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Quarter of RAF trainee pilots to be sacked

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Quarter of RAF trainee pilots to be sacked

Old 14th Feb 2011, 09:37
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Capt P...yes, I am out of date. Not only in IiP; I come from an era where we looked after our people. Whilst I am not laying blame at anyone's door, I feel desperately sorry for all those about to have hopes dashed and hope it is done sympathetically
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 09:41
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Capt P/Mr C

Oops, well spotted. Just as well it's not me in charge of these things.
*finds hole, crawls into it*
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 09:43
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Not much use in completing a flying course so that you can sew wings to a non-existent uniform when you are redundant, I suppose. I used to know a bloke who did RAF flying training in North America - he nearly got his wings - and then the war ended and that was that. Hard to argue against not spending more money than required. Very rough for those involved, though.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 09:47
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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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Grabbers, the short answer is money. The guy with the knowhow to run the website will not have editorial authority (except where they blame him).
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 09:53
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Grabbers - it's probably because the guy/gal who is the website manager has already been fired.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 10:09
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Originally Posted by Old-Duffer
Although I don't know him, I doubt that he will take any satisfaction with the situation being forced on the RAF and other services and I further doubt that the rest of the hierachy are jumping with joy either.

May I suggest a little less air officer bashing - unless evidence justifies same!
Agree with OD; I doubt this is a good day to be the AVM. While I'm happy to go airship bashing when necessary I expect this headline follows numerous briefings and hope many of the individuals know their fate. Either way, unless its done clumsily, it's Nu Labour who deserve the venom today.

Separately I'm pleased to see the IiP drivel get binned.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 10:10
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For those that get chopped...there is another hope. Likely as not, there will be an increased demand for commercial pilots in the near future. The lifestyle is great, you do get to fly for a living and the pay's good enough that you can fly aeros, formation etc in your spare time (and there's more of that). May not be what you want to hear right now but as a TRI/TRE for a major airline and a display aerobatic and formation pilot (with my specs on, hence no RAF) I can honestly say that it's not a bad life...

Good luck wherever it takes you
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 10:35
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As sad as it may be for those concerned, the circumstances are doing them a favor so they can move on and get qualified to do something else that will provide a sustainable career. Aviation as a career has had its day. Pay and conditions are getting worse and worse. Military flying probably still has its rewards but airline flying is now a joke both in terms of money and lifestyle.

Hopefully the RAF will allow these guys to stay in the service if they want to and be retrained in another field such as medicine, law, engineering etc
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 10:36
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My sympathies as well to all the young people who are about to have their dreams shattered. Only those of us who have been through flying training can possibly understand what this will be like. BUT getting out of the RAF now, especially if there is money involved, may not be a bad result, The next five years (or more) look pretty miserable for those who stay in. Either way, the best of luck to you all.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 10:37
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Lousy day in the RAF

Just want to echo the sentiments expressed above - desperately sorry for those who will be affected by this cull. I really hope that the transition to a new career will actually be thought through and supported for you. The Royal Air Force's sad loss will be (as quickly as possible I hope) the gain of other more deserving employers.

On a personal note (and NO i am not a fan of top-heavy command structures) the AOC discussed above has always struck me as a top bloke and good officer, including when he was my Stn Cdr. I suspect he is having a truly lousy day at work too.

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Old 14th Feb 2011, 10:46
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Mark Green is a top bloke (if not too good with BBQs!!!!) I am sure he is as unhappy as anyone.

I too feel for all those who's dreams have been shattered.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 11:03
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What awful news, my heart goes out to those affected. My girlfriend lives in the sticks near Shrewsbury and we have the good fortune to see the helicopters from RAF Shawbury going past at low level on a regular basis, its terrible to think that some of those poor souls are not going to be allowed to complete their training. Someone needs their neck wringing for leaking this to the press before those concerned were told.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 11:30
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In general: ouch.

One query though. I can understand needing less fast jet people - but I thought the RAF was shortly to get a load more transport aircraft and helicopters. Why cut people destined for that work too?

How are overall numbers possibly falling this fast. The defence review cut things by 8% and yet trainee aircrew are cut by 25%?

What hell going on?

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Old 14th Feb 2011, 11:31
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Would it not be better to let these people complete their training, get their wings and then transfer them to the reserve? This way they could move into civvy street and be the first to be offered their jobs back if times improve or if hostilities break out, the RAF would still have some return for their investment.

Letting them go as they are means that they will be neither fish nor fowl and may not have sufficient hours to qualify as having completed a course of military flying training towards the issue of a CPL.

Makes me realise how lucky I was in 1964.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 12:18
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We must think first of the young people who are "so near yet so far" - an awful reminder that they chose a career where choice for them is limited and choice for the system is all.

I can still remember waking up the day after my AFTS FHT knowing that I was going to get to a Sqn or (at least!) a real OCU. Already had wings (got 'em at end of proper BFTS in them days) but still very much on Velcro.

Waking up that day with those thoughts has to be (sorry girls ) one of the best waking ups I've experienced.....

Quite simply, if you've never been there (or close) you just won't get it .... and can't come close to understanding what these poor kids are going through......

(And Mark Green IIRC was a Harrier mate, so I'm sure he's well happy with SDSR - NOT!)
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 12:47
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Cabs or no cabs...I still find it hard to fully comprehend that the MOD's intention is to reduce the overall personnel numbers down to a total of 33,000. On average, more fans currently turn up to watch West Ham play at home than there will be manning the entire RAF by 2015...go figure?
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 13:01
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One would hope that air tanker can perhaps absorb some of these people?

Seems wasteful to be axing at one end and recruiting at the other..
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 13:11
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One would hope that air tanker can perhaps absorb some of these people?
You would hope so, but I suspect Air Tanker will offer just above minimum wage to those already qualified and in receipt of a pension.

If that plan falls flat [as it will if the airlines do recover] then perhaps they can use some of the current unfortunate generation on a more sensible renumeration basis.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 13:23
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teeteringhead: True words my friend.

It would be interesting to hear that all four hundred had tendered their resignations rather than be subjected to this upcoming beauty contest, but assuming that a hundred will be made redundant, I suggest that they take heart in the forecasts for 400,000+ pilots being needed world wide over the next twenty years.

Organise yourselves into a facebook group or similar then organise the rest of your training to gain an ATPL (hopefully paid for by redundancy pay?).Sharing the costs for simulators etc can really help.

...and just think: Leaving now before the next exodus could well have you tucked in with yards of Seniority with an airline.

Who knows? You may even do the interviews on the ones that were retained when they are put out to grass!

The first airline that I worked for was once described as "like a fighter squadron...with girls!" ...so you really do have a future to look forward to.

From the bottom of my heart team...the very best for the future.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 13:33
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I'm gutted for those that will be affected by this terrible news, they've worked damn hard to get to where they are today and for that to be taken away due to the errors of the previous governments really is a shame.
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