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FlyingCroc 13th Oct 2008 10:18

are so interested in QR after reading all these posts? In the Gulf try:

1) Emirates
2) Etihad
3) Gulf
4) QR

Then you have also Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Kuwait Airwys, Jazeera and Bahrain.

Good luck

loc22550 14th Oct 2008 09:46

And soon a new low cost company in Doha..With MR A.J..!

Two Dogs.... 14th Oct 2008 23:56

Goat should be your last resort Rocco. If you dont get DEC, command for you will then take 6-8 years. But if you want a different wife then bring the wife you dont like to Doha :}

sayap-patah 15th Oct 2008 01:29

dear Qatari515,
happy eid al fitri, as i mention to you before, i was 5 years with QR, i was joining QR at 2002 ( beginning '03), my staff number start with 4, if you already there at those time, i'm sure you know that there is no malaysian at that time in QR, i'm sure you do remember we are able to send text msg (SMS) via our mobile phone at july '03, and there's only 4 internet cafe in Doha at that time. Please don't judge people's skill and ability from whre they are coming from ( either company or nationality ), i have no connection with Malaysian mafia that you mention, its just Abu dhabi is close to home for me (just 6 hours flight to home instead 11 hour from KL )even its far for my indonesian wife, buts she's ok. In AA there are a lot of ex Qr pilots now ( 13 pilots ), three of them now even a TRI, and flying both A 330 and 320. Before i left, 9 Qr pilots, 2EY, and 1 Auh amiri pilot are in progress to join AA. Have a nice wonderful day in Qatar..emmm i mean Doha..ehhmmm...:ugh:

ninja 19th Oct 2008 22:53

Qatar B777 Roster and Lifestyle
To all those working for QA on the B777, please can you give me details of a typical roster pattern. I'd like to know how many days you get off, if they are in short or long blocks, average hours, how many sectors a month, how long you get on layovers, etc. Also, is it possible/has anyone done this, to live in dubai and commute.

Much appreciated.

AirbusMaster 20th Oct 2008 15:04

I will start my reply stating a fact: 777 fleet have no roster "yet".
QA just received 3 planes, large number of training flights, so minimum flights for released crew.

The roster will take a shape eventually; your guess is as good as mine at this stage.

The second point: you want to commute from DXB to DOH?
You must be working for a "normal" airline!

Try to get onboard with ID 90 on QA!! it is a disaster, even with "previously confirmed" annual leave tickets...people were offloaded while the clear print on the ticket said: DO NOT OFFLOAD.

What kind of roster do you expect? you are actually hoping for many days off??? you might get them while in a layover!

When the 777 will work in full force, I expect you to have no time to travel anywhere except in your annual leave.

Ask the 330 crew how it was when they were short of crew? I think it will be the same.

loc22550 20th Oct 2008 16:28

Ninja, Why do you want to fly 777 in qatar and live in Dubai..?
Just apply to Emirates ,it will make your live easier...!:rolleyes:

Capt Krunch 20th Oct 2008 17:00

I guess it canít be helped that we commonly hear from the naive gallery.

Well for all that want to knowÖ NO you cannot commute in Qatar Airways.. if we could donít you think that all of us, well most of us would be doing that ?

The rosters are tough no matter the fleet, they are tough.. you work hard, Max hours min days off and sometimes you can be given some of your 8 days off per month while down route on layover. Heavy long haul, back of the clock, back to back, east west flying. (Not applicable to 320 fleet but then again they have their own problems as well)

ID 90 travel to hard to do as loads are full and staff are not helpful or sympathetic to your own personal needs.. ( in other words, no one can give a crap about you or your needs )

Living here is expensive. Over the years I have gotten used to it and canít be bothered complaining about it.. itís ok either that or Iím just jaded. But some days.. man o man, good thing itís not legal to own a gunÖ then again, on those days.. happiness is V2 out of Doha.

Poisoned by Compromise

Two Dogs.... 21st Oct 2008 14:12

Roster Vs Lifestyle? I just dont understand the question Ninja? At Goat Airways staff exist to work, nothing else matters :rolleyes:

ninja 21st Oct 2008 19:24

Guys, thanks for your words of wisdom. Sounds like every fleet has its issues. Commuting from dubai was just a thought, seeing as its a very short flight away, but from the responses i'm getting it appears that staff travel is unreliable at the best of times. Is Qatar Airways really that busy on all its flights? I was hoping to use ID90 on a regular basis to go to dubai and london but I still dont know how many days off you guys get in a block on average in doha. Another thing I cant understand is if these 777's are being used for long haul, where your doing more than 10 hours per sector, it doesnt take many sectors before you've done your max time for the month so you must have quite a few days off. Am i missing something?

Please do give me as much feedback as you can, both negative and if possible, the positives aswell.

fatbus 22nd Oct 2008 03:06

You see the 777 in DXB, the mid east airlines like to own you and come up with everyway poss to give you min days off. To them you are just a labourer

loc22550 22nd Oct 2008 03:35

Well Ninja honestly, i don't think travelling to DXB is a big issue with a ID90 ticket..,(7 flights/day with QR, and you can use the ticket as well on Emirates :3 flights/day so..).Have done it so many time..like a lot of people, who wants to flee Doha asap:} as soon as they have a couple of days off...
Off course if you are a Wealthy man you can always buy a property there to spend your days off...:).

-For the rest as said: NO commuting in QR:{
-Lifestyle and roster..Well who can predict what's gone be a typical 777 roster within the next 6 months..: nobody.(true for other fleets as well).
Between the people who resign,jumpship or put in jail for being caught under the influence of alcohol before a flight...Roster team have tought time in Qatar airways...!:ugh:

violet08 22nd Oct 2008 21:56

can't ignore the economy
I think Vivace makes a good point. There are countries that are on the verge of bankruptcy; economic markets are failing. Just look at Iceland.

Who will protect the pilots at the bottom of the seniority lists should the loads drop off and the companies decide to reduce the number of flights, as has happened in the US? Will they just say, "sorry, we don't need you" and you'll have to pack up the family and move back home?

:(Oh, what has happened to our industry?

Qatari515 22nd Oct 2008 22:20

Euhh Violet, maybe you havent noticed all this before but this has been happening for at least the last 20 years, depending which part of the world you are from.

airmemphis 24th Oct 2008 07:45

The fourth B777 arrives in DOH today. Just in time for 1st JFK this Sunday.

kknudsen2 24th Oct 2008 11:01

FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > Qatar Airways Company #3052

tcas II 25th Oct 2008 08:38

it furnished but they are all piece of junk, cheap sxxt from China:(

Rivera 25th Oct 2008 08:55

I dont know in Qatar, I remember the days when EK had furniture from Denmark, I wonder If they still have same high standards

KRUGERFLAP 25th Oct 2008 10:17

Those days are long gone bro. Anywhere in the middle east you will find furnished acomodation with chinese made furniture.And some are not that bad as our fellow said. And even if you go out to buy by yourself u gonna find that close to 80% of furniture available to buy still come from China but with huge difference on price if you go to Ghanzou and by direct from the factory! A lot of people are doing it.Share a container and do it if you are planning to stay for long. You gonna find good quality ,i was amazed when i went there to take a look at the factory showroom.

Hajj Man 25th Oct 2008 17:26


You are correct with the long haul flights and getting your time in for the month in a few flights but here at QR we will put you on XTBN, TBN or STBY for the rest of the days in the roster.
NOT ALLOWED to give you more than the allocated time off per month.


Furnished and it is ok and comfortable.


NineInchSnail 19th Nov 2008 18:22

QR newhires classes
Hi Folks,

I know they focus on the 777 now, but anybody knows if QR will run a newhire airbus class soon?


KRUGERFLAP 19th Nov 2008 18:36

For sure,wait until JAN.
For sure my friend. People left and are leaving as we speak.

captseth 19th Nov 2008 19:45

Am I an Idiot?
I can't get the flight deck app on the website working? Any tips?

vaschandi 20th Nov 2008 01:07

Flight Deck Application
Hi captseth!

Could you please specify your problem with the webpage.

If you press direct the jobsearch function, there will be nothing listed
under FLIGHTDECK, but you can still apply!

Please try it again, click the link below and you should have direct
access to LOGIN your account.

Or you create a new one, just click NEW USER.

The application form should be available now.

Qatar Airways needs pilots on ALL fleets.

Good luck to you!

Flight Deck Crew Job Search | Qatar Airways

Still problems?
Waiting for your feedback!

vaschandi 20th Nov 2008 01:19

Access to webpage

me again!

Ignore all the numbers and click on ??102232 field. (upper right)

You will be guided to the LOGIN function.

Page should be fixed soon!:)

captseth 20th Nov 2008 01:31

Thanks, I'll try it asap.


captseth 20th Nov 2008 01:39

OK, I got in, but....

There are some serious coding issues that are rendering the registration process impossible. For example, here are the choices for "job level:"



The whole job site appears to require some maintenance, unless perhaps they are not accepting new applications at this time.

vaschandi 20th Nov 2008 02:21

Applications are accepted and appreciated!

Obviously, somebody hamper you guys from applying!

The site seems to have a fail safe protection against hackers!
I will try to phone the IT Dep today to get more information.

Sorry, that I can`t help you now!

hoover1 20th Nov 2008 04:01

i filled out the application and was invited to fill out another and provide copies of licesne, medical,etc. it has been a month and have not heard anything. not even that they have recieved it. i have sent several other messages asking if the have recieved. is this normal or did i get lost.

JungleJett 20th Nov 2008 04:14

No unfortunately this is normal procedure as per QR......chaos.
Keep in mind that once hired regardless of the fact if you are type rated or not it will take anywhere between 4 to 6 months to be released on line.
Bureaucracy and incompetence run very high.
Indian heritage.....

Capt Krunch 20th Nov 2008 07:58


by my experience it is normal for a large international airline ( JAL, KAL, CX, EK and the like) to take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to be released to the line regardsless of experience. many of my type rated collegues at the above mentioned airlines took a similar amount of time.. sometimes it's training congestion and sometimes not.. but normal none the less.

it's not a race anyway..is it ? QA your paid while you wait, so not a problem. is it?

poisoned by compromise

JungleJett 20th Nov 2008 14:21

Capt. K,
Nothing justifies that long of a time to finish the training. It is absolutely not normal to be hired and on the company's pay roll and then get a whole month of TBN(To Be Notified) on your roster.
With a little bit of common sense and organisation, the whole thing can be done in 2 months max.

captseth 20th Nov 2008 18:26

Vaschandi -

Thank you for your help, I believe I've gotten about 95% of the information sent, and I've emailed a few addresses.


Radar Contact 20th Nov 2008 18:44

Hey guys,

Any news about a QR S/O Prog again?

BizPilotBrazil 20th Nov 2008 22:05

I was shortlisted on August and still waiting... :(

khnzore 21st Nov 2008 06:30

I was shortlisted for a DEC position in August, and still waiting. I wonder, if they run any interviews now.

AFD 21st Nov 2008 20:51

Qatar Simulator Assesment
Hello everybody
i've been invited to attend simulator screening assesment in doha for qatar airways pilot selection on next monday
the assesment will be on A320 simulator,a plane where i flew almost 5000 hours in my present company.
so my question is not about the airplane or airbus handling technique,i just would like to ask if there's somebody knowing the assesment scenario;wich kind of failure i have to expect during the 4 hours session
I've been coupled to a non rated pilot,and so this is one of the reason i'm worried about
how can i think to fly a multi-pilot airplane,with somebody on my left hand side not knowing what i'm asking him or what i need,regard to the use of autopilot,fmgs,and all the other action on the plane?
i hope that somebody here knows qatar assesment scenario,because he did it before me,any suggestion would be really appreciated
thank you

slam dunk 4 21st Nov 2008 22:48

no problem for you
hi my friend,

I was in doha november 2007. had a 2 day selection there. first day paper pencil stuff and interview. passed that day and was invited the next day for the sim. a320 as well. we had a cool checker who changed the assinged profile for that day. i mean we received briefing douments home, but at the sim day he changed the whole procedure.

we all flew one visual traffic pattern with a landing. followed by a t/o with engine failure. use of a/t and a/p was allowed. as well a visual pattern. go arround and full stop landing.

we all were non airbus rated pilots. 1 md11, 1b737 and one cool atr72 guy. as far as i know, only the atr72 guy made it.

you as a rated will most probably fly with rated guys. just stick to your own procedures! a very imported thing is, to be esteblished at 1000feet. config. and checklist completed!!!

the rest is easy! they need a lot of people. since you are rated you will have no problems to handle the sim!

The only problem might be your personal behaviour and your attitude!


AFD 22nd Nov 2008 06:57

hy men
at the moment i'm coupled with a non rated pilot for the simulator assesment,he is italian,like me,and he cames from the same company,i think we will discuss during the flight to doha,about everything just to be in accordance and in order to make him aware of some airbus procedure
we've already passed the first interview screening,because qatar airways staff came to rome last month
thank you for your suggestion

Wango Z Tango 22nd Nov 2008 07:29

Dont worry about it so much man, the company knows your partner is non rated therefore his mistakes will not hold any points against you. But CRM will be watched closely as well as general handleing.. remember we have more than 80 different nationalities here, you must always be able to find a way to make things work.
there will be not tricks and non realistic senarios.

happiness is V2

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