thrush; because he was an irritating c***. Another on 18 Sqn known as Earth; because he has no potential! :)

Ham Phisted 5th Apr 2001 19:22

TCW - That Chap Wallace

Replace "chap" with four letter, offensive expletive and you'll get the idea - and he was.

smooth approach 5th Apr 2001 21:50

"Vick" - he got right up your nose

"Spock" - he always f***ed Vulcans

"Fluffy" - Fat, loud ugly F***er from Yorkshire

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Otis Spunkmeyer 5th Apr 2001 22:24

Had a chap known as 'Kelvin'

because he was an absolute zero.

Roland Pullfrew 5th Apr 2001 22:34

On the Ton a few years back there was a chap known as TLB (That Les [email protected]), this was a bit of a p1ss take as he was actually the nicest bloke I have ever met! :)

....and never fly in a straight line or your a dead duck.....

Ramp Monkey 5th Apr 2001 22:44

There was a Loadmaster in NI called ALF- Annoying Little Łucker,
A year later changed to RALF... need I explain.
God bless OASC they commissioned him !!!!!!
By the way how are the stags!

BEagle 6th Apr 2001 00:04

A singularly inept VC10 co-pilot known as TDLFCC 'That Deaf Little Fat C**t Ch*****m'

A certain now-senior officer who used to blunder about Base Area Gringo in the Islas Malvinas known as 'Thrombo' - the wandering clot - or 'AWF' - Avocado with Feet after his appearance in a flying suit

The absolute zero who everyone has had to carry at some time or other known as 'Kelvin Rucksack'; also thought he was a wheel, but easily pushed around, hence his other nickname 'Castor'.

......and so many more!!

YellowBelly 6th Apr 2001 00:57

Knew a senior officer nicknamed "j" as he knew the square root of f**k all.
(ask a maths expert if confused)

Otis Spunkmeyer 6th Apr 2001 02:01

I wonder if UJ is still in the RAF. Probably a senior officer by now.

Anyway, Urinal Jerkoff was caught...

JimNich 6th Apr 2001 02:33

Had a Co-pilot on Nimrods once called Caracas (he was nine hours behind everybody else).

And a special thanks to all the "Gimlets" out there (dictionary description of which is "small boring tool").

deltahotel 6th Apr 2001 13:08

LTW - lunch time w***. Was surprised by his mates in his room at Valley one lunchtime.....

obnoxio f*ckwit 6th Apr 2001 13:16

Ramp Monkey

Does ALF = one of those big white birds?
Things you often heard: "S*****, [email protected]@k off!"

Once knew a Wedge - simplest tool known to man (he thought it was after the X-Wing jock in Star Wars!)

Double Asymmetric 6th Apr 2001 13:58

Guy I know flew Hercs - Diesel...no spark.
Then there was a guy known to all as COAB...C$%& Of a Bloke!!!

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Andu 6th Apr 2001 14:52

Not exactly a nickname, but when the Ozmates arrived en masse in Malaysia Airlines post 1989, the the comely and sometimes very accommodating MAS FAs rather quickly became known among the younger Oz pilots as LBFMPBRs.

I think most will guess the want the first four letters stand for. The last three might not be quite so obvious. It was "...powered by rice".

Wig Wag 6th Apr 2001 15:44

Wartime Naval Commander (WW2) known as 'Harpic' . . .

Clean round the Bend !

kbf1 6th Apr 2001 17:07

There was one guy at RMAS we called Star Trek because if he thought you were posh enough he would "orbit Uranus looking for Clingons"

The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own Satanic HERD!

1.3VStall 6th Apr 2001 19:59

Then there was the Tornado nav who thought his nickname BOF was short for Boffin, rather than Boring Old Fart!

Genghis the Engineer 6th Apr 2001 20:14

Came across a Nav called "SPIN" - Shortest Person In Nato.

A test pilot, still a serving senior officer who got allocated the job of evaluating the Eurofighter small-size flying kit got the OFFICIAL title "UK Small Person", working for him was "UK Large Person", who was last seen flying for Virgin.

Phantom pilot of my acquaintance with the surname of "Dyde" just became "Upton".


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