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We must think first of the young people who are "so near yet so far" - an awful reminder that they chose a career where choice for them is limited and choice for the system is all.

I can still remember waking up the day after my AFTS FHT knowing that I was going to get to a Sqn or (at least!) a real OCU. Already had wings (got 'em at end of proper BFTS in them days) but still very much on Velcro.

Waking up that day with those thoughts has to be (sorry girls ) one of the best waking ups I've experienced.....

Quite simply, if you've never been there (or close) you just won't get it .... and can't come close to understanding what these poor kids are going through......

(And Mark Green IIRC was a Harrier mate, so I'm sure he's well happy with SDSR - NOT!)
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