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CTWO 19th Sep 2016 06:27

Captain 330/340 transfer policy
Hi there,
I am sure you heard the news: bus skippers seating on the RHS of the fat lady to build PIC hours,whilst maintaining terms and conditions....care to comment?

Cloud Bunny 19th Sep 2016 06:37

Originally Posted by CTWO (Post 9512380)
Hi there,
I am sure you heard the news: bus skippers seating on the RHS of the fat lady to build PIC hours,whilst maintaining terms and conditions....care to comment?

All the money, none of the responsibility - to some no doubt would sound like Christmas!!

sluggums 19th Sep 2016 06:38

It sucks, big time, but as long as you don't have any change to your terms and conditions, AND, don't have to go through an NaC course then it might be the best job in EK. However the Oxygen thieves in the bouncy castle almost certainly won't do that...

Another nail in the coffin of morale at EK...

CTWO 19th Sep 2016 06:52

All the 330/340captains with less then 2000 hrs PIC on 330/340 received an email:

you'll go RHS "as a captain" acting FO maintaining terms and conditions, for a period dependent upon your PIC time ( 24months/1500 hrs if with <1000 330 PIC ;18months/1000hrs if with <2000hrs). When time is up, you'll go trough a " Captain transfer course" (whatever that means)upon approval by the A380 Command review board.
Funny part is that is not retroactive....those whom just CCQed without requirements are SAFE......

The Guru 19th Sep 2016 07:17

They call this management?
Let me understand this new policy correctly…..
  • We hired a number of DECs to the A330. We hired them because they were apparently experienced on the Airbus.
  • We gave them all the company induction training, an Airbus A330 type rating course, and a Airbus A330 command course.
  • We didn’t communicate with our pilots for a whole year, and during that time we discreetly retired over 20 Airbus aircraft without telling anyone what the plan would be, contrary to our company policies.
  • Then after using these DECs for less than 6 months, we transferred some of them to the Airbus A380 as Captains without any serious operational incident occurring and they are SAFE!
However, because a local captain flying a Boeing was involved in our first ever hull loss, we then decided that any remaining DECs and long-time Captains would be relegated to the right seat of the A380 and make them First Officers until 1000 hrs A380 time AND 18 months on type AND 3 successful proficiency checks.:eek::eek::eek: Sure, we will let them keep their existing benefits, but we will need them to go through another selection review board and upgrade course in a few years.:sad::sad::sad:

Surely this policy needs to be reviewed and explained to the mere workers. Is there any guarantee that there will not be yet another policy change, and when you fail the subsequent upgrade course, you will be salary deducted the extra pay for time spent in the right hand seat?:ouch::ouch::ouch:

The G.

springbok449 19th Sep 2016 07:24

Wtf?! Is it April fools day or something?

CTWO 19th Sep 2016 07:32

..nope...unfortunately is black on white...I reckon that since this affects only a small part of the left seater population, it will be tolerated,digested and eventually forgotten..." no one cares of the fallen tree if it is not in his backyard"..

MosEisley 19th Sep 2016 08:02

Lets be honest, the 330/340 guys have been getting the short end for a long time and no one has said a word. This will not be any different.

sluggums 19th Sep 2016 14:37

The recent DEC's have not yet been transferred. They will go as FO's. What a shambles this place has become.

CTWO 19th Sep 2016 15:01

you got that wrong sluggums...some dec's have already ccqed..and hence they are SAFE.
I would be more "troubled" considering those "regular" captains with almost 1900 EK PIC and 9 yrs in EK ...

sluggums 19th Sep 2016 15:24

Ok, fair enough. DEC's from 3-5 years ago...

CTWO 19th Sep 2016 16:13

5yrs ago no dec....3 years ago they all transitioned,with very few exceptions...only dec's left are from oct 2015 onward..8/10 guys may be?...what about the "regular"?

yardman 19th Sep 2016 20:05

The boys in question are already starting to bail like rats on a sinking ship, and rightly so. Good luck to them all. None of that deserve this. It's just rude.

fatbus 19th Sep 2016 20:35

If I was 10 years younger and still on the 330 I know where I would be. $$$

EK-or-bust 19th Sep 2016 20:56

Shocking, sad and rude.
Like MosEisley writes, the smallbus chaps have been getting the short end of the stick for too long a time. This is just adding insult to injury.

777boyindubai 19th Sep 2016 21:04

A new and disgraceful low for the hardest working guys. I never believed the monkeys in EGHQ could drill any deeper.

kingpost 20th Sep 2016 01:01

Why can't they go to the 777 as Captains?

littlejet 20th Sep 2016 01:49

And what's so fn special about 380?

Dropp the Pilot 20th Sep 2016 02:20

I think we all know there is nothing special whatsoever about the 380. There are however certain individuals in A380 Training who are very, very, special indeed.

fatbus 20th Sep 2016 03:14

This new policy has nothing to do with the training department.

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