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SHFNI Stories!

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STANO when he hit it - sometime in 1989/90.
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Well its Top Secret, of course but....

The crew were moved down to that hut from one further up the road (at the "business end" of the rifle-range IIRC?).

The camp was mortared, the pilots (bravely) hid under the table.
The crewman ran outside, lay flat, but was "hit".
"I'm hit, I'm hit" said he - feeling something soggy in the middle of his back.
It was a clod of earth, very luckily!

Rumour was that the RSM was in the old hut - it had been converted to a sauna (sounds too good to be true though).

Truth was that somebody (probably Steve?) did a great sketch involving two arses and a table !!!

And the crewman - all I can say is that he was not an ALM, had a CND sticker on his car and his wife had hairy

Must go!

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Wessex XT607 now sits at the bottom of a quarry pit for divers to play about 200hrs on her
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Wessex XT607 now sits at the bottom of a quarry pit for divers to play with
Indeed it does - see

Simon Brown Images - Photographer & Writer

but getting on for 20 years ago – 9th May 1994 to be precise – it was the line cab at Killymeal, here arriving with Sgt N**** Mc***e calling the height. Pilot Flt Lt R*** G***t; Nav Flt Lt J** S******n.

In this view, the crew wait while two unidentified TSW refuelers replen the cab prior to that day’s tasking.

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Killymeal Today

In an earlier post I think I recorded that Y453 had been sold to a developer in 2006 / ’07 for c.£13.5 million – some £1m/acre just before the property bubble burst. Note the asking price today –

Killymeal House, Killymeal Road, Dungannon - Land & Sites For Sale

The main helipad and floor slabs are still visible on the satellite view of the site with the piano keys and ‘72’ on the northern end of the pan.

PS Just for the record, Phamous has no commercial or other interest whatsoever in this former FOB!!!

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And know also as Helidet. SHFNI soon became SHNFI
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Phamousphotographer please clear your PMs.
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For all of you that dont know Ken has passed away, I have pasted the notice from the local paper. I knew him well and worked with him years ago.He was a gentleman. . .

Compassionate family man who bore illness with courage

Published on Sunday 7 October 2012 10:00

KENNETH Boyd, who has died in hospital after a long illness, was a man of a broad and deep intellect - a caring and compassionate man who had a great concern for others, despite the serious illness he bore with great courage.

Mr Boyd had been transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge two months ago in the hope of receiving a transplant, but it wasn’t to be, and he passed away surrounded by his loving family. He was 59 and his home was at Clanbrassil Park, Portadown.

As well as his care and concern for others, Mr Boyd’s enthusiasm for various aspects of life was contagious - he was an extremely interesting conservationist, a deep thinker with a superb gift for communication. He was born in Newry in 1953 and was educated at the town’s Windsor Primary School, Newry Grammar and at Belfast College of Technology. He began his working life as an architectural draughtsman for the NI Housing Executive in 1971, putting his heart and soul into every project.

His pride and joy was showcasing his many housing projects, especially the Tamlaght O’Crilly and surrounding area in Joy Street, Belfast. He was also responsible for many developments in the Omagh area of County Tyrone.

In 1976 Kenneth married Ruth (nee Hill) and moved to Portadown. They had two children - David and Caroline, to whom they were devoted parents and best friends. They were devastated when David tragically passed away 11 years ago, 18 months after a fall at a summer job. Kenneth and David were like brothers - a father profoundly proud of his son.

David was in his final year as a geography student at the University of Ulster, Coleraine, a talented writer and commentator who aspired to have a career in journalism. He was a Portadown football fan who wrote regularly to the press, under the pseudonym ‘Flagpole Ender’. And more recently, Kenneth was proud to attend the graduation of daughter Caroline and delighted to see her gain her doctorate in cancer research at Queen’s University, Belfast, after many years of dedicated study. He was also delighted when she announced her engagement to Dave, and - with his health deteriorating - wished them a long and happy life together.

As well as wife Ruth and daughter Caroline, he is survived by his mother Mrs Sheena Boyd (Newry), brother Mervyn (Los Angeles) and family circle. His father John died 26 years ago.

Kenneth was highly regarded for his great intellect, allied to his humility. He had a passion for reading and was particularly interested in history. He was an authority on the two World Wars, on aeroplanes, Formula One racing, motorbikes and railways throughout Ireland.

Kenneth Boyd was kind, thoughtful and selfless, almost to a fault. A devoted family man, he had a genuine interest in others, always helping where he could. His philosophy was that he never wasted a day of his life, that life would be over in a flash and was to be enjoyed to the full.

Sadly, he endured poor health for many years and was a regular patient at Craigavon Area Hospital where he received first-class treatment. More recently, he also received excellent medical care and attention at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, and in the past eight weeks at Addenbrooke’s.

The family held a private funeral service, led by Dr Stafford Carson of First Portadown (Edenderry) Presbyterian Church, and burial was at Kernan Cemetery next to David. In lieu of flowers, donations are to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Level 6A, and to the Intensive Care Unit and Craigavon Area Hospital. These can be sent via the Portadown undertakers, George McNabb & Co., 106 Bridge Street, Portadown BT63 5AP.
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240 OCU stumblie ?

Do my eyes deceive me or is that NI cab wearing a 240 OCU tail badge ?
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240 OCU tail badge !!

Blimey, another 240 OCU stumblie cab in SHNFI !
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Shoulda gone tae specksavers !

Oops, my mistake, this is a 72 cab NOT a 240 stumblie !
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Nope, 72Sqn, the OCU did not have the bars either side
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I think you're looking at the "Swift" badge, rather than the Humming bird.
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Ken will be sadly missed by all the friends he made in the SH community over the years. RIP
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Everyone's favourite task, the bin run to R850. Was a busy day by the looks of it too.
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The day I learned about "incandescent with rage"

Cpl Dick P****, sootie, sitting in the line crewroom one morning, circa 1984. Sqn WO (I can't recall the name) hovers into the room.

"Cpl P****, I saw you leave the squadron at 5.15 last night. You know that shift change is 5.30." "Not me sir", says Dick, "it must have been someone else".

WO, visibly irked; "Don't argue with me Cpl, I saw you leave at 5.15".

"Definitely not me sir, I left at about 5".

Incandescent with rage was the only possible description of said WO's state.

Surprised no-one has mentioned burgers from "chogies". 'H' L***le and his pals jamming at the Swift retreat toga parties. Plod standing back and watching as the RGJs and Guards smash each other up, and the NAAFI, until one of them pops a wooly alligator in through the window, rapidly followed by various grunts leaving via all available exits. Frequent radio checks on HF to "Architect", just to see if it was the girl who could peel of your undercrackers with her silky, sexy voice. Turning the screen wash jets on the lineys Landrover through 90 degrees and then choosing to wash the the screen as we drove past the RAFP babies on the main gate.

Sitting in a pub somewhere in Norfolk on a day off from pre-NI training at the Stamford range. Showing each other bar and magic tricks. Gimlet says "watch this one" and proceeds to stub a cigarette out on the end of his thumb. We were suitably impressed until a few minutes later when we noticed Gimlet had his thumb immersed in this beer under the table with an extremely false and very fixed "I'm OK" kind of smile on this face.

Coating the marshaling bats in paraffin and lighting them to help guide Walter back home one foggy night.

Feeling like sh*t when handing the line over to the incoming night shift boss and realising that I'd left the V813 cab in the shed. Dashing to get it out and dinked a blade tip on the hangar door.

Feeling fantastic when we got an urgent out of hours callout for V813 and myself and 4 other guys had her on the pan and warmed up less than 15 minutes after being in bed and getting the call.

Ah, happy days.
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The WO was called Jack, can't for the life of me remember his surname. As a young J/T JT, he was always Sir anyway. I can remember that his picture on the Sqn noticeboard was permanently enhanced with a jesters hat. He was a harsh supervisor, but you always knew EXACTLY where you stood with him....
The RAFPol absolutely HATED the 72 lineys, especially after we had the 72 FTF badges made up. I could write a book about the hundreds of incidents with them vs us. Including the above, police dogs through the barricaded windows of Belfast block. Carnage.
Pete Mc and I caught handbrake turning the sqn cdrs Mazda 626, the Beaver propellor spinner 'cycling helmet', the amazing sinking line corporal's pager, the route march from the Swift to Belfast Block (special salute for the RAFP), how on earth did we get helicopters into the air??????????

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Nelson the Cat.... ohhh I better not go there
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The WO was called Jack,

IIRC his surname was Jack Anderson who retired to work for Shorts and had a house in Bangor. I always found him to be a firm but fair leader and a fellow proud Ulsterman.

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Thanks to all who answered my questions earlier in the thread ,here is the reason , Corgi diecasts Puma HC.1 2nd release, XW214 ,Aldergrove 1972-73 , this is the pre-production model so a few corrections need to be made for release ,mostly removal of later equipment.

Pre-pro of the 33Sqn Puma ,courtesy of Corgi.


Wrong blades, early ones will be will be in the production model

GPMG not needed

Under fuselage ECM not needed

Nose HD IR spotlight not needed.

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