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Brize move a farce..

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Brize move a farce..

Old 5th Aug 2011, 22:15
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Hi Gang;

I live on what used to be the ILS base turn for 24 (previously 25) at EGDL....so that makes me a Swine-Don dweller....Damn, I actually MISS the noise!!!!

It does make the odd aircraft that flies over more noticeable, rather than when the C130s were incessantly in the instrument pattern.

The drive to work is now 35 mins instead of 30...... I reckon I chose my dwelling rather wisely.

Or should I just delete all of the above....


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Old 5th Aug 2011, 22:28
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"when I was commuting 100 miles each way from Bourton in Dorset to LHR Tower"
anyone who commutes that far has more money than sense
And its BECAUSE of people doing that kind of thing that the A303 had to be upgraded. If you - and your fellow polluters - had not chosen to move to where you did, then the noisy road you complain of would never have been built
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Old 6th Aug 2011, 08:56
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(Brian 48nav - as one who has travelled the A303 since before the Andover bypass was built (no, not by stagecoach!), I agree that the road has been improved somewhat since the early 1970s. The joys of chugging along through Sparkford, Wincanton, Mere, Wylye, Amesbury, Andover to the A30, then the Basingstoke by-pass, Hook and Hartley Wintney, Bagshot and past Blackbushe airport to Camberley, Bagshot, past Virginia Water, then the Egham and Staines by-passes and finally to London Airport - it took about 3 hrs from home to LAP, whereas now it would be nearer 2 if the roads weren't so crowded.... But there was usually some flying to be seen at Thruxton, RAF Andover and Blackbushe! However, the 303 will never be the main road to the south-west until someone has the guts to sort out how to bypass Stonehenge - and to dual the road from the A345 roundabout to the Mere by-pass and from the Hazelgrove roundabout to the M5 at Exeter! Really it should be motorway standard all the way from the M3. Sadly, the tree-huggers block any attempts to improve Britain's roads though - as witness the dreadful A40 from the M5 at Cheltenham to the M40 at Oxford which by now should be at least a dual carriageway, if not a motorway.)

As regards the cost of housing near Brize, it is true that the local rental market has been grossly distorted by MoD's failure to provide sufficient on-base housing. The pre-fabs which were supposed to have a 10 year life in 1965-ish are still there and the housing programme won't be complete for at least 5 years. So rental prices have risen by 30% in some sectors; fine for the local Rachmans, but causing great problems for the less well-off hereabouts.

No matter what Uncle Norm might say, improving Carterton is a bit like deciding to protect the virtue of Joan Collins - a great idea but about 60 years too late! Still, the Cartoontown inmates will soon be getting such top quality supermarkets as Morrisons and Aldi... Which should improve things for victims of the shotgun wedding between Lyneham and Brize a little.
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Old 6th Aug 2011, 22:14
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Trying to doze off and I'm sure I can hear the creaking of wood on wood from here!
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 00:11
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Very gracious of you Brian, I will do likewise.
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 10:56
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I note you've made the Mail on Sunday

'Chipping Norton Set' tell RAF: Your war games are ruining our beauty sleep | Mail Online
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 15:38
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Champagne anyone...?
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Well that's another piece of splendidly spittle-flecked journalism from The Daily Little Britain. Chipping Norton being disturbed eh? I can sympathise - I live west of Swindon and the noise from that bladdy 'eathrow airpor' is doin my 'ead in! Ridiculous garbage.

Daily Mail. By morons for morons.
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 16:21
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Classic bit of poor reporting. This was an old story from the residents around Carterton that has been put with the "chipping norton set" story. I live up that way and only see hercs very infrequently. Chippy is 20 miles from Brize.
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 19:44
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Daily Mail. By morons for morons.
First off there is nothing in that article that suggests the Mail is taking sides.

Secondly it states 'Chipping Norton Set', not 'Residents of Chipping Norton'. There is a difference, 'Chipping Norton Set' is a figure of speech, 'Residents of Chipping Norton' would be specific but was not used.

'Chipping Norton Set' merely refers here, perhaps, to well-off 'townies' who move to the country and then often complain about activities that have taken place in the environs for some considerable time prior to their arrival. Or, it could refer to those self-important individuals who believe their life-long residency in, an often picturesque, village gives them some sort of superiority of opinion (think WI on steroids, if you will, or perhaps the local Mary Whitehouse-esque member of the parish council). It would be appropriate, for example, to refer to Gordon Sumner as 'Chipping Norton Set', even though he does not live anywhere near the place. It refers to a mindset, not a geographical location. It is typified by, although by no means exclusive to, the somewhat stereotypical resident of Chipping Norton, to-wit Clarkson et al. Although of course it maybe somewhat ironic to include Clarkson as he is generally pretty 'onside' when it comes to H.M. Armed Forces.

Too many people have this knee-jerk reaction to anything written in the Mail. To me it says more of them than the paper.

No, I neither work for nor read the Mail.

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Old 7th Aug 2011, 20:29
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Sorry, anyone trying to provide defence for the daily mail needs their heads feeling...

Check out the below article.

The Daily Mail list of 'Things that give you cancer' - hellokinsella's posterous

trash newspaper only just beaten by the likes of the sport.
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 21:18
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Daily Mail

As a geriatric reader of many newspapers I would not hold the Daily Mail in any more contempt than any other newspaper ! The only difference is (sometimes) in the grammar that is used and the accuracy(?) of the reporting. We have reached a stage where, I suggest, the press are about to lose all credibility with intelligent people !
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 22:31
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some people are almost suicidal.

I bet the Samaritans have been busy then. I guess they have to shout down the telephone to be heard though.

Base chiefs have scheduled meetings with residents to try to defuse the situation.

Meetings with local Estate Agents that is.

I think it is a very clever ploy by the Station Commander at Brize Norton to drag the local housing market down to a level where the RAF can buy up all the houses to ease the problems they have. Very clever.

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Old 7th Aug 2011, 23:51
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VR, I expected nothing else of the retarded 'logic' one sees here.
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 23:53
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The problem THEY have ? The RAF.
Are you mad ? We have herberts in east London putting up posters declaring Sharia Law rules in those areas and apparently normal people here are disassociating themselves from OUR armed forces.
Plainly going down the pan as a country, could you imagine what the 1940`s residents of the south and east coasts would have to say ?
ln 2002 l watched a black B52 returning soon after dawn as l was driving by and thought "thankyou".
Politics, like estate agency, is occupied predominantly by self serving greedy b*stards, OUR armed forces are not.
They should be given what they need, and then some.
l`ve never been a member of our armed forces, just one of the tax payers.
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Old 8th Aug 2011, 01:10
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Overun -
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Old 8th Aug 2011, 19:07
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Sadly until HMG say 'go' and to be honest there's not much chance of that, as much as we would like to take action there's really not a lot we can do.

Can't really see the 'PC' brigade being on side if the QRF Btn went in to deal with it or a few 'Apaches' got lost on the way to the ranges and brassed up the local area.

As for a neat bit of carpet bombing.. as tempting as it is, I think some one would whing and then there's the cost, we just cant afford the munitions now, we spent all the spare cash on moving and closing a perfectly good airbase

Now, in one of the great traditions of HM's forces there is one thing we can do, and do well. And that's whinge... quite often it's about something thats perfectly sensible while other times it'll be about something that makes Blackadder look like a normal sane person but either way whinge we will do, it can be between Arms, different units or individuals, sometimes it can get quite nasty but at the end of the day it's 'our' whinge and we like it

The thing is though, when someone butts in and really upsets the 'Boss, sat in her wee house in London' we all forget our little differences, the alert state leaps up to 'a bit miffed' and we put all that attention on the new target in town...

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Old 8th Aug 2011, 22:25
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Whing????? I prefer a good whinge myself. But if you prefer to whing you carry on.
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Old 10th Aug 2011, 19:22
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Having grown up 'On the Patch' on a lot of the Heavy Bomber Stations, I don't see what all the fuss is about! I seem to remember living close to 35's Dispersal and experiencing the roar and vibrations of High Power Runs and the scream asymmetric GA's on a regular basis. It didn't seem to effect us kid's getting up for school the next day. Admittedly times, they have a changed - or maybe, we were/are made of stronger stuff. That said, the crackle of a 'South-side Tanker' heavy on a Sunday morning can be an intrusion when you've trying to read the papers in Toon- town

I'm sure Beags will comment http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/evil.gif

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Old 10th Aug 2011, 20:06
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Well, yes. At Sunny Scampton, Foxtrot dispersal was very close to the AMQ:

Hence a 93% cross-feed start on bays 24 or 25 would certainly have been noticed. Double asymmetric overshoots were not permitted at night though, except by OCU QFIs.

That said, the crackle of a 'South-side Tanker' heavy on a Sunday morning can be an intrusion when you've trying to read the papers in Toon- town
On 17 June 1986, we scrambled in a max weight VC10K3 early in the morning. It was just within limits for a full power take-off from RW08, but it had been a hot, airless night and all the locals had slept with their windows open....

We'd recently had a 'bit of a word' from the fun-detectors for early turns at low level; in those days the SOP for an air defence scramble was to turn on course to Wallasey at 500ft, but many of us didn't wait that long. We also cleaned up at 1500ft rather than 3000ft for an AD scramble.

On this occasion, the pilot flying was OC101. Determined to set a good example, he diligently maintained heading until reaching 500ft. But rather than climbing at V2+20, he'd decided to accelerate immediately to MFR (210KIAS), hence we had a very shallow climb angle. When we eventually staggered up to 500ft, he turned overhead Thorney Leys and the West Witney estate still with full power applied.....then called for flap in and accelerated to 290KIAS for the climb before reducing to climb thrust.

A mate who lived in Thorney Leys said the noise was utterly indescribable - his wife thought our jet was going to hit their roof. A sentiment shared by most of Witney, because the Radio Oxford switchboard was jammed with complaints.

Being the Boss, no poo came down upon we lower mortals. But I do recall thinking "WTF is he playing at?" as I saw the roofs of the West Witney estate flashing past.

Worst of all it was a 7:00 trip and we didn't get a single Bear. But he did at least give me the landing!
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Old 10th Aug 2011, 22:33
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Always a sapper.

What are you on ? l don`t have a clue what you are talking about. Apart from the bit about "butting in" of course.
Nobody, plainly, has spoken to you about biting the hand that feeds you.
A shame really because it would seem to be overdue.

feel free to imagine whichever little funny face turns you on.
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