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lospilotos 10th Oct 2016 21:48

Originally Posted by fliion (Post 9536658)

Spike is correct.

My 'Source?' reference WIRT:

"And the schooling has dropped to 60K for secondary...

Have heard that all contracts for pre existing employees are being brought into line with the advertised."

I call BS

Yeah, I forgot ESA was adjusted in 2015 as well.

donpizmeov 10th Oct 2016 22:22

Employee handbook is the source. It shows the recruiting site hasn't been updated.

X-BleedOpen 11th Oct 2016 00:41

Guys JA cancelled the FleetForums because of a new enhanced package that he wanted to present to us... so don't worry, this is all false...

(Read also my sarcastic and sad tone...).

CTWO 11th Oct 2016 03:44

If "pay review 2014 by AS is still standing the figures on web site are wrong:
FD 06. 14325 per month ( previously 13320,as reported on web site)
FD 07. 16075 per month ( previously 14950, as reported...)

primary 46000 ( previously 42K)
secondary 70000 (previously 63k)

As for the salary it lt would appear they introduced a "f*****g" level 2 which would locate new joiners on a pay scale higher then a 6/7 years senior captain/fo without "certain" wide body
experience (what about md11,76?)

CTWO 11th Oct 2016 04:37

not correct..with pay review june 2016
Fo 55 aed per hour
CAP 75 aed per hour

the base change with seniority and year of joining....

fliion 11th Oct 2016 04:42

The 2014 Housing is correct


The Edu went up in 2015

The level 1/2 number is inclusive of 85 hrs flying pay @ 55/75 = 4675/6375 so base would be

Level 1 Capt
Level 2 Capt

Level 1 FO
Level 2 FO

But if reduced schooling and housing is correct, then a new FO/Capt would be worse off on those two points by (based on two kids in high school, living out) of;

FO 37060pa


CAPT 38500pa

Clear as mud?

The shenanigans continues
ps 'above twas a quick back of envelope - open to correction

CTWO 11th Oct 2016 04:48

my bad..i missed the ESA raise in 2015
85 hrs 4675/6375

..i say again..a 6/7 years capt/fo already in the company would get less then a new joiner level 2..

kingpost 11th Oct 2016 04:51

These are the A+ scales to try and attract guys who have no kids or the kids have finished school. Just think about it, as soon as ones the kids have finished school, your package gets reduced quite substantially!

fliion 11th Oct 2016 04:52

Can anyone provide the most recent base for new hire FO/CAPT monthly pay before these new scales were advertized.

That would give a clearer picture.

lostinspace89 11th Oct 2016 05:30

Base pay before was circa 29000 dhs, so for a new FO on level 1 we're talking about a circa 4000 dhs decrease per month in base pay and 10,000 dhs decrease per year in housing....

Does this mean even current new joiners will have to fall under this salary decrease. 4000 dhs decrease per month is pretty sad, that makes about 48,000 dhs less per year.

Turbokite 11th Oct 2016 06:29

Maybe they are reacting to the recent QR roadshow in Dubai. The point they are missing is QR is attracting new joiners because of improved work schedules. I have a few friends in Goat airline and they confirm the 777 schedules are pretty decent with plenty of days off. Apparently they have even introduced a new rule, where flight deck have to get a string of four days OFF at least once per monthly roster.

ruserious 11th Oct 2016 08:09

So, am I correct you get paid less if your Engrish speaking is not as good ;)

Tricia Takanawa 11th Oct 2016 08:49

Do the level 2 hour requirements match any upgrade requirements? Wondering if they are recruiting experienced FO's for a fast upgrade, especially considering the fairly low normal requirements for a wide body position.

Being only 200 hours short, and the /AED exchange rate at the moment, this is getting quite tempting, so long as the housing and education are at the current level. Throw in an accelerated shot at command, and I might just apply.

PS. Don't believe everything you hear about the rosters at QR. I have a lot of friends there, and their rosters look brutal. Granted they get 4 days off in a row, but still only manage 8-10 for the month on average. (Boeing fleets)

bigdaviet 11th Oct 2016 09:04

There's no shortage of experienced FOs at EK right now

Mr Good Cat 11th Oct 2016 09:24

Being only 200 hours short, and the /AED exchange rate at the moment, this is getting quite tempting, so long as the housing and education are at the current level. Throw in an accelerated shot at command, and I might just apply.
Where are you working at the moment. Don't buy yourself a one-way ticket out of the UK. You'd never get back once Brexit is triggered. A lot of guys are on the way back and opportunities will be few and far between - especially if the worst happens with Monarch this week :-(

donpizmeov 11th Oct 2016 09:37

Common Good cat. You will never keep a Brit away from the sun and sand....and there is sooo much sand....and sun...did I mention the sand? :)

Rigid Body 11th Oct 2016 09:46

Over the last two/three years that I've had occasion to review the EK careers web site, there's been NO change except for the advertised pay and experience requirements. Only the "minimum experience requirements" and the "cash elements" have been reviewed. I don't think the FAQ section is a reflection of the package being offered--its outdated

Flyboy_SG 11th Oct 2016 14:36

" We review our salaries regularly to make sure we remain competitive. "

The funniest part...once in almost 10 years...

Flyboy_SG 11th Oct 2016 14:42

77FB, as the matter of fact you can't sue any ME3,I believe. as the law is unilateral and biased in the desert. Correct me if im wrong.

777boyindubai 11th Oct 2016 15:30

" We review our salaries regularly to make sure we remain competitive. "

Flyboy, the bit they leave out is competitive with the lowest possible amount we can get away with and pilots can never earn what DSVP Catering can earn.....

Keep on rowing.....

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