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Air Cadets grounded?

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Air Cadets grounded?

Old 3rd Nov 2015, 21:21
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A & C

"I see a real determination to get the situation resolved asap".

Oh really? That is why, 18 months after the grounding - sorry, pause, Comdt 2 FTS is talking about further studies into syllabi, equipment, basing and even the mix between powered flying and gliding for cadets.

The lunatics are running the asylum and the sad fact is that the lunatics know diddley squat about gliding.

Nearly 50 years ago I did a one-week ATC gliding course at RAF Spitalgate and went solo. It inspired me to join the RAF and I am still gliding and flying. It saddens me that the current generation of youngsters is being denied that thrill at the start of their careers.

A small team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic consultants could put together an achievable recovery plan to sort out air cadet gliding in a matter of weeks. Selling it to the RAF hierarchy would be more difficult though!
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Old 3rd Nov 2015, 22:09
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1.3V stall

Like you I did the air cadet thing and this resulted in a career in aviation and I too share the opinion of most on this forum that the chance to fly with the air cadets is vital to the youth of this nation.

That being said we can't sent the young people of this nation flying in aircraft of questionable airworthiness.

There is no doubt that the aircraft should have been grounded, the mistake was to let the contractor who presiptated this problems try to run the recovery program, any commercial operator would have shown them the door.

Recently the RAF have grasped the nettle and started working with others to get the gliders back in the air.

Your opinion that a small team of enthusiastic consultants is not far wide of the mark but if you think you will have the fleet back in the air in a few weeks then you vastly underestimate the scale of the task in hand.

The airworthiness oversight has to up to airline standard and the paperwork is a real mess, it will take time but I would be very supprized if we don't see cadets flying next summer.

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Old 3rd Nov 2015, 22:56
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This is the guy who inspired me and trained me to solo standard in 1959 (Geoff Naylor at Hawkinge, one of the best).

Even now I still get a thrill when flying an LS4.

I wonder how many of our young cadets have had this opportunity taken from them during this "pause"?
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 00:00
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Cool Wellies

Just look at those 'cool' wellies !.
Geoff went off to the LGC at Dunstable for 66-67 a big loss to the ATC.

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Old 4th Nov 2015, 09:52
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Not wishing to be too cynical but there are no timescales really mentioned in the email from OC2FTS. Yes it talks about Christmas and the New Year, but no year; could be in a couple of months could be in several years when 'things' eventually get sorted. It talks about the future and when things have been sorted; but all of this is as long as a piece of string. We need specific timescales, so people can be held accountable for their actions, or lack of.

If this was a football club, the manager would have fallen on their sword by now as a result of the performance of his/her players.
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 13:54
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I made a request under the FOI for details on the cost of the new HQ for 2FTS. The MoD has provided the data.


Total 794,863.
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 15:52
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HQ Costs

AGG What did they actually get for 795.000

Is this in addition to the 7.1 Million Pounds spent on knocking down the original hangars and building the current infrastructure!

Am i missing something here or have the RAF spent nearly 8 million pounds on providing a centre of ATC Gliding that could not actually

deliver serviceable gliders or repair them. I thought 'Yes Minister' was a TV comedy not a documentary.

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Old 4th Nov 2015, 17:19
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Always was a documentary................., but this one nearly outdoes all that has gone before
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 19:32
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Next Sunday

Location:- A VGS near you

Setting:- CO's Office/cupboard/ (Checking latest Prune Posts)

Action:- Staff Cadet Baldrick where are you !
Here sire; i was just cascading some information to the staff.
Jolly Good how many are left !
Just the two of us sire and the Squadron cat.
Get your wellies out of the emergency stores lad i need some urgent action !
Righto Sire what am i to do
I need half a dozen 6ft poles with a pointed end !
Not a problem Sire i am a Staff Cadet in wellies everything is possible
Well done lad; if only we had more like you at the top of the system !
I always do my best sire even when despised by those above us
You are a true stalwart Baldrick unlike those ......s who cant run a B.....P...U.in a .....g Pub,and have royally shafted my beloved organisation because they are totally useless!
Do not despair Sire we Staff Cadets are a mighty force and will prevail over evil
I am truly humbled by your support Baldrick; get me the post code for London Bridge with the poles,and the axe off the winch;i will prepare the list !
You cant do this alone sire let me come
No you valiant chap the Staff Cadets must live on to tell the story!
Ok Sire is there anything else before you go
I might need some more poles Baldrick !
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 20:01
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Ye gods ! Didn't realise they have built a new HQ for 2FTS at Syerston ! Of all places to locate it, in the midst of an almost moribund station hanging on by the skin of its teeth.

Just reminds me of the old trick question " how do you know when they're about to close a station ?" ANSWER = when they've just spent a load of on it !!

Thus when the "pause" has resulted in the inevitable, we have a shiny new edifice stuck in the middle of a run down old RAF station, with grazing cattle around it and Gypsies ripping out the remaining valuables as scrap.

It gets worse ! But lots of us will be able to remember the former achievements and be very proud. Perhaps a VGS memorial in London and an annual service ?
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 20:05
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Flug - re your post 860.

More AEF?, some would be nice as this area is still experiencing the effects of the unmitigated [email protected] up that was the 5 AEF move from Wyton to Wittering back in April!
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 20:49
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Flagging it up


Did you not think the flag Pole at 3,450 was value for money then !!

I do wonder sometimes if they just get the decimal point wrong.
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 20:50
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Brokenlink: Just trying to think how they may make up any Vigilant-loss shortfall in flying opportunities! they did mention Tutors in the missive and we know that they will be phased out in the coming few years.

Having said that... as you mention, the AEFs aren't exactly firing on all cylinders either... beginning to think that anything the RAF Flight Training Head Honchos touch, rapidly turns to s**t!

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Old 4th Nov 2015, 20:51
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Looks very tidy though

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Old 4th Nov 2015, 21:00
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Here is what 800k buys you...

Central Glider Squadron RAF Syerston - Templeman Design
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 21:21
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800,000 No2 FTS

LJ I think you will find that lot cost 8,500,000 !!!!

Not including the flagpole. Those decimal points are really confusing !
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 22:11
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What an absolute disgrace...

I see what you mean now it is on the front page of my link:


That's a lot of money and not a lot to show for it...
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 22:46
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Dead ringer for closing down if they have almost spent 10m !
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 23:02
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US Fleet

LJ That hangar looks like it is housing some of the best serviced u/s aircraft in the country; poss the world.

The largest risk factor involved with that entire operation is slipping on the shiny hangar floor.

I truly hope the ATC can get some sense back into the system before its too late.
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Old 4th Nov 2015, 23:46
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I like the use of rolls of razor-wire atop the fence; obviously there to keep any 'air-minded youth' / crazed FS Cadets from storming the compound in complete frustration!

Hopefully there is still a gate around the back where shaggy Glider Recovery 'operatives' can still shuffle towards the hanger clutching a tube of Araldite ("Mungo fix plane!!!").

With this level of screw-up, surely there must be some OBEs/MBEs in there somewhere??

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