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my salami 16th Nov 2019 00:50

Originally Posted by 350 Driver (Post 10619341)
I'm thinking of applying. I have about 3650 total time. Over 3000 turbine but it's all in King Airs. No jet time. Will that be a problem?

You are overqualified!


350 Driver 16th Nov 2019 12:13

Originally Posted by my salami (Post 10619526)

You are overqualified!


Really? Even with 0 jet time?

Spamcam 16th Nov 2019 12:30

Originally Posted by 350 Driver (Post 10619770)

Really? Even with 0 jet time?

Are you for real?? Its called sarcasm 350Driver.....

LetsEKproject 20th Nov 2019 21:31

Hello friends,
I am from a flag carrier in Middle East and decided to join EK.
Currently holding 1000hrs A320, 600 hrs A330 of flight time. (plus a little TP)
I have read all the downsides (and trust me I know there's a lot) of coming to dubai and joining EK. However, I made my mind to come there and join, if possible, as it fits my goals in the bigger picture

​​​​Any advice on how to do this? What to study before coming? What aspects I should consider about the company or the country? What could give me an edge for hiring?

I want to make this happen, need advice.

Night Flight 23rd Nov 2019 17:54

Hey all,
Does anyone know what "administrative" checks are conducted after you have passed the interview process?

I got through the interview and at the end got a 'congratulations, we just need to go through our checks and you should get the official letter withing 4 weeks' only to get an call 2 weeks later that I was unsuccessful with no additional information given. I don't have any negative records or history anywhere that I know of so I have no idea what it could be and it didn't get as far as contacting my referees.

Interestingly there were only 2 of us who got this far and the other guy got the same call on the same day.


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