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Flying Complaints

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

Flying Complaints

Old 5th Aug 2010, 21:14
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The only low flying I see is the Police EC135 over my house at least once a week and the odd troop carrier returning from Otterburn.
Now, question. My house looks over the Tyne and I see helipcopters apparently following it. Seems reasonable but why do the Navy seem to be the only ones who feel the need to strictly follow the tight dog leg rather than just cut the corner?
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Old 6th Aug 2010, 17:13
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I recall being informed by the CRO at a large USAF base near Huntingdon that their most vociferous complainent was a former RAF chappie! Obviously he did not appreciate the finer points of B66s and F4s. I often wonder if he was a happier man after the TR1s arrived?

I have been known to give my address to aircrew with an invite for a low pass, so far without success, but don't tell my wife!
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Old 6th Aug 2010, 18:11
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Avoid imitations
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why do the Navy seem to be the only ones who feel the need to strictly follow the tight dog leg rather than just cut the corner?
Because if they lose sight of the water, they get lost.
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 00:14
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I spend time at my girlfriend's place, between Petworth & Midhurst West Sussex, where a lot of residents apart from us are very well heeled NIMBYS, and a quite a few of them foreign.

We had Chinooks going over unlit at night quite a lot, which frankly I enjoyed, though said girlfriend got a bit upset when one came over very low & slow.

Sure enough the next issue of the Parish Magazine had people carping about 'being menaced by Chinooks ' ( I suppose at least they recognised the sound ).

I got on to Odiham and explained, and rather than the few handouts or posters I'd hoped for, they were all for sending a team to do a serious talk in the village hall to show what it's all about !

I thought they might have a tiny audience, so put them onto the much larger nearby town of Midhurst; the woman I spoke to at Midhurst Council also seemed a touch negative, saying she'd had a lot of complaints, but was willing re. the talk.

In a perfect world I suppose it would be nice to take these NIMBY's out to the front lines ( Which I'm first to say I haven't been to ) but as that's deemed rude somehow a good presentation seems a great idea.

When Dunsfold was alive the Airfield Manager always kept a record of noise complaints, and as I was sometimes involved in low level A-G photography, the pilot would ask me to confirm the cattle were not being bothered ( otherwise a source of easy income for farmers claiming their animals had been stressed ).

Any local who did complain was given free tickets for the annual 'Field Day' show, and all the local farmers were invited to a cricket match with the Test Pilots & managers, - somehow the farmers won then got drunk for free every time I saw...

10 out of 10 for Odiham PR anyway, great response & attitude.


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Old 7th Aug 2010, 10:36
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When I moved to Berkshire as a civvy, I used to attend the SH Reunion bashes at Odiham.
One year I met one of our ex junior pilots, then OC Ops. I jokingly complained about his helicopters flying over my house on the way to NI. He said, "Just mark your house on this map, and we'll put a red ring around it." I said, "Does that mean you'll keep off me?" He replied, "No, we'll make you into our waypoint."

Worked for me.
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 11:15
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Living in a village almost bang-on 10 miles NE of the extended centreline for 05/23 at Wattisham, I and my neighbours have been quite disappointed with the excessive altitude flown by Apaches based there. Fortunately, there have been two encouraging instances recently. A late evening high-speed, low track down 23 (by the poplar trees which border the western edge of the village - just so you know) by an AH-1 and a very low, pass at speed by what appeared to be a CH-47 (rare visitor here) heading west across the village (by the Church).
Do carry on...
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 14:00
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Beware idiots

One more story re. 'low flying', the official Gypsy camp outside Dunsfold gave constant hassle, I need not go into details but I was sometimes on the receiving end and they didn't mess about !

Aerial photography keeping out of shotgun range ( might have been awkward if any could use a rifle ) is a tiny example; you might guess I'm not a fan, though that's entirely by experience, I'm quite 'green'and originally thought them close to the earth types - how stupid I was.

One of them tried claiming a 'very valuable vase' had been shattered by a Hawk going over in the circuit, which I'm glad to say was not taken seriously by anyone, but may be a warning if stuck with an idiot council...

When I worked at Blackbushe after leaving BAe, a fellow photographer had a serious beef with another lot of them, again just off the end of the runway.

He had an 'interesting' background and was much more wordly wise than me, but still managed to get abducted by gypsies and driven to their camp ( he had a side-line delivering exotic cars, and they wanted his 'trade plates' ) - he was surrounded by a gang with baseball bats, and only got away by luck.

When he mentioned he fancied " dropping something on them " I said " What, like a hydraulic leak ? " His reply was "Molotov" and knowing just a little of his background I don't think he was entirely joking !

Also when being a wally paint-balling at Lasham, to my concern the other berks stopped playing and fired at gliders when they passed over low, so it's not just idiots with [email protected] to watch out for, and of course anyone can get a cheap 1st or 2nd generation night-sight nowadays...

On the bright side there is the tale that when Bill Bedford ejected from the second P1127 prototype ( XP836 ) at low level near Yeovilton, the aircraft took out a large barn near the threshold.

He was congratulated in the Mess, " We've wanted that building gone for ages ! "

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Old 12th Aug 2010, 20:42
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There is a small grass strip about half a mile from my village and during the summer weekends we get some interesting little prop-jobs pottering about, doing aeros, etc. My neighbour's wife, plastered again, was moaning to me recently: 'I'm going to start a campaign to stop those noisy aeroplanes buzzing around and disturbing my Sunday afternoon. Don't you agree, Zoom?' I replied,' I'm going to start a campaign to stop some selfish prat from lighting a bonfire to burn waste every day of the summer that the sun shines. (Pause) Was that your husband's bonfire this afternoon?'

Cue silence.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 07:10
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Having only recently moved to a smallish village in North Yorkshire, we do get the odd Tonka, Eurofighter, Chinook etc coming over pretty low. One of the locals in the village pub had a moan about it a couple of weeks ago, but I amd a few other locals soon put him straight.

My only complaint is that once the aircraft pass ovehead, thay don't make a second pass (giving me time to get the camera out and ready).

Seriously though, you are welcome to fly over my house at any height, any time (just come back again a couple of minutes later!!).

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Old 13th Aug 2010, 07:40
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More bang for your buck
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Seriously though, you are welcome to fly over my house at any height, any time (just come back again a couple of minutes later!!).
That's easily sorted, just write "Piss off Biggles" or something similar on the roof.
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 07:55
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piss off biggles

Like so
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Old 13th Aug 2010, 08:59
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I recall a complaint one night received in the Valley tower from the local hospital about a Gnat circling overhead and disturbing the patients. Response was "If he does not get his undercarriage down soon he may be your next patient"
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Old 16th Aug 2010, 11:34
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The beers on me!

Approx 22.40 hrs last friday,the unmistakable sound of an 'albert' over the village of Dunster in W.Somerset at what i can only think of as being close to MSD ! Presumably the Lyneham chaps/chapesses, though could have been our American friends. Dashed out just in time to see you heading away, thank you so much, well impressed, but be nice to have a bit of warning next time! Perhaps you might use the tower on Conygar hill as a waypoint in future, its 200yds from the top of my garden! If any of you find yourselves in our lovely village early evening, make for the Stags Head and seek me out, there will be a beer waiting for you. Cheers, 'Bish'
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Old 16th Aug 2010, 12:43
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Is there any truth in the allegation that most of the noise complaints at Kemble come from a former RAF officer who knew the base was closing, bought a house by the airfield at a knock-down price expecting to make a killing, then was highly p1ss3d off when he discovered it was carrying on as a civvy airfield?

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Old 17th Aug 2010, 21:36
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Low level flying complaints my a**e

Yer big bunch of girly pansy's, none of yer know how to handle an aircraft enough to fly low level!

'specially the bunch of muppets from Lossie, my 4 year old daughter can fly better than you lot!

(N58:19:13 W3:14:39)
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Old 18th Aug 2010, 08:35
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Yeah, and where is my beat up of the Tamar?

No jockey would be foolish enough to hit the Albert Bridge - doncha know anything that IKB built was built to last? being hit by a jet would be like being rubbed with 200 grit sandpaper.

Now give me some reheat
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Old 19th Aug 2010, 03:20
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A classic from the GW1 era

San Diego News (letters Feb 4th)

Reply to "Is harassment of residents the role of the military?"

Response by reader Capt John F Peterson USMC, Pacific Beach

Responding to Maura Harvey's letter wondering if the Marine helicopter training flights that passed above her Del Mar home were simply to harass residents. I can say that, yes, our mission is to harass residents, specifically Mrs Harvey.

We do not train 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide freedom and security to all residents of the United States. We exist only to annoy the very people we are sworn to protect, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We spend months and years overseas, away from our families and loved ones, in some cases making less than minimum wage, choosing to live a life in which many qualify for food stamps, just to have the chance, one day, to annoy people like Mrs Harvey.

There is no more sought after position in the military than the Maura Harvey Annoyance Task Force. As a matter of fact, the Marines who spent christmas dug into fighting positions in Northern Kuwait and their brothers in the sky, braving anti-aircraft missiles and artillery, were just training to come back to the States and fly missions over Mrs Harvey's house. It has nothing to do with the security of the nation. It has no impact on our ability to carry out missions in Africa, The Middle east and Eastern Europe, and it has no bearing on Mrs Harvey's ability to enjoy "nature and peaceful quiet living". The "strange almost scientific war scene" she described was put on solely to make noise and to destroy her "scenic view corridors" in Del Mar Terrace.

It certainly was not valuable and necessary training to help sustain the lives of those who assure the nation's freedom, should they ever be sent into harms way just to do that. Next time Mrs Harvey may want to look upon those loud machines and think about the men and women who fly, ride in, and maintain them. Ponder the sacrifices they make in providing this nation with the warm blanket of freedom we all enjoy. Maybe she might even imagine how much more disturbing it would be if she were not sure what country the helicopters were from, or whether they were going to attack her beautiful neighborhood. But she shouldn't worry too much about that, because we will not let it happen.

More found here:
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