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Now a Wg Cdr I believe,

T4 aka T***y Toilet The T**t.

Popular chap.......
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A Leeming Lovely from a few yrs ago was known as "Monkey Bum-Head". Sad thing was, that description was quite inspired.
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A bloke in my company spends all of his time in the hotel to save his allowances. Known as The Olympic Torch: travels all the way round the world and never goes out.
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Gary Astazu
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Thumbs up

Used to have an Officer Commanding, went by the handle of "Claymore"

He was "anti-personnel" Bugger me he's a General now!
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I knew a Navy beefer a few years back who was known as "Splunk".
His real name was Sleman.

And then there's Crab beefer Steve "Wang" Carr.

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Harry Peacock
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Old Squadron CO from the '80s known as PILL

.........Small, round and no conception!!

Very apt.
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Gash Handlin
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Chap I used to know was called Hymen, he thought it was because of his prowess at deflowering virgins, I don't think he ever twigged it was actually because he was a complete c**t.
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If we've had them already I apologise;

MUPPET- Most useless pilot pusser ever trained

SPIN-Shortest Pilot in Nato

Two Dads- anyone with hyphenated name
Old 28th Jun 2001, 09:14
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SEAL - short for imbecile.
Old 29th Jun 2001, 00:21
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Mr C Hinecap
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Knew another SPIN - he thought it was Shortest Person In NATO - Shortest Prick In NATO never worked it out.

Also a mate of mine went through a course with a guy they called 'Newark' - he worked out it was an anagram on the last day.

Slinky - everyone has an urge to throw them down the stairs.
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Crewroom nicknames

The tv prog this week Heroes of the Skies featured a USAF F4 squadron commanded by Robin Olds ( who seems to be a bit of a legend). One of his pilots rejoiced in the name of Everett Raspberry. Which got me thinking...

What would have his nom de guerre have been?
What is the most OTT crewroom nickname you gave encountered?
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A newly 'Posted In' walked into a Ballykelly crewroom and was asked where his last posting had been. He said "St Eval": and added, "and I hope my nickname doesn't follow me!"

Someone looked up from his cards and said "Why, what did they call you?"

He said "Noddy".

We all said - "Hello Noddy!!"
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One of my best mates is known is known as Noddy... Known throughout the Regiment...

Why's he called Noddy? Because he's got Big Ears...
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Newly arrived Chinook Pilot....on his second Combat Tour to Vietnam....when some one pointed him out and said...."That's the New Guy!".....the New Guy copped an attitude suggesting he was no f@cking New Guy....he was Second Tour.

To this day we still call him ...... "New Guy"!
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Some old RN SHAR pilots would recall 'RamsDog'? Long story short this nickname remained with RamsDog throughout his long illustrious (first to deck land a SHAR on same 24 June 1982) RAN career with short sojourn in RN FAA in late 1970s-early 1980s. RamsDog gained this nickname, known to his peers before even joining the RANC (origin is completely innocuous) but it was such a nickname that it was lifelong. Vale RamsDog.

A PDF (or two) about RamsDog (Dave Ramsay) is here in 'Documents Various' folder on SpazSinbad SkyDrive page:
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We all said - "Hello Noddy!!"
"My name's Phil, but my mates call me W****"

"Hello Phil!!"
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Some nicknames from my maritime days:

"Flash" - who later become "Zulu" (as he was one hour behind everyone else )

Mr Muttitt used to delight in swapping the more obvious nicknames around...

e.g. 'Spud' White and 'Chalky' Murphy. 'Spud' stuck for many years!
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Robin Olds 2IC was "Chappie" James..

The pair were known as "Blackman and Robin"..
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A crewroom conversation at Leeming, with a new arrival.

"So mate, what's your nickname?"

"Well, they used to call me 'Diesel Bob,' because I refuelled a petrol landy with diesel twice, but I don't like that nickname"

"Ok, nice to meet you 'Diesel Bob."

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At some flying training school. one of the QFIs was holding court about speaking foreign languages. After about 10 minutes of boring the rest of the crewroom fartless with this, his colleagues became rather fed up....

"Well, do you speak another language?", they asked him.
"Of course I do. I speak Swahili!", he bragged.
"OK - what's err, 'dangerous snake' in Swahili?"
"Hatari nyoka"
"Deep river?"
"Kina mto"
"Stupid baboon?"
"Kijinga nugu"
"Well then, nugu, it looks like you've earned yourself a new nickname!"

And 'Noogs' he duly became!
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