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Mango 13th Oct 2016 10:44

Originally Posted by sluggums (Post 9539404)
Just got an email from our 'enry, more half baked attempts...

Wouldn't it be better if you tried to attract the people you already have from not leaving before attracting people you don't have from coming to replace all the people who left???

Spoogie 13th Oct 2016 10:51

Guys....was it my inbox that was not working properly?:= I only received half the email! Where is the pay increase paragraph?:ugh:

Bluffontheriver123 13th Oct 2016 10:54

Mango, very true. HD went down the plughole as far as I am concerned when he appeared in that ridiculously amateurish video after the crash. It showed his true colours, clueless just hoping the craic will get him to the top.

Retention always beats recruitment! Without it, who wants to join?

Craggenmore 13th Oct 2016 10:56


Exactly....Where's the bit about increasing our pay for staying put..?

I'm running low on champs��

gardenshed 13th Oct 2016 10:59

What in Gods good earth are they smoking up there in the Bouncy Castle !!!
Our 'enry sends out an email saying along the lines of, due to our total incompetence and mismanagement we have lost too many pilots. So to rectify the situation we are going to offer to a select few newbies an enhanced package.

Here is breaking news how about treating your existing staff better in the first place, giving us all the pay rises we are long overdue, reducing our hours so that we may "have a life" this shouldn't be to difficult now flights are being canned and aircraft parked up.

I cannot seriously believe that some senior management type thought this wheeze up as a good idea, even a five year old could tell you the inevitable outcome, for the dozen or so you attract, will be out weighed by the many who will continue to vote with their feet out the door. :ugh::mad:

ExDubai 13th Oct 2016 11:01

Originally Posted by Craggenmore (Post 9539428)

Exactly....Where's the bit about increasing our pay for staying put..?

I'm running low on champs��

Argh... come on, that would be the easy way.....

fliion 13th Oct 2016 11:13

So finally Comms from above!

How refreshing.

So From the man who's new mantra on introduction was:
"This will be the era of open Comms":

No more Fleet Forums, no weekly operational updates, no monthly training newsletters, no RGTS wash-ups, no emails from Fleet discussing 334 downgrades, age restricted upgrades. In fact no emails from Fleet on anything other than Forth Worth!..Yada. Yada. Yada.

Just an email telling us that the people who have never actually done the 100hr rosters, the rejected leave, the reduced swapping, the lack of five days off, the 24h ULRs, the sub inflation 3% ........

Actually deserve more than us.

Now this is a display of mgt in all its expertize and glory.


And to anyone thinking of coming you will be on this side when the same email comes out next year upping the ante on what you got this year and then hey presto ...you will be pissed off like everyone else.

Brilliant 'enrietta...brilliant

Kempus 13th Oct 2016 11:34

Well I hope they get plenty of applicants who are successful.
I can then apply to the airlines they come from as they will then be short of experienced drivers and I can go there on an enhanced package.


Meeting the requirements of the enhanced package at the moment I, resign, apply back during my notice period as to be fair HR/fleet/Ops seem to have no clue what is going on, hopefully get in(not 100% sure about that one), move back into Cedre, jump the upgrade queue of those that joined a couple of months before me and all is good.

Almost sounds to good to be true. No idea what everyone is moaning about.

Monarch Man 13th Oct 2016 11:51

The Jerusalem domiciled carpenter leaked fluid from his eyes :ugh:

There will be VERY few who will look at this predominately due to the fact that where they are now allows work till 65, so why head out to the sand to be flogged 100hrs a month for an hourly rate that's less now than most first world legacy operators? All that being said, I'm glad I haven't done a "Dallas Fort Worth" in a while.

Shaky Hands 13th Oct 2016 11:53

Our 'enry clearly has no grasp of what is going on.
The first communication in months from he who promised better communication between fleet and pilots is to insult the pilots who are actually already here, working maximum hours, compressed rosters, only achieving min legal leave and a swap system which is about as useful as a cat flap at a rhinos house and for what to tell us that they've screwed up so badly we need to offer more to get pilots to leave their current A380/777 job, whoever they get shouldn't be certified mentally fit to fly anyway.
First and foremost, stop the rot, retain the pilots you have and get your house in order, then you wouldn't have to beg people to join.
A 0.5% payrise in 5 years and a DEC goes straight in on a higher scale-get a grip! Just when you think we at the bottom, we sink a bit lower....

EKB777 13th Oct 2016 11:55

gardenshed/fliion, spot on!

This whole thing is laughable.:confused:

ruserious 13th Oct 2016 12:06

I just wonder if this brilliant idea has come from one level above, it is the classic knee jerk simplistic crap that he has been trotting out for the last 10 years, much to our and the airline's detriment

halas 13th Oct 2016 12:06

The email did say they were "just fishing".

Maybe, just maybe, they are now waiting for responses to the email from the troops to give them feed back on this new idea, to see what to do next. Because l think they have no clue what is going on right in front of their eyes. Except for the fact that it's just not Dallas!


maurondi 13th Oct 2016 12:52

Sorry guys,

I keep reading references being made about Dallas..
what did I miss thereabouts

CamelRustler 13th Oct 2016 12:54

I think right about now someone is going, "Why did we let MK and MT leave?" The fact that EK no longer valued these two very fine gentlemen enough to listen to them shows the level of incompetence from above. Someone thought. "Pilot recruiting, how hard can it be when 100's of pilots are dying to come here?" Well you guys really screwed the pooch on this one and now training and everyone else is gonna pay for this mess. Frankly, it may be unrecoverable.

Fliion- Spot on!!

777boyindubai 13th Oct 2016 17:10

That means loss of face or loss of experienced pilots. Knowing these grade A €£¥holes, which one of these options do you think they will go for?

homoeconomicus 13th Oct 2016 17:59

QUOTE "Emirates pilots are some of the best I have flown with in just over 40 years of flying and 32 years with different airlines,".quote

The word pilot should be permanently replaced with aircraft operator. I don't see many good pilots at emirates :-) sorry

WB1900 13th Oct 2016 18:07

SWAP request

SWAP my 100+ hours a month against job at decesent airline

Damm i forgot swap rule 3589: too many inteligent poeple

Buckshot16 13th Oct 2016 19:13

Am I correct ?
A Entry Level 2 DEC will be paid as a year 4 Captain ? i.e. Basic Salary 40,890

Based on 85 block hours each month, these are our basic salaries together with hourly flying pay:
( How did I get that : 47,265 - [85hrs x 75= 6375] = 40,890 ).
Oh, plus 200 for Telephone Allowance = 47,465.
What is the 1 year Captain Basic Salary now ?

Spikedog 13th Oct 2016 20:05

Originally Posted by maurondi (Post 9539572)
Sorry guys,

I keep reading references being made about Dallas..
what did I miss thereabouts

We received an email today from the DCPB asking us to use "Dallas-Fort Worth" instead of just "Dallas" on the PA when operating there.

We had better start saying "Hazrat Shahjalal" instead of just "Dhaka" next time we're flying there.

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