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UK Maritime Patrol Aircraft - An Urgent Requirement

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UK Maritime Patrol Aircraft - An Urgent Requirement

Old 12th May 2014, 05:06
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More Japanese flying boat fun. Not for those prone to seasickness...

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Old 14th May 2014, 08:25
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I hadn't really noticed but...

"The UK also operates an airborne maritime surveillance capability."

Source - National Strategy for Maritme Security 2014 - published this month. This is what it has to say about the futue for Maritime Air:

Aerial Surveillance. In order to deliver more cost-effective aerial surveillance of the UK Marine Areawhile satisfying the needs of the MCA, Border Force and MMO, we will work to harmonise contractedAerial Maritime Surveillance provision by 2015. This new provision will take full advantage of advances in technology and deliver some contingent capability to other agencies and government departments.The UK Armed Forces requirements and capabilities in air-based Intelligence,Surveillance, Targetingand Reconnaissance (ISTAR), including future maritime surface and sub-surface surveillance, will beconsidered in 2015, within the Strategic Defence and Security Review process.

More than I expected to find to be honest.

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Old 11th Jul 2014, 10:41
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This weeks "Flight" quotes the USN estimate for FY 2015 of the unit cost of a new P-8 (based on 8 aircraft ordered) of $ 270 mm including weapons systems
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Old 11th Jul 2014, 11:00
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discount for being "special friends"?
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Old 11th Jul 2014, 19:09
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Interesting reading on the P8

Analysis: OT&E Report Details Systemic Failures in US Weapon Testing

P-8A Poseidon: Not Mission Effective, But in Full-Scale Production

What is Gilmore’s “specific example?” He told the JCS Vice Chairman that “the P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Patrol Aircraft could be fully compliant with all Key Performance Parameter (KPP) and Key System Attribute (KSA) threshold requirements, and nonetheless possess significant shortfalls in mission effectiveness.”

He also added that “The P-8 requirements define supporting system characteristics or attributes that are necessary, but not nearly sufficient, to ensure mission effectiveness.”

In an extreme case, he continues, “the contractor could deliver an aircraft that meets all the KPPs but has no mission capability whatsoever. Such an airplane would only have to be designed to be reliable, equipped with self-protection features and radios, and capable of transporting weapons and sonobuoys across the specified distances, but would not actually have to have the ability to successfully find and sink threat submarines in an Anti-Submarine Warfare mission (its primary mission).”

So how did the Joint Chiefs and the US Navy react to the “specific example” of the P-8A, which Gilmore concluded “is not effective for the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission, and is not effective for wide area anti-submarine search?”

They must be taking lessons from the UK.
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 09:02
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as the article points out they never listen to him -

the sellers, the buyers, the politicians and the operators just ignore what he says as they all have their own vested interests in doing so
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 21:06
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Old 13th Jul 2014, 08:02
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RAF crewed P-8 at Waddo

Last sunday at Waddo, came across the P-8 with the all Brit crew and here's my pics

Maybe in RAF roudels in the future who knows?

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Old 13th Jul 2014, 08:21
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A question for those in the know:

If the UK decide to purchase the P8 (and the rumour mill is in full force at the moment) then will that be a COTS buy, or will the MOD want it's own sensors on the platform? If it is a COTS purchase then how will the many sensors (thinking EW) be supported? Will this be UK personell placed into EWC in the US or would we be expected to set up our own EW support section in the UK (not a quick or simple suport section to set up)? To do so could be approx 5 years+ to be effective.

Along the same lines; I understand the mission system is similar to the MRA4 (at least the Boeing architecture) and therefore will require some sort of MSS. Will this be COTS or would the UK be expected to develop its own and integrate?

I understand the platform is excellent, and like all new aircraft will have it's teething problems, but I do feel that there is an assumtion that the jets can just be bought and flown "as is", but to do so requires a huge support organisation that I think has not even been considered. How many simulalators would be required? Would these have emulated mission systems, or simulated? Having seen the cluster that was the MRA4 rear crew simulator, I would hope some lessons had been identified there. (That is not a slur on those supporting that sim, but the decisions made on how to emulate the sensors).

The systems above are just a couple, and we have not even gone into acoustic support, an area where the RAF (standby RN) removed the capability to support with the retirement of the MR2.

Would you be able to add any info on how some of these areas would be managed?

Enjoy the US - when are you lot coming back anyway? If you are......
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Old 13th Jul 2014, 10:29
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then will that be a COTS buy, or will the MOD want it's own sensors on the platform?
That's a pretty good question. Last time I managed a Sonics programme (20 years ago) the winner of the blind trial, by a VERY long way, was a Computing Devices (Canada) Off The Shelf device. I was kicked up and down every corridor in St Giles Court for running the trial, because Sonics was a protected technology and the contract WOULD be awarded in the UK, regardless of quality, price, supportability, performance, time to develop etc. Nothing anyone in MoD could do. Some waivers were granted over the years; for example HELRAS in Merlin (BAeS/Bendix) which was allowed to compete with Plessey's Guillemot in the early 80s. Not sure what the current political directive is, but for example ELINT was the same and now we've bought Rivet Joint and US kit.
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Old 14th Jul 2014, 06:10
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I imagine the RAAF acquisition model may be one to follow closely. We're getting 8 (+4) P-8s from 2017, and will likely leverage off RAAF/Boeing Wedgetail AEW&C support facilities for deeper maintenance and EW support at Amberley, and will establish a flightline maintenance, spares warehouse and flight and cabin training facility at Edinburgh to mirror that of the Wedgetail's at Williamtown.

It's expensive to setup and run your own support and training facilities, but it can be done with initial deep support from Boeing and the US Navy - the old saying 'buy cheap, buy often' applies!

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Old 15th Jul 2014, 07:14
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UK to extend Sentinel surveillance program with Raytheon support

Raytheon Co (RTN.N), the U.S. maker of radar, missiles and other defense electronics, said it would improve software on the Sentinel to make it better equipped for maritime surveillance to help support the government's plan to extend its lifespan.
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 09:38
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yikes - weren't our mushroom farming friends (UK E-3) relying on that to keep their pot full?
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 10:30
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This may be of interest: New report calls for MPA competition

Though with Hammond gone, and Fallon in, presume any chance of an early decision is put back.

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Old 15th Jul 2014, 10:46
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With the new Japanese policy regarding all things defence related might I ,once again, advocate the Japanese (turbofan equipped) next gen ORION, aka the KAWASAKI P-1;

4 engined vs 2, much more range, speed, altitude and more weapons.
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 11:17
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But the P-1 however good isn't for export, is it?
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 12:03
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Export rules severely relaxed in April and will further relax at the end of 2014,
The Shinmaywa is already cleared for export to the Indian NAVY, I cannot imagine that the P1 (or C2) would be problematic for any nation with good ties with the US (like all NATO members)
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 13:34
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Place your order....
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Old 15th Jul 2014, 15:00
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Hate to point out the elephant in the room...

Being able to see 'blips' on the surface of the sea is not maritime surveillance, just like putting searchwater in anti-col does not constitute a RAP.

Loving the look of the Kawasaki, but highly unlikely that the UK would buy Japanese.
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Old 16th Jul 2014, 01:29
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Looks like a little wager I made in the office a few months back is going to pay off


The price is starting to look pretty good for an outright buy instead of a lease as well.
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