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teeteringhead: True words my friend.

It would be interesting to hear that all four hundred had tendered their resignations rather than be subjected to this upcoming beauty contest, but assuming that a hundred will be made redundant, I suggest that they take heart in the forecasts for 400,000+ pilots being needed world wide over the next twenty years.

Organise yourselves into a facebook group or similar then organise the rest of your training to gain an ATPL (hopefully paid for by redundancy pay?).Sharing the costs for simulators etc can really help.

...and just think: Leaving now before the next exodus could well have you tucked in with yards of Seniority with an airline.

Who knows? You may even do the interviews on the ones that were retained when they are put out to grass!

The first airline that I worked for was once described as "like a fighter squadron...with girls!" ...so you really do have a future to look forward to.

From the bottom of my heart team...the very best for the future.
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